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Sara Raasch

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  1. I am believing more and more in my premature old age that every industry is ultimately a good old boys club. But if it is too often a matter of who one knows, that can work both ways.

    With comics being a creative industry, for any potential opening at any of the top dozen or so publishers, there must easily be hundreds of possible applicants. I think the comicspace site expired because it was essentially thousands of hungry creators all begging each other for work. So to narrow that list, yeah editors can and usually do go through the people they know. In cases of couples, well if great minds think alike, then why would it not be logical that whatever significant other might have stories to tell? Kathryn Immonen is another strong example of that. Of course Kelly Sue was not hired because of who she’s married to, but in all likelihood it did help get pitches read. Just as her contacts have probably proven beneficial to that hubby of hers. Marriage is supposed to be a group effort anyway.

    Until everyone creates their own opportunities then there is nowhere near enough work to go around. I’m not excusing the system at all, especially the cases where an insider’s idiot buddy gets a job over more interesting prospects. But if it means talented creative minds like Kelly Sue also having a fighting chance, then I can live with that.