Mike Gold: We Can Be Heroes

Mike Gold

ComicMix's award-winning and spectacularly shy editor-in-chief Mike Gold also performs the weekly two-hour Weird Sounds Inside The Gold Mind ass-kicking rock, blues and blather radio show on The Point, www.getthepointradio.com and on iNetRadio, www.iNetRadio.com (search: Hit Oldies) every Sunday at 7:00 PM Eastern, rebroadcast three times during the week – check www.getthepointradio.com above for times and on-demand streaming information.

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1 Response

  1. rick obadiah says:

    Mike – nice editorial, great acknowledgement. I, too, had the honor of meeting Ernie on several occasions related to Bleacher Bums. He loved baseball, he loved people and loved life. If today’s ‘superhero, sports players’ had half the qualities of Mr. Cub then our youth would truly have a hero to look up to and emulate.