Longmire Season 3 Now on DIsc

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  1. John G Doak, Sr. says:

    A solid 5 Star rating.. Will be 79 May 17 2015. Persons in management who voted to drop it should be fired and those who are making it almost impossible to find on Netflix need to be drawn and quartered…JGDS. Nashville, TN Atty for over 50 years.

  1. April 9, 2015

    […] Longmire Season 3 Now on DIsc Longmire e1425650705748 Longmire Season 3 Now on DIsc The wonderfully underrated Longmire completed its third season last year and was then canceled by A&E for reasons beyond understanding. After some protracted negotiations amidst a fury of … Read more on Comicmix.com […]