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The DC Comics vs. David Letterman Top Ten List

Everyone is talking about whatever contact they may have had with David Letterman this week, and I’m no different.

I’ve mentioned before that I believe some of the reasons I ended up working at DC Comics almost 27 years ago was because I could pitch softball better than what most people there and that the guy I was interviewing with was the head of the company softball team, and that I went to the game that was scheduled to be against the crew from Late Night With David Letterman.

What I’ve never mentioned before now is that somebody in the DC production department had devised their own strategy to psych out the other team, and had written the entire thing out on big pieces of cardboard, like cue cards.

When the game was forfeited, the giant cards were left behind on the field— and I, being a true comic collector of one of a kind stuff, grabbed them. And kept them. Through five or more moves, I kept them.

And now, on the occasion of the end of David Letterman’s run in late night television, I bring you this never before seen list…


Game Of Thrones: The Musical!

Game Of Thrones: The Musical!

Because Coldplay and Peter Dinklage think there’s money to be had here…

…actually, it’s to help benefit Red Nose Day to help fight child poverty, which is a good thing for the ex-Minister of Coin to be doing. Enjoy.

The Point Radio: Julie Benz Has Our Attention

From BUFFY and ANGEL to DEXTER and then DEFIANCE, Julle Benz is an actress that has had our undivided attention. With DEFIANCE about to return for season three, we catch up with Julie about where we last saw her character, what’s ahead and how far she’ll go to research a role. Then, with civil unrest and police mistrust at the top of the news cycle, CBS Legal Analyst Rikki Klieman tackles it all from a new angle this weekend (Sunday at 9pm ET) on Investigation Discovery.

The Point Radio: Greg Poehler Heads Back To Sweden

NBC’s summer hit sitcom, WELCOME TO SWEDEN is back. Created by Greg Poehler (along with sister Amy), we get a peek at what lies ahead this season. Greg, and fellow castmate Illeana Douglas,  talk about subtitles, a change of seasons and more fish out of water stories. Plus she was Little Vickie on THE LOVE BOAT and despite three successful dry decades in show business, actress Jill Whelan is glad to be out to sea once again

In a few days, we take a look at where NBC’s THE BLACKLIST is ending the year and where season three could be starting. Actress MEGAN BOONE spills all.   Be sure to follow us on Twitter @ThePointRadio.

Mix March Madness 2015 Webcomics Tournament: And The Winner Is…

hero_initiative1…the Hero Initiative, who thanks to the efforts of dedicated fans buying additional votes for their favorite webcomics, raised $554 this round for an overall total of $2122 to help comics creators in need! Plus Philip M. Hofer, creator of Comic Easel, who got $408 to help him get a new computer so he can get back to work building comic websites, for a grand total raised of $2530…

Yeah, yeah, I hear you cry, this is nice and all, but you really want to hear who won the competition? You’re not willing to sit through long-winded explanations designed to draw out the suspense, and that’s why American Idol got cancelled?

Oh, all right. The winner is…

…yes, we’re still going to put it after the break… (more…)

Lego Dimensions To Feature Doctor Who & More!

Quick lesson on how to change a new video game from “mild interest” to “Why isn’t this in my hands already” … add Doctor Who!


Lego Dimensions, the new entry in the interactive collectible mash-up videogame category has just fired a shot across the bow of amiibo, Skylanders and Disney INfinity by adding a timelord to its ranks of playable (and purchasable) characters.

While the game had already announced inclusion of its most popular licensed lines like Batman, Jurassic World and The Simpsons, it was quite a surprise when they announced the inclusion of properties they’d only licensed for their limited run Lego Ideas line.

Lego Ideas allows people to design their own suggestions for building kits, which Lego reviews and approves once they achieve the required 10,000 upviotes from the user community.  Sets for Back to the Future, Portal 2 and Doctor Who have already been approved, with the Doctor Who set not even released yet.


One must assume these license contracts included the ability to add the characters into videogames in future, because included they are. In addition to figures from their Lord of the Rings, and Scooby Doo  lines, as well as their in-house properties Chima and Ninjago, Lego release photos of figure sets for the Ideas-only properties.

The Lego series of video games are already staggeringly popular, with titles based on worlds like Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Carribean, and Harry Potter.  Dimensions will allow players to do what kids have been doing for years – play with them all together.  More details are popping up every day, but the sheer number of character lines they’ve negotiated to appear dwarfs any other.  Disney Infinitiy’s recent announcement of the Star Wars line being included has got some serious competition.

Lego Dimensions will be released on September 27, 2015.

The Point Radio: Some Indie Film Magic

We jump into the world of independent movies starting with Elliot Diviney. He’s a talented editor for projects that include LOST and BATTLESTAR:GALACTICA, but he is also an indie film maker with a new movie that puts him into the super hero feature arena, Then meet Karen Lam, celebrated horror writer and director whose film EVANGELINE finally hits the U.S. this month.

