John Ostrander: Face Front, True Believers!

John Ostrander

John Ostrander started his career as a professional writer as a playwright. His best known effort, Bloody Bess, was directed by Stuart Gordon, and starred Dennis Franz, Joe Mantegna, William J. Norris, Meshach Taylor and Joe Mantegna. He has written some of the most important influential comic books of the past 25 years, including Batman, The Spectre, Manhunter, Firestorm, Hawkman, Suicide Squad, Wasteland, X-Men, and The Punisher, as well as Star Wars comics for Dark Horse. New episodes of his creator-owned series, GrimJack, which was first published by First Comics in the 1980s, appear every week on ComicMix.

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3 Responses

  1. Carl says:

    Ouch? I hope it wasn’t too painful and that you heal fast.

  2. Mindy Newell says:

    I like explanation #3. :-)

  3. Duane B says:

    Alt. Explanation #6 Started a new hobby: Chasing parked cars…

    When my arm was healing (still is as a matter of fact) from having some basal cells removed. my go to answer was going to be; “I got into a knife fight”.

    No one has asked yet *SIGH*…

    It’s lousy to try to use a mirror to wash that area by yourself. You might want to get Mary to help you wash your face. Sneak in a kiss every so often…