Nintendo Wii U digital promotion offers benefits for Deluxe owners

Vinnie Bartilucci

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5 Responses

  1. Ush says:

    The Wii U discs will hold 25 gigs, not 4.2. Would be odd if the Wii U disc size was smaller than the Wii, which supported 4.7 and dual layer discs which could hold over 8 gigs. Also while the discs are somewhat similar, they are not actually DVD format.

    Might as well point out that the deluxe version isn’t 249.99 and that many stores still have pre-orders available.

  2. kevin says:

    Just thought I would throw in a minor correction, the deluxe has an additional 24 GB of storage, not 16 GB. The basic is 8GB and the deluxe is 32 GB.

  3. james braselton says:

    hi there you forgot wii u uses solid state flash drive not hard drive soo 8 gb ssd or 32 gb ssd have 260 mb/s read 220 mb/s write speeds compared too hard drives at 120 mb/s average ps3 hdd 40 mb/s read w
    rite speed you want fast read write speed and capacity 32 gb holds 32,000 mp3 songs 32,000 pituers 10 hd movies

  4. Uh, WRONG says:

    The Deluxe Digital Promotion has nothing to do with your Club Nintendo account. It’s linked to your Miiverse/Nintendo Network account.

  5. Korgoth says:

    Facts? Who needs em? Certainly not this article.

    There have also been reports that Tekken will be too big for the Basic 8 GB without external memory in downloadable form.

    Reports also indicate that Wii U will be compatible with any SD card, HDSD card, flash drive, or external harddrive. Reggie even mentioned that you can hook-up a 3 Terabyte external harddrive.