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Kick-Ass to Make 4K Debut on Nov. 11

Kick-Ass to Make 4K SteelBook Debut on Nov. 11

A groundbreaking, action-packed comic book adaptation gets the 4K Ultra HD™ treatment when Kick-Ass arrives on 4K Ultra HD™ Combo Pack (plus Blu-ray™ and Digital) November 3 from Lionsgate. From acclaimed director Matthew Vaughn, the film features an all-star cast including Golden Globe® winner Aaron Taylor-Johnson (2017, Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture, Nocturnal Animals), Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Mark Strong, Chloë Grace Moretz, and Oscar® winner Nicolas Cage (1995, Best Actor in a Leading Role, Leaving Las Vegas). Experience four times the resolution of full HD with the 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack, with a brand new SteelBook® illustrated by Tracie Ching, in celebration of its 10th Anniversary. Available in this absolutely stunning format, the Kick-Ass 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack will include featurettes about the making of the film and its comic book origin, as well as an audio commentary by the director, and will be available for the suggested retail price of $24.99. Based on the comic book written by Mark Millar and John S. Romita Jr., screenplay by Jane Goldman & Matthew Vaughn, and directed by Matthew Vaughn.

A twisted, funny, high-octane action-adventure from director Matthew Vaughn (the Kingsman movies), Kick-Ass tells the story of a teenage fanboy (Aaron Johnson) who takes his comic book obsession as inspiration to become a real-life superhero. Costars Chloë Grace Moretz as Hit-Girl and Nicolas Cage as her father, Big Daddy.


  • A New Kind of Superhero: The Making of Kick-Ass
  • It’s On! The Comic Book Origin of Kick-Ass
  • Audio Commentary by Director Matthew Vaughn
  • Marketing Archive
  • The Art of Kick-Ass Gallery (Blu-ray™ Only)

Aaron Taylor-Johnson            Kick-Ass 2, Godzilla, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Nocturnal Animals
Christopher Mintz-Plasse       Superbad, Kick-Ass 2, Trolls, How to Train Your Dragon
Mark Strong                            Kingsman: The Secret Service, 1917, Zero Dark Thirty
Chloë Grace Moretz               Let Me In, Carrie, Kick-Ass 2, Suspiria, Hugo
and Nicolas Cage                   Leaving Las Vegas, Con Air, National Treasure franchise

Year of Production: 2009
Title Copyright: Program Content and Package Artwork: © 2009 KA Films LP. All Rights Reserved. Package Design and Summary: © 2020 Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Type: Theatrical Release
Rating: R for strong brutal violence throughout, pervasive language, sexual content, nudity and some drug use – some involving children
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
Closed Captioned: NA
Subtitles: English, Spanish, English SDH
Feature Running Time: 117 Minutes
4K Ultra HD™ Format: Dolby Vision®, 2160p Ultra High Definition, 16×9 (2.40:1) Presentation
Blu-ray Format: 1080p High Definition, 16×9 (2.40:1) Presentation
4K Audio Status: English Dolby Atmos®, French 5.1 Dolby Audio, English 2.0 Dolby Audio Optimized for Late-Night Listening
Blu-ray Audio Status: English 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio™

Global Batman Day set for Sept. 19

Global Batman Day set for Sept. 19

Here’s the latest release regarding the annual Batman Day celebration. This year, though, comic shops appear to have been left out of the fun, just when they could use the foot traffic.

(August 31, 2020 – Burbank, CA) – DC today unveiled plans for a global Batman Day celebration on September 19, 2020, inviting fans of all ages around the world to participate in a wide range of Batman-themed activities to honor the iconic DC Super Hero. For the first time, fans have the opportunity to drive along with a “Batman and The Riddler” theme on Waze. And to complete the experience, you can listen to the Waze and DC Super Hero or Super-Villain playlists on Spotify while driving via the Waze Audio Player feature. Plus, free digital comics, free activity kits for kids, a Batman Virtual 5K/10K Run/Walk, and even a digital mystery to solve in which fans can put on their cape and cowl and transform into their strongest self.

Fans can also team up with Batman to protect Gotham City in a series of digital activities, such as joining the celebration on social media and helping Batman to piece together a series of clues left behind by The Riddler. If you can decode these mischievous hints, you’ll unlock exclusive, limited-time reveals! The adventure begins when the virtual Bat-Signal lights up at 12PM PT, September 18, on the @DCComics Twitter.

The new Waze Batman theme allows for more than 100 million monthly active Waze users to ride along with Batman and The Riddler from August 31 to October 31. Waze drivers can opt to hear directions in the style of Batman, voiced by Batman: The Animated Series actor Kevin Conroy, as well as select a custom Batmobile icon and Batman mood. Drivers who want a slightly more villainous experience can select The Riddler voice directions (voiced by actor Wally Wingert), mood and custom vehicle. Waze users worldwide can experience the Batman theme in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Fangoria Gains a New Owner (Again)

Fangoria Gains a New Owner (Again)

Los Angeles, CA – Producer and CEO of Wanderwell Entertainment Tara Ansley (TRAGEDY GIRLS, ST. AGATHA, BEAST BEAST) and entrepreneur Abhi Goel are excited to announce they have acquired the FANGORIA™, STARLOG™, and GOREZONE™ brands. All brands will live under the FANGORIA™ umbrella and develop projects based on the legacy publication’s 40+-year-old archive of work and history, with an eye on inclusivity and championing forward-thinking creators.

