Peter David’s wife updates on events leading up to his stroke

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5 Responses

  1. Hulkin' Vulcan says:

    My prayers go out to Peter and his family. His books got me past a lot of rough patches in my life and I am praying for you Peter.

  2. As I said on twitter yesterday, I’m so sorry this happened and I hope PAD’s recover is smooth and swift. Peter’s one of my favorite writers and he treated me with respect and as an equal, instead of as just another fan, the one time we interacted personally and I’ve always appreciated that immensely.

    Best wishes to Peter, Kathleen and their whole family.

  3. Mike Flynn says:

    I only met Peter before he began to write comics — his first gig at Marvel — and I’ve since left the biz, so he may not even remember me. My best wishes for his recovery to health, and a wish to you and the family for the strength and humor you’ll need.

  4. Ron Fontes says:

    Having known the old fella back at Marvel in the 80s, I hope he recovers pretty fast. Tell him “Hulk sad for puny Peter. Get better.”

  5. Eduardo says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated on this. Absolutely true, many many people is sending you all good thoughts, feelings and wishes. Me and my family are among them. Mr David (Peter) has been part of my life for many years now, always feeding me with entertainment, laughs and deep sweet/sour indsights. He´s a positive force working on others around the world, and that´s a lot to say about anyone.
    So love, respect and a big hug to you all from Spain.