Mike Gold: How Are You Getting Your Marvel Stories?

Mike Gold

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2 Responses

  1. Mitchell says:

    The economics of funny book prices — not just Marvel’s — bewilders me. At best, there’s little bang for the buck. Secret Empire, and the entire storyline, was way over-extended. Add to that that Marvel seems to be going through a creative dry smell.
    Dunno that anything can be done about prices, but for quality, I’d love to see Disney direct a culling of the line.

    • Mike Gold says:

      Culling the line gets us back to comic book economics. In an optimum environment, you publish exactly as many comics as you can with the staff and facilities you have. If you’ve got a lot of both, you need to publish a lot of comics to max out the expenditures. Plus, if you’re working with printers who set rates by total (monthly, annual, whatever) output, the more titles you’ve got the cheaper the unit price. And Disney seems to like having as many exploitable characters as inhumanly possible: more teevee deals, more movies, more merchandising and licensing potential. And the entire direct sales system is akin to a Ponzi scheme: If your first issue sells 50,000 copies, by issue six you may be struggling to reach 20,000 and by issue 13, you are likely doomed. Therefore, to generate the same about of revenue, you’ve got to produce more comics, preferably using less expensive talent.

      I could go into more detail about comic book economics, but we’ve got enough opioid abuse out there so why encourage more?