Ansley & Goel negotiated the deal with movie producer Dallas Sonnier who acquired and resurrected FANGORIA™ as a print publication in 2018 and built the brand into a robust horror movie studio, book publisher, and podcast network through his Texas-based CINESTATE. FANGORIA Magazine, with its current editorial team under the stewardship of Editor-In-Chief Phil Nobile Jr. and Managing Editor Meredith Borders, will continue to publish as a print quarterly. FANGORIA™ Studios, FANGORIA™ Podcast Network, FANGORIA™ Digital, STARLOG™ Digital, and GOREZONE™ Digital will launch in 2021 with FANGORIA™ Studios producing and distributing both narrative and non-fiction projects in television, film, and digital content across all platforms.

Starlog Press debuted in 1976 with Starlog magazine, which rapidly became the premier American magazine to cover the fantastic. It spun off Fangoria in 1979 which quickly eclipsed Famous Monsters of Filmland as the Go To publication for classic and contemporary horror film and fiction. Other magazines through the years included Future Life, Cinemagic, and Comics Scene. Several notable writers and editors worked on staff including novelist Ed Naha, art director Howard Cruse, and writer/editors Robert Greenberger, Eddie Berganza, and Mike McAvennie.

“These brands have been a foundational force in genre entertainment for decades, and have inspired, influenced, and shaped generations of filmmakers, writers, actors, and fans – ourselves included,” said Ansley. “We will continue to honor FANGORIA™’s unparalleled legacy as we propel a future wave of talent and storytellers with an invigorating production and editorial slate that showcases the array of talent representative of our expansive community.”

“It has been an awesome ride! I am so proud of the work my team and I did rebuilding this legendary brand and securing our place in horror history. I wish Tara & Abhi much success as they take FANGORIA™ to even greater heights,” added Sonnier.

Goel projects revolutionary times ahead for the company. “We are thrilled to take a fresh approach while still paying homage to the nail-biting stories we grew up on. There could not be a better time to propel these brands to exciting, culturally diverse new heights,” said Goel. “Not only are we forging into tantalizing new territories, but we are paving the way for global creators to share their varied heritages and perspectives in never-before-seen storylines that will leave genre fans hungry for more.”

Milestone’s Return to Print Confirmed for 2021

Fans tuning in to the DC FanDome Hall of Heroes received unexpected and welcome news today, courtesy of a surprise panel announcing the return of Milestone to DC publishing.

Moderator Marc Bernardin and DC Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee were joined by Milestone partner/producer Reggie Hudlin and Milestone co-founder Denys Cowan, along with Phil LaMarr, the iconic voice of the Static Shock animated series.

The panelists discussed the origins and history of this groundbreaking imprint, the indelible impact, and legacy of Milestone co-founder, Dwayne McDuffie. Hudlin also discussed plans to create multimedia opportunities spotlighting Milestone characters, including feature films, animated movies and podcasts

Milestone’s return to publishing will be led by an all-new Static Shock digital comic series scheduled for February 2021. Future offerings will include a Static Shock original graphic novel written by Hudlin with art by Kyle Baker, plus the return of Milestone heroes Icon & Rocket, also written by Hudlin with art by Cowan and more to be announced.

But fans won’t have to wait until February to experience or rediscover Milestone, as Lee announced several publishing initiatives for 2020. Beginning in September through February 2021, DC will digitize classic stories from the Milestone library and make them available for purchase at Comixology, Amazon Kindle, Apple, and other participating digital retailers. A list of titles will be announced shortly, and more titles will be added as they are remastered for a digital format.

During DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse on September 12, fans will also have a chance to be introduced to these characters and stories. Milestone Returns #0, a 17-page sampler, will be available to read free for 24 hours. Written by Reggie Hudlin with Greg Pak and cover by Denys Cowan and Chris Sotomayor, the sampler will introduce and re-introduce fans to Milestone characters such as Static Shock, Icon, Rocket, Duo, and others. The sampler features art by an incredible lineup of Talent, including Cowan, Jim Lee, Ryan Benjamin, Khoi Pham, Scott Hanna, Bill Sienkiewicz, Don Ho, Alex Sinclair, and Deron Bennett.
In addition, the following titles from the Milestone library will also be available to read free for 24 hours during the event:

Static Shock (2011 – 2012) #1
Static Shock (2011 – 2012) #2
Xombi #1
Xombi #2
Hardware: The Man in the Machine (2010)
Icon: A Hero’s Welcome (1996)
Icon Vol. 2: The Mothership Connection (2010)

John Ridley & Nick Derington Team for 4-part Batman POC Mini

John Ridley & Nick Derington Team for 4-part Batman POC Mini

Today’s Legacy of the Bat panel in DC FanDome’s Hall of Heroes contained great
topics and panelists in a celebration of the Dark Knight’s heritage and the impact he’s
had on his allies as they continue to do their part to protect Gotham City.

DC ended months of speculation regarding Batman’s upcoming comic book adventures,
confirming that award-winning screenwriter John Ridley (12 Years a Slave, Guerrilla,
American Crime) and artist Nick Derington (Doom Patrol, Batman Universe, Mister
Miracle) will team up for a four-issue miniseries scheduled for January 2021, featuring
a version of the Caped Crusader different from what many fans know and existing
alongside the current Batman run by James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez.

