Michael Davis: Back In The Day

Michael Davis

Master Of The Universe, Lord Of All Media, Most Interesting Black Man In the World, Sexiest Man on Earth, Mentor, Writer, Artist, Producer & Uppity.

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2 Responses

  1. Mindy Newell says:

    I always laugh bitterly when I think of the way people were saying “we now live in a post-racial world” after Obama was elected President in 2008.

    Great column, Michael!

    And by the way, I remember that LOIS LANE story. And I also remember feeling oddly insulted when I read it, even though I was–and am–a nice Jewish WHITE girl somewhere in the prepubescent stage of life. Don’t really know why–I think I realized dimly that it was a sham; but it was the same type of feeling I would get whenever I saw a hokey “imitation of being Jewish” on a television show, y’know the type, a “very special episode” of whatever.

    Although the Dick Van Dyke show did a great episode in which Buddy was secretly going for bar mitzvah lessons and everybody thought he was having an affair. But that was portrayed very realistically, and I think it was because Morey Amsterdam was Jewish.

  2. Emily Whitten says:

    Great read, Michael. Very thought-provoking, and some really timely points. Thanks for sharing your perspective on this topic.