Michael Davis: Don’t Mess With Bill

Michael Davis

Master Of The Universe, Lord Of All Media, Most Interesting Black Man In the World, Sexiest Man on Earth, Mentor, Writer, Artist, Producer & Uppity.

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4 Responses

  1. Emily W says:

    Great read! Also: “I took a moment to look at the artist’s work and told him he was neither Alex Ross nor Bill Sienkiewicz and talk is cheap, like the portfolio his work was in.”

    Harsh, maybe, but I laughed. And I agree that a lot of young artists just have no clue about how much they owe to those who came before. I myself don’t know everything about the history of art in comics; but at least I acknowledge that (and am not an aspiring comics artist, either, heh).

    Also I now really want to see a Marvelettes superhero/ine team. Hmmm…

  2. Mark Turner says:

    I remember picking up many of the titles he worked on back in the 80’s, with one of my favorites being the cover to The Shadow #1 (Shadow and Light Part 1) 1987. I could imagine that one being 27×41 and framed on the living room wall. You are right….he is one of the innovators.

  3. Mindy Newell says:

    Totally with you on Bill, Michael!