Next week, Greg Poehler (along with sister Amy) is bringing back WELCOME TO SWEDEN for a new season on NBC. We get an exclusive look.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter @ThePointRadio.

Osgood Lives! Ingrid Oliver returns to Doctor Who

B2A3LDbCcAAX9MhUNIT scientist Osgood, played by Ingrid Oliver, returns to Doctor Who for season nine. Having been killed by Missy (Michelle Gomez) in the show’s season eight finale ‘Death in Heaven’, Steven Moffat decided to bring back the Doctor’s biggest fan.

Steven Moffat, lead writer and Executive Producer, said: “Osgood is back, fresh from her recent murder at the end of last series. We recently confirmed that Osgood was definitely dead and not returning – but in a show about time travel, anything can happen. The brilliant Ingrid Oliver is back in action. This time though, can the Doctor trust his number one fan?”

This time she’s back in action and comes face-to-face with the shape-shifting extra-terrestrial Zygons, as they also return for the new season. They last appeared in ‘The Day of the Doctor’ for the show’s 50th anniversary episode.

One of the most popular fan theories about Osgood’s not-deadness involves the events of the anniversary episode.  She was impersonated by a Zygon, but as the episode progressed, they seem to achieve some sort of mutual understanding.  Many have clung to the hope that the Osgood we saw reduced to particulate matter was the Zygon duplicate.

Of course, we also saw Missy’s device perform a number of functions – who’s to say one of them wasn’t a teleporter, like the shredders in Time Heist?  How will she ever come back?


Speaking on set, Ingrid Oliver commented on her reappearance: “As every actor who’s worked on Doctor Who will tell you, there’s always the secret hope you’ll get the call asking you to come back. To actually receive that call is both unexpected and brilliant. The word ‘honour’ gets banded about a lot, but it really is, it’s an honour. Especially because I was so sure Osgood was a goner after the last series!”

The two-part episode is currently being filmed in Cardiff, Wales, and is written by Peter Harness (Doctor Who – ‘Kill the Moon’, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, Wallander), produced by Peter Bennett and directed by Daniel Nettheim (Line of Duty, Glue).

Also joining Peter Capaldi (The Doctor) and Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) and confirmed for guest roles in the double episode is Jemma Redgrave, Jaye Griffiths, Cleopatra Dickens, Sasha Dickens, Abhishek Singh, Todd Kramer, Jill Winternitz, Nicholas Asbury, Jack Parker and Aidan Cook.

Mix March Madness 2015 Webcomics Tournament Championship!

This is it– a battle two months in the making!

The Final Four fought the good fight, and there are only two left standing. In another context they may be a Dynamic Duo, but as the Scots say, there can be only one. Voting was hot and feverish but knocked out in the Semi-Finals were Not A Villain and Girl Genius, who move on into a contest for the bronze. The stakes are high and the prize is grand. No other web comic will be able to claim bragging rights to winning the ComicMix March Madness 2015. Over 500 were considered, 128 were chosen and one will remain champion. Who will it be… Stand Still. Stay Silent or Shotgun Shuffle?

All will be known after polls close this Friday, May 8, 2015– vote now!

First, the donations– holy cow, you guys are amazing. In this round alone, you raised $408 to help Frumph get his computer back up and running, and $902 for the Hero Initiative, for a whopping $1310.

One last time, here are the brackets…

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
1st/2nd Place
Not A Villain
Not A Villain
Questionable Content
Sandra and Woo
Questionable Content
Not A Villain
Stand Still, Stay Silent
Stand Still, Stay Silent
Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
Stand Still, Stay Silent
Stand Still, Stay Silent
Game 16 Details
Shotgun Shuffle
Girl Genius
Two Guys and Guy
Girl Genius
El Goonish Shive
Supernormal Step
El Goonish Shive
Girl Genius
Shotgun Shuffle
Shotgun Shuffle
Looking For Group
Shotgun Shuffle
The Property of Hate
The Property of Hate
3rd/4th Place
Not A Villain
Game 15 Details
Girl Genius


ComicMix April Armageddon Webcomics 2015 Championship

Stand Still. Stay Silent
Shotgun Shuffle
Not A Villain
Girl Genius

Poll Maker


As always, we’re letting you support your favorite strips by paying for additional votes, simply click on the Donate button, and during checkout, click on “Which comic are you donating for?” and tell us who you’re voting for. The price is 25¢ a vote this round, with a minimum of four votes purchased at a time, split any way you want. All proceeds from paid votes will go to the Hero Initiative, an organization that helps comic book creators in need. At the close of the round, we’ll add the paid votes to the totals and announce the winner.

Voting ends at midnight Eastern Time on Friday night! Good luck to everyone!