During his conversation with DC Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee, Ridley
revealed a breathtaking piece of key art for his version of Batman by artist LADRÖNN.
The writer also provided further credence to fan speculation that this Batman definitely
will not be Bruce Wayne:

“I think it’s a pretty safe bet that if I’m writing Batman, it’s probably a little better than a
47% chance he’s going to be a person of color,” said Ridley.

In addition, Ridley raised additional curiosity when he revealed his series will focus on
the family of Lucius Fox, head of Wayne Enterprises. “But he [Fox] has a family and this
is a family that has secrets, has kept secrets from one another,” said Ridley. “It’s a little
bit different dynamic than the Batman that we’ve always seen.”

While this will be the first time Ridley has written a series featuring Batman, he’s no
stranger to comic book writing, nor to DC. In 2004, he wrote The Authority: Human on
the Inside (with artist Ben Oliver) and contributed an arc to the 2005 series, The Razor’s
Edge: Warblade (with legendary artist Simon Bisley). Most recently, Ridley also
collaborated with artist Georges Jeanty on the groundbreaking limited series The
American Way (2006) and its sequel, The American Way: Those Above and Those
Below (2017).

Roddenberry’s Genesis II/Planet Earth Pilots on Disc in Sept.

Roddenberry’s Genesis II/Planet Earth Pilots on Disc in Sept.

Burbank, CA (August 18, 2020) – Warner Bros. Home Entertainment brings consumers the opportunity to own more fan-favorite programming from the past several decades from the Warner Archive Collection. In September, five new TV and Animation titles will be released via Warner Archive including Prodigal Son: The Complete First Season, Harley Quinn: The Complete First and Second Season, Genesis II / Planet Earth – 2 Film Collection, Mom: The Complete Third Season and Riverdale: The Complete Fourth Season.

More details on all titles are included below.


Available on Blu-RayTM and DVD September 8, 2020

Year: 2019-2020
Run Time:  880:00
Subtitles: English SDH
Sound Quality: DTS HD-Master Audio 5.1 – English
Aspect Ratio: 2.0:1, 16 X 9 FULL FRAME
Product Color: COLOR
BD Disc Configuration: BD 50 (4)
DVD Disc Configuration: DVD 9 (4)

Criminal psychologist Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne) knows how killers think and how their minds work. Why? His father is “The Surgeon,” a serial killer who has taken the lives of more than 20 people. He works with NYPD detective Gil Arroyo (Lou Diamond Phillips); Detective Dani Powell (Aurora Perrineau), a headstrong cop; Dr. Edrisa Tanaka (Keiko Agena), an off-center coroner; and Detective JT Tarmel (Frank Harts), who questions whether Bright is a psychopath himself. But Bright’s best resource is his homicidal yet oddly loving father, Dr. Martin Whitly (Michael Sheen). As he helps track down dangerous criminals, Bright also battles his own demons – and it doesn’t help that his mother, former leading socialite Jessica Whitly (Bellamy Young), has an opinion on every aspect of his life. Thankfully, he has the support of his annoyingly normal sister, Ainsley (Halston Sage), a TV journalist. Malcolm Bright isn’t a serial killer, he was just raised by one.


Available on DVD September 15, 2020

Year:  2019-2020
Run Time: 411:00
Subtitles: English SDH
Sound Quality: DOLBY DIGITAL SURROUND 5.1 – English
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1, 16 X 9 Widescreen
Product Color:  COLOR
Disc Configuration: DVD9 (2)

Anna Faris and Emmy® and Oscar® winner* Allison Janney star in this hilarious and heart-wrenching comedy from executive producer Chuck Lorre (The Big Bang Theory). Christy (Faris) is still sober and has her life mostly back on track, though she’s continually tested by her mother, Bonnie (Janney). Together, the two work to overcome their mistakes and build a better future. Now, Christy is well on her way to becoming a lawyer, while Bonnie is in a healthy romantic relationship and has just married Adam (William Fichtner). Through it all, they rely on their support system from AA, including the wise Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy); the wealthy and sometimes misguided Jill (Jaime Pressly); the overly emotional Wendy (Beth Hall); and Bonnie’s foster sister, Tammy (Kristen Johnston), who was recently released from prison. Collectively, they help each other stay sober in the face of whatever life throws at them.


Available on DVD September 22, 2020

Run Time: 805:00
Subtitles: English SDH
Sound Quality: DOLBY DIGITAL SURROUND 5.1 – English
Aspect Ratio: ORIGINAL ASPECT RATIO – 1.78:1, 16 X 9 FULL FRAME
Product Color: COLOR
Disc Configuration: DVD9 (4)

The fourth season of Riverdale begins with a farewell to Fred Andrews (Luke Perry). As Independence Day approaches, Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) receives a phone call that will forever change his life. Through an emotional journey, with support from his girlfriend, Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes), and best friends Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) and Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse), Archie and the citizens of Riverdale grieve the loss of the town’s heart and soul. Our story continues with senior year at Riverdale High, which means varsity football games, cheerleading, back-to-school parties and college applications. But it also means bittersweet moments, like the first last day of high school. In the meantime, Archie honors his father and develops a deeper connection with his mother, Betty uncovers more about her mother and sister, Veronica goes unsupervised while her parents spend time in jail, and Jughead turns more to writing.


