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What are We?

ComicMix.com is the new site for readers who enjoy all types of fantastic media, from comic books television and movies to video games and more. Every day, visitors find news, facts, reviews, commentary, columns and a community environment that reaches across the globe, across decades and into the future.

This is the best place for news about comics, movies, television, music, games and more, plus columns and blogs from Dennis O’Neil, Michael Davis, Elayne Riggs, John Ostrander, Mike Gold and many others.

Who Are We?

ComicMix was founded in 2006 by Mike Gold, Glenn Hauman and Brian Alvey, longtime comic professionals, fans, early adopters and computer nerds. Here’s the details:

Brian Alvey, Chairman

“ComicMix is the most exciting thing I’ve ever been a part of,” says Brian Alvey, Chairman of ComicMix LLC. “What’s cooler than comics? It’s the ideal combination of content, technology and community. The readers, the creator, the advertisers — everybody benefits.”

Alvey designed the first TV Guide website in 1995 and was the senior technical member of the in-house team that built the first BusinessWeek site later that year. He continued designing and developing dozens of sites for companies including BusinessWeek, Intel, Capgemini, J.D. Edwards, Deloitte & Touche, VentureReporter.net and The McGraw-Hill Companies. The closest he came to drawing comic books was being the art director of three print magazines.

He is the co-founder and President of Weblogs, Inc., the largest blog publishing company and home to such blogs as Engadget, Autoblog, Joystiq, That’s Fit, TV Squad and Slashfood. Time Warner’s AOL purchased Weblogs, Inc. in October 2005 and acquired his Blogsmith platform in November 2006. Blogsmith is the enterprise blogging platform which powers the Weblogs, Inc. network, TMZ and dozens of other blogs. He is currently a vice president for AOL and the chief architect of the new Netscape social news site.

Glenn Hauman, Vice President, Operations and Production Manager

Glenn Hauman fulfills one of the unspoken staffing requirements at a comics company. “Dwayne McDuffie at Milestone, Mike Richardson at Dark Horse, Denis Kitchen at Kitchen Sink, Jim Shooter at Marvel and Valiant– every comics company needs to have at least one ridiculously tall guy on it. With me on board, we’ll have somebody who can change light bulbs and play center for the inter-company baseball league.”

When he was in junior high school, Glenn took art lessons from John Buscema, the legendary (and quite tall) Marvel Comics artist. “I knew I could never draw like that that,” he says. Instead, he found other ways to make comics his career, starting with working in a local comic shop in high school, and then the production department at DC Comics.

He has fifteen years of experience in publishing, including work for Random House, Simon & Schuster, DC Comics and Apple Comics. Mr. Hauman has worked as a graphic designer, editor, photo retoucher, CD-ROM producer, story consultant for films, and radio show co-host of “Destinies – The Voice of Science Fiction” on WUSB 90.1 FM at SUNY/Stony Brook.

His latest Star Trek e-book, Creative Couplings, has been getting press coverage for its portrayal of the first Klingon-Jewish wedding. In addition to Star Trek, he’s written other licensed tie-in works for X-Men and Farscape, and urban fantasy for Baen Books.

He has been a featured speaker on the future of publishing at numerous industry trade shows. He was a founder of internet pioneer companies BiblioBytes, Hell’s Kitchen Systems (bought by Red Hat in 2000), and Lot Auctions.

Most recently, Glenn has been working as a webmaster, assistant editor, and production manager for arrogantMGMS, a comics packing company now involved with ComicMix. Glenn manages their GrimJack.com, JonSable.com, MundensBar.com websites; he also runs the websites for comic book pros PeterDavid.net and BobGreenberger.com.

“My career is the definition of varied, and the one constant is that I find myself doing something new that still draws on past experiences,” Hauman said. “I can’t imagine something that draws on all the things I’ve done and all the things I want to do more than ComicMix.”