Marc Alan Fishman: Kirk Vs. Picard – I’m Ready to Choose

Marc Alan Fishman

Marc Alan Fishman is a graphic designer, digital artist, writer, and most importantly a native born Chicagoan. When he's not making websites, drawing and writing for his indie company Unshaven Comics, or rooting for the Bears... he's a dedicated husband and father. When you're not enjoying his column here on ComicMix, feel free to catch his comic book reviews weekly at MichaelDavisWorld, and check out his books and cartoons at Unshaven Comics.

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3 Responses

  1. George Haberberger says:

    Congratulations. You have chosen wisely.
    Check out “A Taste of Armageddon” for a sample of Kirk’s “diplomacy.”

    Two warring planets have engaged in a sanitary war for 500 years. Casualties are calculated on computers and the population is obligated to surrender themselves for disintegration. The Enterprise becomes a casualty and the crew is expected to adhere to the terms of the war.
    Kirk will have none of it.

    “I didn’t start it, Councilman, but I’m liable to finish it.”
    “Death, destruction, disease, horror. That’s what war is all about, Anan. That’s what makes it a thing to be avoided. You’ve made it neat and painless. So neat and painless, you’ve had no reason to stop it. And you’ve had it for five hundred years. Since it seems to be the only way I can save my crew and my ship, I’m going to end it for you, one way or another.”

    It is one of my favorite episodes.

  2. Jarrod Buttery says:

    All the diplomacy in the galaxy couldn’t stop Soran. When Picard needed to get the job done, he went to Kirk.