REVIEW: The King of Comedy

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2 Responses

  1. I for one am still waiting for your teaser to play out from a couple NYCCs hence that all the various alternate universe Archies were in some way connected. That’s about the most interesting way the series could end.

    I found Life with Archie to be an interesting experiment with too many of Funky Winkerbean-level enforced depression on the characters. Without a doubt one of the moves that earned Archie its recent prestige as the most forward-thinking and rick-taking companies out there, but not stories I was keen on keeping tabs on.

    Hey, at least you never had him join the Lords of Order, right?

  2. Nitpicker that I am, I have to point out that the anecdotal line is “Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.” But I’m sure that was just a typo. And I absolutely agree with you about how well this film has aged and been proven so very right.