Martin Pasko: Geek Ennui

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2 Responses

  1. Part of the problem is that when you read a superhero comic, you can linger or not on the action scenes, which often also contain important story and character bits. In the movies, the endless action/violence becomes numbing and are without the charm of the characters or cleverness of the plots. The action scenes in comics are also a good place for the artists to strut their stuff, usually for a page or two at a time. In most of the movies, the time taken up by senseless action/violence is proportionately greater (the result of demographic studies?) than in the comics.

  2. Michael says:

    The problem I have with comics becoming BIG BUSINESS, is that we now have the Disney and Warner machines trying to run the comic industry like they do their movies. As a result we have book after book with similar names (how many Avengers, Justice League, Batman, etc. titles do we need?), and with similar contents. It has become seemingly harder for the big two to embrace books that are unusual or different (and, when they do, it’s hard to get current readers to actually try something new). I still want to enjoy super-hero fare, but there are fewer and fewer books I want to read on a monthly basis.

    Thank goodness there are healthy independent companies that a long-time reader can turn to for some variety in one’s diet.