Available on Blu-rayTM September 29, 2020

Year:  1973-1974, NEW 2020 1080p masters!
Run Time:  148:00
Subtitles: English SDH
Sound Quality: DTS HD-Master Audio 2.0 – English, MONO – English
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1, 4 X 3 FULL FRAME
Product Color:  COLOR
Disc Configuration: BD 50 (1)

“My name is Dylan Hunt. My story begins the day on which I died.” So begins this sci-fi saga from visionary creator Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek). Genesis II follows NASA scientist Dylan Hunt (Alex Cord), who’s buried in his own suspended-animation machine at NASA’s underground Carlsbad complex following an earthquake. Revived in the terrifying 22nd century by the pacifists of PAX, descendants of his fellow scientists, he learns of The Great Conflict, a third and final world war that destroyed everything he knew. As an agent of PAX, Dylan seeks to spread the message of science and peace throughout this savage and strange new world called Earth. In Genesis II, he encounters the Tyranians, a mutant, militaristic neighboring civilization. In Planet Earth, Dylan (now played by John Saxon) journeys to the Confederacy, where a despotic matriarchy enslaves all males.

Welcome to the Blumhouse, 8 Films for Amazon Prime

Welcome to the Blumhouse, 8 Films for Amazon Prime

CULVER CITY, CA  – Amazon Prime Video announced: “Welcome to the Blumhouse”, a program of eight unsettling, genre movies produced by Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Television and Amazon Studios. Sharing the spine-tingling suspense that’s a Blumhouse signature, each film presents a distinctive vision and unique perspective on common themes centered around family and love as redemptive or destructive forces. This slate marks the first ever program of Amazon Original movies on Prime Video that are thematically connected. The films showcase exciting up-and-coming talent, alongside established actors in exceptional and shocking new roles. “Welcome to the Blumhouse” will launch in October, timed for the Halloween season, on Prime Video in over 240 countries and territories worldwide.

Amazon Prime Video will launch the initial slate of four films as double features starting with The Lie directed by acclaimed writer/director Veena Sud (The Killing, 7 Seconds) and Black Box directed by up-and-coming writer/director Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour Jr. (Born with It), both premiering on October 6. Launching the following week on October 13 is Evil Eye, from talented young directors Elan Dassani and Rajeev Dassani (A Day’s Work, Jinn) and executive produced by Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Quantico, White Tiger), and Nocturne written and directed by filmmaker Zu Quirke (ZugzwangGhosting) making her feature film debut. The latter four films will launch in 2021.

“We are excited to launch ‘Welcome to the Blumhouse’ with this exhilarating and provocative slate of original films for the first time ever on Prime Video. This collection from diverse and emerging filmmakers was a thrill to put together with our wonderful partners at Blumhouse Television,” said Julie Rapaport, Co-Head of Movies for Amazon Studios. “These chilling stories have something for everyone – ready to fright and delight genre fans and newcomers alike – and we are excited to share them with our global Prime Video customers.”

“We’re beyond excited that the visions of these talented filmmakers will finally be seen by genre fans around the world, especially during this time when people are seeking to escape and be entertained. And we love the innovative idea of programming like the classic drive-in or repertory theater experience,” said Marci Wiseman and Jeremy Gold, co-presidents Blumhouse Television. “Amazon have been incredible partners, linking arms and supporting the creative visions throughout the process of making these films.”

The Lie is written and directed by Veena Sud, and stars Mireille Enos (The Killing), Peter Sarsgaard (An Education) and Joey King (The Kissing Booth 2, The Act). When their teenaged daughter confesses to impulsively killing her best friend, two desperate parents attempt to cover up the horrific crime, leading them into a complicated web of lies and deception. Produced by Alix Madigan-Yorkin, Christopher Tricarico, and Jason Blum. Executive produced by Howard Green, Kim Hodgert, Jeanette Volturno, Couper Samuelson and Aaron Barnett.

Directed by Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour Jr. (Born With It) and script by Osei-Kuffour Jr. and Stephen Herman, Black Box stars Mamoudou Athie (Jurassic World 3, The Circle), Phylicia Rashad (Creed), Amanda Christine (Colony), Tosin Morohunfola (The Chi, The 24th), Charmaine Bingwa (Trees of Peace, Little Sista), and Troy James (The Flash, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark). After losing his wife and his memory in a car accident, a single father undergoes an agonizing experimental treatment that causes him to question who he really is. Executive produced by Jason Blum, Jay Ellis, Aaron Bergman, Lisa Bruce, Marci Wiseman, Jeremy Gold, Mynette Louie and William Marks.

Based off the award-winning, best-selling Audible Original production from writer Madhuri Shekar, Evil Eye is directed by Elan Dassani and Rajeev Dassani, and stars Sarita Choudhury (Mississippi MasalaLady in the Water), Sunita Mani (GLOW), Omar Maskati (Unbelievable), and Bernard White (Silicon Valley). A seemingly perfect romance turns into a nightmare when a mother becomes convinced her daughter’s new boyfriend has a dark connection to her own past. Executive produced by Jason Blum, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Lisa Bruce, Marci Wiseman, Jeremy Gold, Guy Stodel, Anjula Acharia, Emilia Lapenta and Kate Navin.

