Ed Catto: Black Panther, back in the day…

Ed Catto

Ed Catto is an entrepreneur and educator. As the founder of Agendae, Ed helps mid-size companies, start-ups and big brands with innovative strategy and marketing initiatives. As an educator, Ed teaches entrepreneurship at Ithaca College. In the world of Pop Culture, Ed wears many hats: a speaker at comic-conventions, a retropreneur for Captain Action and a manager for Ithacon, the nation’s second longest running comic-con. As an illustrator, he was named 2019 Interior Illustrator of the Year in the Pulp Factory Awards and named a 2019 CNY Emerging Artist. Ed and his family have recently returned to the Finger Lakes.

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4 Responses

  1. George Haberberger says:

    “It was so disappointing to me. Oh, sure, the series was grand and boisterous, like any good adventure should be. But was just too silly and too goofy.”

    You weren’t the only one. I was so disappointed by the abrupt change on tone in the new series after the McGregor run that I wrote a letter to Marvel and sent the Kirby issue back to them. I admired Kirby as an artist but he was not a writer.

  2. Pedro says:

    Double treats at Halloween?! Time to dust off my Ace Ventura costume…

  3. “The great artist Kirby co-created the Black Panther.”

    STOP it!!!!!

    Jack Kirby was a WRITER first. He created, wrote & illustrated every story he did in the 1960s ON SPEC, without any contracts, and without ANY input from his “editor”… who insisted on doing the final dialogue, so he could take CREDIT AND PAY for the full writing job, and so that everything Kirby did would then be considered the property of the publisher.

    Regarding Kirby’s late-70s BP stories: it was said, even at the tme, that these would make more sense taking place in between BP’s appearances in FANTASTIC FOUR and AVENGERS. I agree.

    Kirby & McGregor are TWO of the best writers to have ever worked in the business. It’s notable that Marvel treated BOTH of them badly. Why? Neither one worked “Marvel Method”. McGregor’s work method was actually closer to Harvey Kurtzman’s on MAD– fuol script with page layouts.

  4. “Marvel promoted him to writer”

    Don McGregor ALREADY had been a published writer at Warren, before he took that assistant editor job at Marvel.