Martin Pasko Hates Comic Book Movies

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2 Responses

  1. Well written Martin. Welcome to the ComicMix gang. I can tell you’ll do well here. Now, go take your nap, and dream of a world where no one messes with your precious comic books in order to make BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. I’ll be over here with all the tweeny-bopper losers that keep everyone employed through the continual waste of our discretionary cash.

  2. George Haberberger says:

    Well I hated the Batman TV show not because it commented on the absurdity of superheroes, but because it emphasized it. In 1966 that didn’t take much of an effort. William Dozier would not have been able to do that with Batman: Year One.

    And I like superhero movies. The idea that they can exist is the real world is a matter of suspension of disbelief. Maybe an adult in spandex would look strange in our reality but the idea of crafting the cinematic world so that it is acceptable is the writer and director’s most important job. I think it worked in The Avengers and all the Marvel movies. In the Thor movie, when Thor regained his power and his hammer, Natalie Portman asked, “Is this how you usually look?” “More or less” “That’s a REALLY good look!” Maybe a Norse god is a special case, but I think that seemed perfectly natural.

    Lastly, I don’t know if it is your decision or someone who codes your column for uploading, but why is it necessary to have so many hyperlinks? Do you really think it is necessary to explain what Spam, Berlitz or Tutti Frutti is? And why links to definitions of conflate or tropes? Who are you writing for?