Nocturne is written and directed by Zu Quirke in her breakout feature debut. Starring Sydney Sweeney (EuphoriaThe Handmaid’s Tale, Player’s Table), Madison Iseman (Jumanji: The Next LevelAnnabelle Comes Home), Jacques Colimon (The Society) and Ivan Shaw (InsecureCasual). Inside the halls of an elite arts academy, a timid music student begins to outshine her more accomplished and outgoing twin sister when she discovers a mysterious notebook belonging to a recently deceased classmate. Executive produced by Jason Blum, Lisa Bruce, Marci Wiseman, Jeremy Gold, Matthew Myers and Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly.

DC Fandome 24-Hour Schedule Posted

DC Fandome 24-Hour Schedule Posted

One week from today, DC Entertainment’s 24-hour Fandome event will launch. The schedule was just released allowing you to create calendars so you don’t forget to attend your favorite events. The main interest will be getting new looks at the feature films that will eventually be released. There are how-tos, histories, and other con panels although exact panelists and hosts are not confirmed.

The schedule can be found here.

The international lineup of hosts include:

Érico Borgo (BRAZIL)
Known as geek culture’s main voice in Brazil, Érico Borgo is one of the founders of Omelete
Company and CCXP (Comic Con Experience). Entrepreneur, journalist and graphic designer,
Érico worked for 20 years at Omelete as their Head of Content and main influencer. During the
last six years there he also directed the three biggest auditoriums at CCXP and was responsible
for all the studio relations with the company. Among the milestones of his career are Brazil’s first
geek video show (OmeleTV), official Emmy commentaries broadcasted by Turner, and the
recognition by the industry of his contribution to the growth of pop culture and geek brands in
Brazil. Currently he is partnering with Aline Diniz in a new company developed to enhance fan
experiences in entertainment-related events and activations.

Aline Diniz (BRAZIL)
Aline Diniz is a journalist, content producer and events host specializing in pop culture and
entertainment. In 2010, while still in college, she joined the team of writers at Omelete and
became one of the company’s most well-known and respected names, working at the
newsroom as an editor for seven years before moving on to CCXP (Comic Con Experience) as
the content manager. She worked with all major studios, from development stages until final
presentation, helping put together shows that awed fans, as well as hosting some of the most
important panels each year. She currently is working as a host for the Turner-owned channel
TNT, commentating in award shows such as the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes and many
more; is a special columnist for UOL, the largest web portal in the country; has her own
YouTube channel; and is a partner with Erico Borgo in a new company developed to enhance
fan experiences in entertainment-related events and activations.

Gaby Cam / Gabriela Camacho (MEXICO)
Entertainment, TV and movie journalist Gabriela Camacho, better known as Gaby Cam, has
been Warner Channel Latin America’s host since 2018. Gaby has hosted many international red
carpets and special coverages. Throughout her career, she has interviewed directors, actors,
and musicians, such as Tim Burton, Tom Cruise, Robert De Niro, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry and
The Killers, to name a few. As a superhero fan, Gaby has interviewed most of the stars in the
cinematic and television DC universe, including Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Margot Robbie, Will
Smith, Robert Pattinson, Jason Momoa, Grant Gustin, Zachary Levi, Melissa Benoist and
Stephen Amell. Gaby is the scriptwriter and host of the radio show De Pelicula, aired in Los 40
network in Mexico, Colombia and Panamá. She hosts a movie segment in Los 40’s #1 show,
“La Corneta,” and is in charge of special events and interviews for the radio station. She also
hosts the movies segment for “De Primera Mano,” a show aired on Imagen TV.

Gino Quillamor ( The Philippines )
Gino Quillamor is one of the more popular celebrity hosts in the Philippines. A self-proclaimed
“fanboy since birth,” Gino devours geek culture, be it graphic novels, superhero and sci-fi
movies, games and statue collections. He’s happy that his hosting profession has enabled him
to participate in international events that celebrate geekdom, whether interviewing superhero
film actors in press junkets or hosting the Asian Premiere of “Aquaman” in Manila. A true-blue
fan of Justice League in general, including the animated iteration, Gino is pumped for being
chosen to host DC FanDome in the Philippines, yet promises to strike the perfect balance
between fanboying and being professional, despite his excitement. A renowned radio DJ for
over 10 years, Gino is currently one of the hosts of the long-running hit show Boys Night Out on
Magic 89.9 FM. He also serves as an esports VJ of ESPN 5.

