Bob Ingersoll

By day Bob Ingersoll was an attorney in the Cuyahoga County Public Defender Office, Appellate Division in Cleveland, Ohio, until he retired in 2009. But in the “Real World” he has also been a freelance writer since 1975, when he sold his first comic-book story to the late, lamented Charlton Comics. He’s still at it and, in addition to his long-running column “The Law Is a Ass” has sold stories to DC, Marvel, Innovation, Now Comics, Comico, Kitchen Sink and others; as well as co-authoring the novels Captain America: Liberty’s Torch and Star Trek: The Case of the Colonist’s Corpse. Bob is married with children, which is about as close to Al Bundy as he cares to get.

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2 Responses

  1. Jim S says:

    You are very good at pointing out the logical lapses in Batman Eternal. First question. If Selena Kyle takes over a Mob family and a member of the family kills someone, isn’t she legally liable for that murder. She’s morally liable, but as Stephen J. Cannell once pointed out in “The Rockford Files” the perview of the law isn’t moral or immoral, it’s legal or illegal. How do they walk Selena back from being a murderer.

    Second. This is more of comment. I hate that Grant Morrison had Bruce Wayne declare I fund Batmn because wouldn’t a smart criminal organization just blow up Wayne businesses. No income from business, no income for Batman? Isn’t that the logical consequence. I got this notion from a debate I heard about a bookstore deciding whether or not to carry magazines that had cartoons that offended fanatics.

    One person said the bookstore couldn’t let the terrorists win. The other person said he understood this, but he could understand why a boss might not want to carry those magazines. The boss had employees whose safety he was responsible for and he understood why a boss might think that his employees shouldn’t have to risk their lives to work for him.

    Also, wouldn’t Bruce has secret funds stashed away to prevent him from going broke?

  2. Bob, here’s one possible answer to your question re: Gordon’s vetting process – Jason Bard’s friends and colleagues in Detroit lied for Bard because they agreed with him. Whether the local press would’ve held the same POV on the subject wouldn’t have mattered quite so much because of police culture issues we’re all too aware of from the international news reports.