Mike Gold

ComicMix's award-winning and spectacularly shy editor-in-chief Mike Gold also performs the weekly two-hour Weird Sounds Inside The Gold Mind ass-kicking rock, blues and blather radio show on The Point, www.getthepointradio.com and on iNetRadio, www.iNetRadio.com (search: Hit Oldies) every Sunday at 7:00 PM Eastern, rebroadcast three times during the week – check www.getthepointradio.com above for times and on-demand streaming information.

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4 Responses

  1. Glenn Hauman says:

    The only advantage the new logo has is that this one reduces well– it’s distinctive even at 20 pixels wide, which is important for phones and tablets. Which, if nothing else, gives you an idea of what they’re thinking about.

  2. Mindy Newell says:

    Im-not-so-ho, this constant changing of the logo makes me think (and feel) like Warner Bros./DC doesn’t know what the hell it’s doing.

    As Marvel certainly does. Not only is Marvel’s logo simple and clean and easily reduced or enlarged, it’s been around now for years and years, possibly forever…and it’s amazingly clever and fun openings on the little and big screens ABSOLUTELY and IMMEDIATELY captures its history and enthralls the audience, telegraphing excitement to all viewers.

    • Mindy Newell says:

      Just to emphasize, I totally LOVE the way you see the comic art and pages unfolding on the screen and the sound of flipping through pages with Marvel’s TV and cinema logo and/or opening.