LiLiCo was born in Stockholm, Sweden, to a Swedish father and Japanese mother who met
during her trip to Sweden. LiLiCo moved to Japan when she was 18 years old, and began her
career in the entertainment field in1989. She is well known as a film commentator in TBS’s
“King’s Brunch” film segment. In addition, she appears as a commentator and a narrator in
several TV and radio programs, such as Fuji Television’s “NONSTOP!,” NHK BS Premium’s
“New Common Sense of Beauty and Youth,” J-WAVE’s “ALL GOOD FRIDAY,” and others.
Her career finds her in multiple roles and activities, including as a voiceover actor, during which
time she has played the [local language] role of Eric Cartman in the animated program ”South

Dominik Porschen (GERMANY)
Dominik Porschen was born and raised in his favorite city: Cologne. Shortly after graduating
university with a degree in Media Economics, he started his first YouTube channel, “Filmfabrik,“
in 2012. Since 2013, he has hosted premieres for a wide range of major and independent
studios, such as Disney, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and Universal
Pictures. Hosting events of large scale is his daily business, including the biggest European
YouTube event “Videodays”; the music event series “Streetgigs,“ by Germany’s most popular
telecommunications company German Telekom; as well as live Q&As with, for example, the
cast of “Hobbs and Shaw“ at last year’s German CCXP. After leaving the multichannel network
“Mediakraft“ in 2015, he started his own company and launched a second YouTube channel:
“FilmLounge.” The new beginning was also the start of Dominik’s broadly known community
previews and influencer screenings, which are very popular amongst studios. Over the years,
Dominik successfully held over 150 interviews for studios and streaming platforms with national
and international film stars. In 2019 Dominik toured Germany with his very own live comedy
program, in which he talks about everything “cinema“ and shares his experiences in the film
industry, especially his love for movies and the magic they can create. The same year he got his
own TV show, “Streetfun,” and flew across the globe to take part in a special interview setting at
WETA in New Zealand. In 2020, he deepened his relationship with the German Telekom by
hosting a 10-day morning show/interview format at Germany’s most prestigious film festival,
Berlin International Film Festival; got his second TV show, “#watchlist,” created by Magenta TV;
and scored his first big dubbing role in “The SpongeBob Movie.”

Clara Amfo (UK)
Clara Amfo is a bold young broadcaster best known for her 10am -1pm BBC Radio 1 show,
home of the world famous Live Lounge. Her show has seen her interview some of the world’s
most prolific artists, including Jay-Z, Ariana Grande, Kendrick Lamar and Pharrell Williams, to
name but a few. She was also the host of the iconic BBC Radio 1 Chart Show, the second
woman to do so since the show first started in 1967. A respected face on screens and well
respected in the UK music scene, Clara has been hosting the ITV2 coverage of “The BRIT
Awards” for the past three years, as well as handing out awards at the ceremony for Best
International Male Solo Artist and British Breakthrough Act. She is also a recurrent presence on
the judging panel for the prestigious “Mercury Music Prize” and announced the winner to its
nationwide audience. With live music being one of her many passions, Clara is part of the core
presenting team on BBC2 and BBC4 for their coverage of Radio 1’s Big Weekend and
Glastonbury, with the last two years seeing her introduce Adele and Ed Sheeran from the
pyramid stage to millions of people worldwide. A lover of film and entertainment made Clara the
perfect newest addition to the line up of “The BBC Film Show,” alongside Lauren Laverne and
Charlie Brooker, presenting the usual show and the 2018 Oscar special. No stranger to the red
carpet, Clara joined the BAFTA TV Awards presenting team this year, covering the red carpet
live and backstage winner interviews for the official BAFTA channels. Her natural aptitude for
this was extended to the film world, hosting the European and world premieres for Elton John’s
“Rocketman,” “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald,” Marvel’s box office breaking
“Black Panther” and, more recently, the Royal European premiere of Disney’s “The Lion King.”
Clara is currently in partnerships with Bumble, Magnum and Nike and has in the past worked
with Mercedes Benz, HBO, Somerset House, Royal Academy, Bobbi Brown and Grey Goose.
Clara was also named as a contributing editor to Elle magazine. Clara has recently hosted the
One World: Together at Home concert and launched a new podcast with Spotify and Sony.
Clara also has a book to come in 2021, and she will have plenty to write about!

Andrea Delogu (ITALY)
Andrea Delogu is an Italian TV and radio host, and a writer with a superhero passion. In her
career Andrea hosted important TV programs like “La Vita in Diretta Estate,” “Stracult,” “Dance
Dance Dance” and the “72 nd Silver Ribbons Award Ceremony.” This year she hosted Sanremo
Music Festival on Rai Radio 2.

Damián Mollá (SPAIN)
Born in 1980 in Madrid, Spain, Damián Mollá likes to do many different things, all of them
related to comedy. He studied Advertising at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and
worked as a scriptwriter for El Club de La Comedia (the most well-known stand-up comedy
show in Spain). He spent five years on the morning radio show “No Somos Nadie” on M80
Radio (Cadena Ser), and 14 years on “El Hormiguero,” the craziest show in the world where the
biggest Hollywood stars promote their movies when they come to Spain. In the show he plays a
puppet, Barrancas, a lovely purple ant. “El Hormiguero” has been the #1 show in Spain for
years. He writes comic books and will introduce his own superhero in Rabbit Man vs
Coronavirus , slated to debut on September 8th. Molla is also the author of This Book is the Milk
and This Book is the Re-Milk , a unique and creative method to learning English for Spanish
people, selling 100,000 copies. He took part in El Hombre Linterna, a Cartoon-rock band with
fun and powerful covers of the `80s TV shows, for 10 years. He is writing a new book right now,
about gods, stars and history, in which he says that Wednesday, as a day, is misplaced, and
should be placed in Saturday’s position.

Jayden Rodrigues (AUSTRALIA)
Jayden Rodrigues is an Australian Content Creator & Entertainer.
He is known for his YouTube channel which he has over 1 Million Subscribers & more recently
his TikTok where he shows off his love for all things pop culture.

