John Ostrander: Under The Influences

John Ostrander

John Ostrander started his career as a professional writer as a playwright. His best known effort, Bloody Bess, was directed by Stuart Gordon, and starred Dennis Franz, Joe Mantegna, William J. Norris, Meshach Taylor and Joe Mantegna. He has written some of the most important influential comic books of the past 25 years, including Batman, The Spectre, Manhunter, Firestorm, Hawkman, Suicide Squad, Wasteland, X-Men, and The Punisher, as well as Star Wars comics for Dark Horse. New episodes of his creator-owned series, GrimJack, which was first published by First Comics in the 1980s, appear every week on ComicMix.

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3 Responses

  1. Jonathan Davis says:

    Mister Ostrander, just found these series of posts and plan to read through them all. Currently, I am working my way through your back catalog. I have finished the first 20 issues of Grimjack, Suicide Squad, and the Spectre. Recently I acquired Hawkworld, which is fantastic. I really appreciate the diversity in your work whether that be the genre, ethnicity/religion/age/background, locale or any other detail in the stories. I also thou gg t it was interesting the number of shots in Hawkworld with a male character in their briefs. Whether that was in the script or not it’s a humorous (to me) gender-flip from the typical half-nude scene in your average comic.

  2. Andreas S says:

    Greetings mister Ostrander.

    I’ve been reading all your columns here with great interest. You are one of my all-time favorite comics writers, and I’m thrilled to see DC is finally properly collecting your Martian Manhunter and Spectre series!

    I would like to ask if you would be willing to answer a question or three about the beginning of your career (touched upon here) and especially about a title called Warp!? We’re a few fans who are very curious about that period, and title.

    Either way, I will still be reading every time you publish something new!


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