Ed Catto: Comics and Retailing Done Right

Ed Catto

Ed Catto is an entrepreneur and educator. As the founder of Agendae, Ed helps mid-size companies, start-ups and big brands with innovative strategy and marketing initiatives. As an educator, Ed teaches entrepreneurship at Ithaca College. In the world of Pop Culture, Ed wears many hats: a speaker at comic-conventions, a retropreneur for Captain Action and a manager for Ithacon, the nation’s second longest running comic-con. As an illustrator, he was named 2019 Interior Illustrator of the Year in the Pulp Factory Awards and named a 2019 CNY Emerging Artist. Ed and his family have recently returned to the Finger Lakes.

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4 Responses

  1. Gregory Parker says:

    Very cool, love hearing about comic shops for some reason, even as a mostly digital reader!

  2. Mindy Newell says:

    For years and years and years, my friend Joe ran VECTOR COMICS, my local comic book shop. It wasn’t fancy; in fact, the first impression you got when you walked in was of a haphazard, kind of run-down place that needed a good paint job. But Joe ran a thriving business–it was always full of people of all ages, genders, and colors. And that was because Joe was “customer-savvy,” i.e., he put his customers first. He never rushed anyone, he allowed browsing and touching and even reading, he was a font of information, and he kept a constantly updated list of his customers’ interests and desires. If he didn’t know something he looked it up or would call you later with the information. He would “special-order.”

    He did everything right.

    Eventually, Joe, because of personal affairs, including getting into a horrible car accident (not his fault) that laid him up for months, decided to retire. He sold the store.

    The new owner is not exactly Joe. I’ve gone there a few times–but I rarely go now. It’s basically a hang out for the owner and his friends; they’re all “gamers” and there are always a bunch of people in the back room playing. I don’t get suggestions, I don’t get help, and am left alone to find what I want–it’s just not a pleasant experience at all and every time I’ve been there I walk out feeling frustrated.

    I really miss VECTOR COMICS.