Joe Corallo: Jessica Jones’ Sexuality

Joe Corallo

Joe Corallo is a queer cisgender white guy who tries to keep his privilege in check while residing in Queens, NY. He's been an active participant in life for three decades, has been reading comics for over two of those decades, and has dabbled in writing comics for over half a decade. He's self published four issues of a cyberpunk comic titled Electronic, has work published in Geeks OUT Presents: Power Anthology, Margins Publishing's Our Hearts Still Beat zine, and Grayhaven's The Gathering: Music anthology. He's currently back at self publishing with a new series, Saturn's Call, alongside co-creator and illustrator Robby Barrett with issue #2 ready for release later this year. A couple of other projects are going on currently that can't be announced yet. Joe also contributes at Geeks OUT and [insertgeekhere].

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2 Responses

  1. Martha Thomases says:

    Maybe it’s just because I like Carrie Ann Moss so much but I actually thought that Jeri was a complex character, defined by much more than her sexuality (or her shitty way of dealing with relationships). Inclusiveness is meaningless (IMO, obviously) if it doesn’t involve a variety of personalities as well as demographics.

    • Joe Corallo says:

      I certainly don’t begrudge Carrie Ann Moss for her acting chops. She’s very well acted in the show. The problem being that the implication of being queer-inclusive, or any kind of inclusive, is that people of a certain background feel welcomed.

      The only queerness in the show resulting from white cisgender women who are assumed lesbians, in addition to hetero-washing and well known and arguably the most trendy lgbtq neighborhood in the five boroughs right now doesn’t make me feel very welcome.

      Additionally, only representing one very specific demographic in the queer community despite having three queer characters with speaking roles plays into your point of inclusiveness being meaningless if we don’t involve a variety.

      I’m not upset by the level of representation in this show so much as this is not enough to call it a queer-inclusive show, and we won’t make any progress or go any farther if we don’t point these things out and make sure the powers at be are aware that it’s too early to be patting themselves on the back.