Martha Thomases: Listen!

Martha Thomases

Martha Thomases brought more comics to the attention of more people than anyone else in the industry. Her work promoting The Death of Superman made an entire nation share in the tragedy of one of our most iconic American heroes. As a freelance journalist, she has been published in the Village Voice, High Times, Spy, the National Lampoon, Metropolitan Home, and more. For Marvel comics she created the series Dakota North. Martha worked as a researcher and assistant for the author Norman Mailer on several of his books, including the Pulitzer-Prize-winning Executioner's Song, On Women and Their Elegance, Ancient Evenings, and Harlot's Ghost.

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4 Responses

  1. George Haberberger says:

    “I often mention my Jewish upbringing. Being Jewish at an Episcopal boarding school was one of the defining experiences of my life. I was called names. I was required to sit through Sunday morning religious services during which they read passages from the New Testament that I knew had been used to justify the torture and murder of Jews through the centuries.”

    Just curious Martha. Why did your parents send you to an Episcopal school? You have mentioned your experiences there but if you have ever explained the circumstances of that placement I have missed it.

    “Black Panther is not a character I’ve ever followed. When Coates’ run starts, I’ll make sure to pick it up.”

    I’ll give it a chance also but Mr. Coates will have to be a pretty good comics writer to exceed Don McGregor’s run in the 70’s.

    • Martha Thomases says:

      I went to boarding school because at the middle school I went to I had finished a year of French, a year of Latin, and a year of algebra, and the local high schools wouldn’t accept the credits. Rather than taking everything over, my parents sent me away. And at the time, they couldn’t find any secular schools.

  2. Mindy Newell says:

    Yes, Martha, it is easier to “pass” as a Gentile if you’re Jewish because of the (usual) white skin color–most people who meet me, especially most of my patients, think I’m Italian, though I also get Spanish and once in a while FRENCH, which by the way that last one? I never understand that one!–but there are plenty of assholes out there who mourn that Hitler didn’t finish the job, and if given the chance, would do so.

    So, yes, as a Jew I think we have at least a small window into the black experience.

    I considered sending Alix to a Catholic parochial school when she was about to go to high school because of their excellent scholastic program (as well as their tennis program), but couldn’t afford it anyway. But she did go to day care run by a church! :-)

  3. Larry Brody says:

    “Let’s try to spend at least part of 2016 listening to each other.”

    Best advice I’ve ever heard for starting this new year. Or any new year. Or, for that matter, any moment in time.

    Thanks, Martha