Marc Alan Fishman: Look! It’s a Bland… It’s a Plain… It’s Supermeh!

Marc Alan Fishman

Marc Alan Fishman is a graphic designer, digital artist, writer, and most importantly a native born Chicagoan. When he's not making websites, drawing and writing for his indie company Unshaven Comics, or rooting for the Bears... he's a dedicated husband and father. When you're not enjoying his column here on ComicMix, feel free to catch his comic book reviews weekly at MichaelDavisWorld, and check out his books and cartoons at Unshaven Comics.

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4 Responses

  1. George Haberberger says:

    This column only supports what I thought a few months ago when I took the Superman titles off my pull list. There was some huge crossover coming up which would require me to buy Supergirl and Superboy, titles I had not been buying.

    They called this character Superman and he looked a little like him and had similar powers but I had no emotional investment in him.

    This isn’t the first time I’ve stopped reading Superman. I started in the early 1960s because of the George Reeves TV show. Got into comics because of that show. I read Superman and all the ancillary titles until sometime in the early 70s. By that time I was reading mostly Marvels. I came back to Superman with the Crisis on Infinite Earths and John Byrne’s reboot. Read everything since then until a few months ago.

    I think the problem was trying to start over and not start over. In the five years since what happens in Action Comics and what happens in Superman, Supergirl and Superboy show up? Don’t say you’re rebooting the character and still keep all the detritus and barnacles of the continuity you disparage.

    • It’s DC’s “Have your cake and eat it too” mentality. They fear that rebooting back to 1 totally would lose old fans. They fear large issue runs, and stories mucked up in continuity keeps new fans away. They are wrong on both counts.

  2. mike weber says:

    Nice to see people saying now what i said after the second issue

  3. Paul1963 says:

    I’ve enjoyed Morrison’s run on Action, but the little voice in the back of my head is yelling “Elseworlds! It’s an Elseworlds!” The eponymous Superman title is trying my patience, partially because of the “H’el on Earth” crossover (I decided to give Superboy and Supergirl a miss this time out) and partially because I just don’t like the new Super-status quo. Getting rid of the Clark-Lois marriage? Lazy storytelling. Setting up Superman and Wonder Woman as a couple? It’s been tried and abandoned before. Clark quitting the Daily Planet to become a blogger, well, that’s new. Of course, most bloggers don’t really make any money from blogging, but hey, I’m sure in the DCNu Clark will find some way to do it.
    I’ve bought a lot of crappy Superman comics over the years in the interest of keeping up my long runs on the titles (Action 306-904, Superman 169-715). However, I find it very easy to walk away from a book that’s on issue 18. And the current Superman title is on the bubble.