Tyrone Edwards (CANADA)
With his extensive pop culture knowledge and an innate ability to ease his guests into intimate
and candid conversation, Tyrone Edwards brings his expertise to Canada’s most-watched
entertainment program as an “ETALK” reporter. Edwards began his television career as the host
of “Rap City” before becoming a host on MUCH and E!, where he also hosted the MUCH “Icons”
social media series, and co-hosted “It List: California,” the annual E! Travel special. His
versatility and enthusiasm has landed him many other gigs, including co-host of the
“iHeartRadio MMVAs,” the “MUCH Countdown,” “iHeartRadio MMVA Red Carpet” specials, and
at multiple WE DAY events across the country, and weighing in as a fashion expert on original
Canadian series “Celebrity Style Story.” Edwards can also be seen in the TSN original social
media series 6IX DEGREES, and most recently became the host of the all-new CTV Life
Channel original cooking series “DNA Dinners.” Having grown up in Toronto’s west end,
Edwards travelled to the U.S. during high school to play basketball at Randallstown High School
in Baltimore. From there, a scholarship presented him with the opportunity to attend Hillsdale
College in Michigan, where he played NCAA basketball while studying Business and Speech.
While Edwards’ career was taking off in the U.S., his heart was always rooted in Toronto and, in
2005, he returned to the city he loves. In 2007 he helped create the love letter to Toronto that is
the 1LoveTO blog, a project that ultimately led him to join Much in 2011. Off screen, Edwards is
heavily involved in his community, acting as a mentor and coach for underprivileged youth.
Having once worked as a camp counselor with Toronto Parks and Recreation, Edwards went on
to found Concrete Hoops , a not-for-profit basketball camp that aims to incorporate life skills with
the love of the game. He has also been a program leader with the urban youth-oriented Remix
Project , an organization which helps kids from all 13 priority neighborhoods in Toronto learn the
fundamentals of the arts and entertainment business, and assists them with their educational
aspirations. In honor of his work as a television host and with numerous charities and
foundations supporting underprivileged youth, Edwards received the 2016 Mandela Legacy
Hope, Success, and Empowerment Award, alongside Naomi Campbell, and Reverend Al

Sam “Tech Girl” Wright is a South African gaming personality with a love for all things geek
culture. She’s forged a name for herself in the world of esports broadcasting, entering
competitive gaming commentating in 2016 and working around the world on a variety of gaming
titles, including Overwatch, PUBG and FIFA. When she isn’t flying around the world to talk
about games, she’s at home live-streaming gameplay and making YouTube videos about her
favorite games and tech. Her lifelong ambition is to take the Batmobile for a spin.

Terry LTAM is an entertainer and content creator. After finishing high school in New York, Terry
studied journalism in Paris before joining Melty, a digital media company. Creative and
versatile, he set up his YouTube channel, Terry LTAM (Let’s Talk About Movies), to talk about
subjects that fascinate him: superheroes and cinema. As a true comics expert, he animated
several panels at Comic Con Paris for the last three years.

Resident Evil 4K Ultra HD Collection Arrives in Nov.

Resident Evil 4K Ultra HD Collection Arrives in Nov.

CULVER CITY, CALIF. (August 6, 2020) – One of the most successful live-action video game film franchises of all time gets an upgrade when the RESIDENT EVIL 4K ULTRA HD COLLECTION arrives on November 3rd from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. This limited-edition gift set marks the first time that fans will be able to experience all six films on 4K Ultra HD disc with High Dynamic Range and Dolby Atmos audio. The films will also be available digitally in 4K with HDR.

The RESIDENT EVIL 4K ULTRA HD COLLECTION will include Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Apocalypse (both the original theatrical version and an extended cut), Resident Evil: Extinction, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Resident Evil: Retribution and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter as well as hours of bonus content across all six films, including rare archival featurettes that have been previously unavailable on disc.

Based on the popular video game series by Capcom, the Resident Evil franchise stars Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element) as Alice, a superhuman security expert pitted against the sinister Umbrella Corporation as the world’s population is transformed into flesh-eating creatures by one of its most dangerous biological weapons.


  • Cast and Filmmakers’ Commentary
  • Visual Effects Commentary
  • Alternate Ending with Director Paul W.S. Anderson’s Video Introduction
  • 12 Featurettes
  • “My Plague” Music Video by Slipknot


  • Theatrical Trailer


  • Filmmaker Commentary
  • Cast Commentary
  • Writer / Producer Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes
  • “Game Over: Resident Evil Reanimated” Documentary
  • “Corporate Malfeasance” Featurette
  • “Game Babes” Featurette
  • “Symphony of Evil” Featurette


  • Theatrical and Extended Cuts of the Film
  • Theatrical Trailers


  • “Under the Umbrella” Picture-in-Picture
  • Filmmaker Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes
  • 4 Featurettes


  • Resident Road Map: Reflections on the Future of the Series
  • Theatrical Trailers


  • “Undead Vision” Picture-in-Picture
  • Filmmaker Commentary
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • Outtakes
  • 7 Featurettes


  • Alice Activated
  • Theatrical Trailers


  • Director and Cast Commentary
  • Filmmaker Commentary
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • Outtakes
  • Project Alice: The Interactive Database
  • 8 Featurettes


