Tweeks: Power Rangers Super Megaforce For All!

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  1. I’ve been watching Power Rangers since Day of the Dumpster first aired.

    I also watch the original SuperSentai shows – I watched what will become Dino Charge last year, and am watching what may become next year’s show right now. (There’s some debate – they may skip the current series as it’s locomotive-based, and they seem to think American kids don’t find trains all that interesting.

    I also watch Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and a few more more obscure series. I got The Kid righteously infected as well – she has the themes for all the Sentai series on her phone for easy listening.

    One of the things that’s cool about the footage for the Silver Ranger (Gokai Silver in the original show) is the “Sixth Ranger” only started in Zyuranger, what they used for the first season, so they didn’t have to film special versions of the sequences, as opposed to a lot of the regular fights, cause there were 15 series before they started MMPR.