Jen Krueger: Fan to Fan, or Performing Doctor Who for Fellow Whovians

Jen Krueger

Jen Krueger is a writer and improviser living in Los Angeles. Ask her and she'll proudly tell you she hails from Chicago. Don't ask her, and she'll probably tell you anyway. Jen is the Associate Director of the LA Indie Improv Festival, and runs Friday night indie improv show The Manifesto Show with her team Penguins on the Playground. Jen also hosts, a podcast about pop culture before it pops. She owns one Calvinball, two sonic screwdrivers, and has degrees in Curiosity and Advanced Curiosity.

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  1. March 25, 2014

    […] My column this week is about what it’s like to improvise episodes of my favorite show for other fans of that show. Check it out here! […]