It’s the Mix March Madness Webcomics Tournament Quarterfinals! Vote now!

Glenn Hauman

Glenn is VP of Production at ComicMix. He has written Star Trek and X-Men stories and worked for DC Comics, Simon & Schuster, Random House, arrogant/MGMS and Apple Comics. He's also what happens when a Young Turk of publishing gets old.

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30 Responses

  1. Marscaleb says:

    We’re down to eight, and I only read three of these.


  2. St.Eligius says:

    Dumbest fundraiser ever! You could have had all these comics submit a small page or three sample of their comic (preferably short and self contained) and do a Humble eBook Bundle style sale. It would have given some of these guys more exposure and encouraged more donations (some of these web comics weren’t even aware that the paid votes go to charity). 2000 dollars wouldn’t have been that hard wit people dropping 5, 10, 15, 20, or more dollars.

  3. K-Ten says:

    Go BCB! Woo!

  4. Lukkai says:

    Hm.. I think you want to lose the “Bradbury Division” on top, seeing as these are the finalists of all four divisions.

    As for those who wonder which contest’s outcome was overturned by donation votes: It was Unsounded vs. Girls with Slingshots that came out 268 vs. 259 in the popular vote.

  5. Alynna says:

    Why if you want to vote anonymously do you have to log in with Facebook or Twitter? I have neither and would like to vote.

    • Glenn Hauman says:

      We implemented it this year, because of allegations of people coming in and hacking the system, which we took very seriously. You can still vote by donating to the Hero Initiative, as we described above.

  6. Sordy says:

    The finals are fun! Can’t figure out why Romantically Apocalyptic is still here although it is darkly entertaining.

    Just read Ava’s Demon – Obviously a candidate for the best!

    Bittersweet Candy Bowl… Unreadable – IMHO – Who votes for this? I try and get bored after 4 or 5 pages.

    Sandra and Woo – Obviously a favorite… Great comic! One of the greatest… But this competition in the end point to find new talent.

    A Redtails Dream – Obviously my favorite… The creator calls it a practice comic. :lol: I love linear stories with a beginning and an end. This one will end soon enough! A new page 6 days a week. Hard working and talented = thumbs up!

    • Esn says:

      Who votes for Bittersweet Candy Bowl? Chatty school-age girls would be my bet… for me that comic is like being forced to sit at the “popular girls” lunch table and listen to the vacuous talk. Ugh. But there were actually people who sat there and enjoyed it, so I’m sure there’s a large audience for this one.

      It’s a shame that my two remaining favourites, “A Redtails’ Dream” and “Romantically Apocalyptic” (which I re-discovered as a result of this contest), are up against each other. I can’t vote against either one.

      I’d come across RA before but never gave it a proper read-through until now. I’m liking it better the more I read it.

      • wnderjif says:

        There’s obviously a lot of good in Bittersweet Candybowl and a ton of happy readers if it made this far. I ask you politely to consider that maybe you don’t get it, especially after only reading a few pages. It’s long, it’s semi-old, it’s gone through a lot of transitions in writing and art. But there is something there that made the fans stick around to keep it going.

        Just my nickel.

        • Lukkai says:

          Doesn’t mean that everyone has to like it though. And anyone is allowed to express his opinion about it, whether it be positive or negative.

        • Esn says:

          wnderjif, you’re agreeing with me. That’s exactly what I said, you just phrased it nicer.

      • Sordy says:

        I am 55 years old and twice widowed – Maybe that will explain why I don’t get BSCB. It is like torture!

    • Eleazar Guerra says:

      Trash talking a web comic after only reading a few pages, really? Ever hear of the expression don’t judge a book by its cover? Give Bittersweet Candy Bowl a fair read through before you judge it as “unreadable” again Sordy. I have the ability to read more than 5 pages before I start judging comics. It is the same for many comics I have read, my attention is grabbed later on in the story and not just at the beginning or the end.

      Besides this tournament is just for exposure for web comics. A great idea because many people were introduced to several web comics thanks to this competition. Give a few of them a chance and you might find a new favorite web comic. Of course that’s how I see it you can be the type that finds a couple of comics they like and any others are pointless. Whatever floats your boat.

