Author: Mike Raub

The Point Radio: Melissa Fumero Still Smokin’ On BROOKLYN 99

It’s a new season of the Fox hit series BROOKLYN 99, and our favorite detective, Melissa Fumero, is along to talk about how her character is only slightly less neurotic (but still adorable) despite a few changes in the show this year. Then actress Illena Douglas shares the news on her month long hosting gig on Turner Classic Movies’ TRAILBLAZING WOMEN

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The Point Radio: How HEROES Was Reborn

Are you caught up in HEROES REBORN Yet?  Jack Coleman and Greg Grunberg talk about the transition from the old show to the revival, plus meet two of the new cast members. And Jerry Springer is celebrating the 25th Anniversary on TV. How has he survived so long? You might surprised at how he answers that question,

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The Point Radio: A Bazillion Bucks

Even Dr Evil might join in for a prize like this. THE BAZILLION DOLLAR CLUB is a new competition show from SyFy where tech gurus Dave McClure and Brady Forrest award big money to brilliant start up ideas, but how do they pick the right ones? The guys share their secrets here. Then meet actor John Lucas (A BRILLIANT MIND, AMERICAN PSYCHO) who previews his new comedy, THE MEND.

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The Point Radio: Meet The Nets Biggest Stars Live

They are among YouTube’s biggest stars with over 23.5 million viewers. Meet Eva Gutowski, Andie Case & Meredith Foster who are joining together for a live 20 city tour called GIRLS NIGHT IN. They give all the details plus some tips on how they got started on the internet. Then Troy Dunn, a man who never gives up. After several successful TV shows and books, he’s back on the UP Network with a new show helping people find family members they have lost contact with. Wait until you hear how it all began for him.

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The Point Radio: Why Ron Perlman Loves TV

After six award-winning years on SONS OF ANARCHY, Ron Perlman is back on series TV with a new project on Amazon Prime called HAND OF GOD. What was so special about this show that it drew him back?  Ron explains it and his love for the craft of acting plus meet the hosts of CRAZY TALK. Reality TV boiled down to just the cool stuff, all by Ben Arron and Tanisha Thomas.

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The Point Radio: Billy Bob Thornton Rock God

Actor Billy Bob Thornton has give us some incredible movie roles, but did you know his passion is shared standing on stage with his band, The Box Masters? Billy talks about how music has influenced his life and about which of his movie characters were his favorites. Plus it has been a decade since Hurricane Katrina laid waste to the Gulf Coast. Experts from ANGRY PLANET (Pivot TV) and The Weather Channel weigh in on the way the forecasting has changed since that storm and the possibility of it happening all over again.

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The Point Radio: A Decade Of Fright With The GHOST HUNTERS

It’s been ten years of terrifying jumps and unexplained events on the SyFy series, GHOST HUNTERS. The stars of the show talk about how’ve they have survived a decade and a few the scariest moments they have faced. Plus funny man Jerrod Carmichael brings his talents to a new NBC series and tells us what to expect.

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The Point Radio: The Significantly Talent Krista Allen

You’ll instantly recognize Krista Allen from so many great roles, ranging from X-FILES to LIAR LIAR to her latest, the buzz worthy comedy SIGNIFICANT MOTHER on The CW. She talks about her journey and her appreciation of smart TV writing. Plus we begin our look at the new television season with NBC’s THE PLAYER. Wesley Snipes and Phillip Winchester talk about the high concept thriller, created by former DC Comics writer, John Rogers.

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The Point Radio: Steampunk For Fun And Profit

It’s two different views of one historical period. First, the Steampunk genre is at the heart of a new competition series on The Game Show Network. Host Jeannie Mai talks about the deeds and the drama of STEAMPUNKED. Then mix DOWNTON ABBEY with KEEPING UP WEITH THE KARDASHIANS and you get ANOTHER PEROID. Creators Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome tell us where the idea for this Comedy Central hit came from.

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The Point Radio: PLAYING HOUSE Back For More Laughs

Jessica St Clair and Lennon Param have managed their way back to the USA Network with another hilarious season of PLAYING HOUSE. They give us the exclusive word on what’s coming up and the tough journey it took to get the show back on the air. Plus Esquire premiere’s a reality show with the real life “Jerry Maguires”. THE AGENT will set the record straight on the world of sports and we have a preview here.

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