The Law Is A Ass #428: Trial And Era With The Flash

Bob Ingersoll

By day Bob Ingersoll was an attorney in the Cuyahoga County Public Defender Office, Appellate Division in Cleveland, Ohio, until he retired in 2009. But in the “Real World” he has also been a freelance writer since 1975, when he sold his first comic-book story to the late, lamented Charlton Comics. He’s still at it and, in addition to his long-running column “The Law Is a Ass” has sold stories to DC, Marvel, Innovation, Now Comics, Comico, Kitchen Sink and others; as well as co-authoring the novels Captain America: Liberty’s Torch and Star Trek: The Case of the Colonist’s Corpse. Bob is married with children, which is about as close to Al Bundy as he cares to get.

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3 Responses

  1. Andrew Laubacher says:

    Here’s one of the most basic questions that I don’t think was ever addressed in the trial (or was it?): Wouldn’t the autopsy of DeVoe’s body have shown that the corpse was dead before it was stabbed?

    Of course Barry was written as an idiot in the first place for entering DeVoe’s home in his ‘civilian’ identity, instead of as the Flash. This was possibly the most poorly-plotted and written arc to date in the history of the show.

    • Neil Ottenstein says:

      An autopsy would have found many suspicious things about DeVoe’s body, including the enhancements for using his special chair.

      I don’t think is was “possibly the most poorly-plotted and written arc to date in the history of the show” – it was definitely so. It was a case of “we need something to happen, let’s write it so and hope no one notices why it doesn’t make sense.”

    • Andrew,

      I’m not sure the body was dead before it was stabbed just mindless. It could have still been alive but in a brain-dead condition. In that case, it would have died upon being stabbed.

      And am I remembering things wrong. I don’t think Barry went to DeVoe’s house. I think DeVoe took his mindless corpse to Barry’s apartment, put the body there, stabbed it, planted evidence, and then set off the burglar alarm. That way, Barry responded to the alarm and ran to his own house. So he was still stupid not changing to The Flash. After all, if you’re going to confront some robbers in your house, wouldn’t you rather do that as The Flash for intimidation purposes.

      Finally, as many have pointed out, Barry knew he hadn’t killed DeVoe and that he was being framed. WHY did he just stand there and let the police come in to find him in the incriminating position and arrest him. Why didn’t use his super speed to remove the body from the house and clean up all the trace evidence before letting the police into the house? Yes, he might be tampering with evidence, but it was evidence specifically planted to frame him, so tampering with planted evidence should have been the least of his concerns.