      • Sordy says:

        Ok, I read an entire chapter – It sucks!!! BSCB actually is some form of torture. Wants to put gun to head and end it now!!! why do you torture me with this – I’d rather be water boarded ;)

        • Savail says:

          I am amused that this sir/madam enjoys a comic that plagiarized a decent amount of its earlier jokes, but has no respect (note: I didn’t say like; I said “respect”) for a comic that is entirely someone’s own creation.

          At the very least, I think that says more about you than being widowed twice-over.

          • Lukkai says:

            So you’re saying whoever doesn’t like that comic and voices that opinion is disrespectful at best and a bad person without any traces of character at worst? (Kinda implying the latter with your last sentence.)

            That’s saying a lot about you too.

          • Savail says:

            You mean, that is what you are choosing to read as I clearly said they did not have to like the comic, but they should respect it (and by extension, its fanbase). Since apparently that was too vague for you somehow, I’ll break it down further: their dismissal of an entire comic’s fanbase (“Who reads this?”) because they found the comic “unreadable” (i.e. everyone else who reads this has no sense because they find it “unreadable”) spoke more to their character than their later comment about being widowed. I did not make any attacks on S&W’s fanbase as a whole, like they did on BCB’s–just one particular individual’s dismissal of an entire fanbase.

          • Lukkai says:

            It’s not what I “chose to read”, to put it that way. Just how your post looked to me on first glance. Mind you: I’m neutral on that matter, having never read Bittersweet Candybowl and therefore without an opinion on it’s quality. And I’ll admit that it looks less harsh now than it did at first.

            Truth be told though, I’m not really seeing “Who votes for this?” as an attack on it’s readers. It shows that this writer doesn’t see the comic’s appeal to them. It’s first and foremost a lack of understanding we’re seeing here, not a lack of respect.
            I did myself come across comics that I couldn’t read more than two pages of without feeling a strong urge to throw them into the farthest corner with loud screaming. I won’t insult their creators unless given a good reason to do so. Or their readers, though I do wonder myself as to who’s reading some of them. Doesn’t mean I hate those people or think they’re stupid or something, just that I don’t understand them. But I do hate those comics! With a passion. And have no respect for them. For the creators and readers, sure. I’ve got no reason to believe they’re not decent folks. But not for the comic.
            Still. Translating “I hate this comic and can’t see who it would appeal to!” into “Everyone who does like it, is *your favourite insult here*!” is a rather long shot. While demanding someone to show respect for something they simply hate and find utterly abysmal is quite close to barring them from having an opinion of their own.

            (And sorry for the wall of text.)

  7. Kurt says:

    Well Sordy, that certainly explains a lot of things.

  8. Meowth says:

    I remember the first time I saw BCB on TWC, I thought it looked like awful furry weeaboo shit. I actually clicked the link to laugh at it, only to find out it was pretty fantastic. I figured “high school drama? This is gonna be terrible copy paste over dramatic bullshit.” Turns out, it is actually pretty interesting.

    I’ve been reading it for years now, and still love it.

  9. Avoula says:

    How is XKCD losing… to anything? Isn’t it by and large the most well-read comic on the entire Internet?

    • Esn says:

      There are a lot of popular comics which lost to not-as-popular comics whose authors bothered to put a link to the contest in their updates so as to send their readers to vote. I think that the really popular comics don’t bother with things like this because they’re successful enough that these sorts of things are “beneath them”. Or maybe they purposefully let the newcomers take the spotlight because they’re nice people. (a lot of them are)

    • Sordy says:

      Going up against “Sandra and Woo” right now. This would be kind of like any comic strip going up against “Calvin and Hobbs”! Enough said ;)

      • Savail says:

        Actually, it’s exactly what Esn said. Sandra & Woo is no Calvin & Hobbes by a long shot. Try Ozy & Millie for a comic that is like Calvin & Hobbes. Just try not to wince when you find jokes line-for-line from 2004 that you read for the first time only recently in S&W, as this was one of the comics that the author of S&W…uhh…”paid tribute to.”

  10. Amy says:

    By the way this is in the wrong section. It took some hunting to find it. I know I am too late but that was due to no link in the sweet 16. This being in the wrong section didn’t help either.
    I don’t know if my vote would have made a difference in this poll but how many others had the same issue I did and didn’t vote in this for the same reason. The vote results could have been way different.

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