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Counting down on MySpace

DC Comics has just announced it’s partnered with the comic books section of MySpace to preview the first two issues of its much-anticipated Countdown series, which has reverse numbering because we aren’t confused enough.

The first 10 pages of Countdown #51 will be up on MySpace/comicbooks on May 4, followed on May 11 by the last 12 pages of that issue and the the first 12 pages of issue #50. The final ten pages of Countdown #50 will be on the site on May 18.

Why the sudden interest in the site? Well, DC’s also launching its own DC Nation MySpace page on May 2, so that could have something to do with it.

While it’s always good to see major corporations paying attention to the netroots, let’s hope smaller efforts aren’t completely usurped by the bigger fish.

Zombies with good attitude

Zombies with good attitude

Zombie movies are nothing new. Nor are zombie movies with attitude. But there’s been a preview making the rounds of a movie about a bunch of zombie "eliminators" called Z•E•R•O, or Zombie Emergeny Response Operations for long. Possible another section of the Department of Homeland Security that isn’t being talked about.

Unlike most such pre-distribution movie previews, War of the Dead: Z•E•R•O is very character-based. We know there’s a lot of icky monsters around, but the preview focuses on Z•E•R•O and its team-members: a group of ick-fighters that are probably slightly too good for Reno 911 and certainly too good for their patronizing shrink.

What happens to War of the Dead: Z•E•R•O is up to the usual Hollywood forces, but the preview is fun and worth checking out. Kudos to creator / Executive producer Joe Sena and writer / director Michael Disario for jumping into the shark pool; we wish them the best of luck.

Check ’em out at

The last Spidey 3 trailer

The last Spidey 3 trailer

One more trailer to go… and it’s debuting today. You’d think there was another comic book movie premiering in theaters today.

The fourth and final movie trailer for Spider-Man 3 debuts today on Comcast’s VOD service, online at, a broadband site, and on a custom movie website,

Comcast viewers will also have access to additional exclusive material about Spider-Man 3 and the upcoming Activision Publishing video game based on the movie on Comcast’s platforms, with new content debuting each week, blah blah blah. Comcast’s will feature a range of videos and interviews providing details on the Spider-Man 3 video game, including exclusive Spider-Man 3 Game trailers, game play footage and character vignettes.

And yes, this time we finally see ol’ snaggletooth in the trailer. Booga-booga!

King David animated

King David animated

Heck with the Spider-Man 3 preview. Yes yes, it took forever to download and was more or less worth it because, hey, who doesn’t like James Franco? But what really got me excited was this

Kyle Baker is interpreting his masterpiece King David into animated form!  Check it out before you dot another i!  I even forgive him for using Carmina Burana for the background music, because he does it so well.

Nat Turner done deal

Kyle Baker is bursting with pride upon the completion of his latest work. Quoth he on his blog, "It took longer than I expected, but it’s only THE MOST IMPORTANT GRAPHIC NOVEL OF ALL TIME BY THE GREATEST CARTOONIST EVER! Yeah, I said it. What! We’ll be putting together some preview pages and interactive e-goodies with our new publisher, Image Comics, over the next weeks in order to prepare humanity to withstand my wonders!"

Not that he has an opinion or anything. Of course, in Baker’s case it’s well justified.

Len Wein – Thumbs up on 300

300Len Wein went to a preview of the movie based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel 300, and has a very positive review of it up on his blog. "The story is one of history’s great tales of heroism and sacrifice and this film definitely does it justice… One word of caution, though: this film is as graphically violent as any I’ve seen."

Graphic violence, from a Frank Miller graphic novel? How unexpected!