  • Evil Goes Global
  • Undead Retribution
  • Theatrical Trailers


  • Retaliation Mode with Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich
  • 3 Featurettes


  • Maximum Carnage: Best Kills
  • Creature Chronology
  • Theatrical Trailers

4K Ultra HD: All films presented at 2160p Ultra High Definition resolution with HDR 10 and Dolby Atmos immersive audio + DTS-HD MA 5.1 original theatrical audio tracks (DTS-HD MA 7.1 for RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER); aspect ratios vary
Blu-ray:  All films presented at 1080p High Definition resolution; aspect ratios and audio configurations vary

  • Resident Evil: R for strong sci-fi/horror violence, language and brief sexuality/nudity
  • Resident Evil: Apocalypse: Theatrical Cut: R for non-stop violence, language and some nudity; Extended Cut: Unrated
  • Resident Evil: Extinction: R for strong horror violence throughout and some nudity
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife: R for sequences of strong violence and language
  • Resident Evil: Retribution: R for sequences of strong violence throughout
  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter: R for sequences of violence throughout
Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons hits Digital Today

Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons hits Digital Today

BURBANK, CA – Go behind the mask and into the deep backstory of one of DC’s most revered anti-heroes in Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons, a new entry in the popular series of DC Animated Movies. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, Blue Ribbon Content, and DC, the feature-length animated film will be released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on Digital starting August 4, 2020, and on Blu-ray Combo Pack on August 18, 2020.

Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons will be available on Blu-ray Combo Pack (USA $24.98 SRP; Canada $29.98 SRP), which features a Blu-ray disc with the film in hi-definition, a DVD with the film in standard definition, and a digital version of the movie.

Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons offers a new take on the Deathstroke legacy. Mercenary and master assassin Slade Wilson leads two lives: one as the relentless killer known as Deathstroke and the other as a dedicated family man. When these worlds collide, forced together by the vicious terror group known as H.I.V.E., it is the killer in Slade who must fight to save his loved ones, as well as what remains of himself. With his soul torn apart and his young son held captive, Deathstroke will have to atone for the sins of his past to fuel the battles of his future!

Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner Michael Chiklis (The Shield, The Commish, American Horror Story: Freak Show) headlines the cast as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, alongside Sasha Alexander (Rizzoli & Isles, Shameless, NCIS) as Wilson’s wife, Adeline “Addie” Kane Wilson. The cast also includes Chris Jai Alex (ThunderCats Roar, Extraction) as The Jackal, Faye Mata (League of Legends) as Jade/H.I.V.E Queen, Griffin Puatu (Beastars) as Joseph/Jericho, Imari Williams (Transformers: Rescue Bots, LEGO DC: Shazam! Magic and Monsters) as President Nichols, Asher Bishop (The Angry Birds Movie 2) as Young Joseph, Colin Salmon (Krypton, Arrow, Die Another Day) as William Wintergreen, Delbert Hunt (Bad Henry) as Bronze Tiger, Panta Mosleh (Always Be My Maybe, Pass The Salt) as Lady Shiva, and Noshir Dalal (Red Dead Redemption II) as Kapoor, Castulo Guerra (The Usual Suspects, Jane The Virgin) as General Suarez, and Minae Noji (General Hospital) as Secretary of State.

Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons has been produced in a dual format – initially as animated shorts, the first five of which appeared on CW Seed. With a runtime of 87 minutes, the feature-length Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons film has nearly 50 minutes of never-before-seen content, including the film’s thrilling climax. The film is rated R for bloody violence/gore, language, disturbing images, and some sexual content.

Sung Jin Ahn (Niko and the Sword of Light) directs the film from a script by J.M. DeMatteis (Superman: Red Son, Batman: Bad Blood). Sam Register, Greg Berlanti, and Sarah Schechter serve as executive producers.

Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons give DC Animated Movies’ their first true look into the complicated backstory of one of DC’s most controversial characters – Deathstroke is sometimes villain, sometimes anti-hero, and always deadly,” said Mary Ellen Thomas, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Senior Vice President, Originals, Animation and Family Marketing. “Michael Chiklis does an incredible job capturing the ruthless approach and conflicted internal struggles of Deathstroke.”

Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons Special Features

Blu-ray Combo Pack and Digital

  • Deathstroke: One-Man Death Machine (New Featurette)– Some think he’s a villain. To others, he’s an unsung hero of secret wars fought all over the world. One thing’s for certain: When you see the orange-and-black mask, Deathstroke is coming!

Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons will also be available on Movies Anywhere. Using the free Movies Anywhere app and website, consumers can access all their eligible movies by connecting their Movies Anywhere account with their participating digital retailer accounts.


On August 4, 2020, Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons will be available to own in high definition and standard definition from select digital retailers including Amazon, the Apple TV app, FandangoNOW, PlayStation, Vudu, Xbox, and others. On August 18, 2020, Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons will be made available digitally on Video On Demand services from cable and satellite providers, and on select gaming consoles.


Blu-ray Combo Pack  $24.98 USA, $29.98 Canada
Blu-ray Languages: English, Spanish, French
Blu-ray Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
Running Time: 87 minutes
Rated R for bloody violence/gore, language, disturbing images, and some sexual content.

DEATHSTROKE and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC.  © 2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.