Final Four of Mix March Madness 2012 Webcomics Tournament–Vote Now!

Glenn Hauman

Glenn is VP of Production at ComicMix. He has written Star Trek and X-Men stories and worked for DC Comics, Simon & Schuster, Random House, arrogant/MGMS and Apple Comics. He's also what happens when a Young Turk of publishing gets old.

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311 Responses

  1. CP says:

    Gunnerkrigg Court is winning with 79% of the vote! That seems totally sustainable to me! Gogogo!

    Goblins vs OOTS would be a tougher choice for me, except that I really want to see the Goblins’ world map.

  2. Ellie says:

    This would be a hard choice for me, but I want that Olive Garden.

  3. benzrf says:

    GO OOTS!

    As for GKC vs MSPA, I’m going to vote for MSPA since I haven’t actually read GKC. And also because I doubt that GKC can have anything rivaling [S] Cascade.

    If I’m making a huge mistake, tell me why, please!

    Oh shit why did I say that

    • Paosheep says:

      I don’t think you’re making a mistake. For me, it basically comes down to this: out of all the webcomics I follow, MSPA updates are the ones I look forward to the most. BUT! Gunnerkrigg Court is a strong number two on that list. I strongly recommend that you check it out; it’s a really great comic.

      • benzrf says:

        I really do intend to, once I have less on my plate. As it is, I’m working on a bunch of different things already (most of them Minecraft-related, TBH), and I want to finish those before going on an archive binge.

    • Matt says:

      If you haven’t read GKC, then why are you voting for MSPA?

      What’s the point in voting for one comic over another when you haven’t read both? All that does is turn this into “What webcomic advertises itself the best” instead of “What webcomic is the best” which defeats the entire purpose of the tournament.

      • benzrf says:

        Well, that’s true.

        It’s just that I like MSPA enough that I’m fairly confident in voting it; I have yet to see anything as awesome as [S] Cascade.

        You have a good point, though. And that’s why I felt kind of guilty about that decision.

        • Matt says:

          Well so long as people discover new comics they enjoy, I’d say the tourney is a success, regardless of who wins.

          I’d never even heard of Goblins before I found this thing. Now I guess I’ll need to read through OOTS and Goblins to see if I like them.

        • User 18 says:

          I just read through GC. There is nothing as awesome as [S] Cascade.

          However, it’s definitely up there in my top bunch of comics. I still feel like my votes for MSPA and QC were the right ones, although I agree that GC deserves to be here.

          I’m a href=””>here in Goblins, and so far, I like it the least of the final four comics. I’d rather see QC in that slot, but it lost its battle with GC. I’m pulling for MSPA for the win, but I’d be happy with anything but Goblins at this point. of my (as of now) 5 favorite comics, 3 are in the final 4, and 2 of them got knocked out last round by other favorites.

          “Well so long as people discover new comics they enjoy, I’d say the tourney is a success, regardless of who wins.”
          This. This tournament is what introduced me to OOTS and GC. Thanks to whoever it was who recommeded GC to me in the previous poll’s discussion.

          • Matt says:

            Don’t worry, Goblins Will get better from that. Much better, and quite fast too. The beginning is kind of horrible, but it soon finds some depth and meaning. Do not give up just yet.

      • Willy says:

        I didn’t think the point of the tournament was to determine which one was “best”. If we wanted that, we would have had this tournament made under very specific conditions in which with each matchup we sampled the opinions of a few hundred people… and also… a tournament format is the worst format to do it in.

        No, I’m fairly certain this is to determine which comic is the most popular. And even then it isn’t the best way to determine that. Also, the comic that “advertises itself the best” still might not get a majority of the votes in a popularity contest. Not to mention that people who only casually read comics probably aren’t aware of this tournament and haven’t been represented very well in the votes. I’d like to note that unless Goblins doesn’t have a story-line, all four of the comics in the final four are comics which are intended to be read as a whole. You could probably argue that you wouldn’t have to do that to enjoy OOTS, but even then… it still has a story-line. I’m sure if people who didn’t read Webcomics more than once a week were represented better, we would likely have seen xkcd, Cyanide and Happiness, and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal make it past the rounds they lost in. Yes. I’m saying Cyanide and Happiness could have beaten Homestuck. I know. Blasphemy as far as the Homestuck fanbase is concerned. But I doubt a casual reader like that would be able to enjoy Homestuck. It would be really hard for them to slog through thousands of pages. Meanwhile, Cyanide and Happiness’s potty humor and such is very easy to read only once a week and if you read a bunch of them at once when you’re in the mood for it, you find them very entertaining.

        I’m pretty sure this is just for fun! And also, to get the names of some great webcomics out there. OOTS I had read before, but never really got past about page 100. Knowing it made it this far in a tournament like this made me want to re-read it, and now I’m enjoying it quite a bit. GKC and Goblins I hadn’t heard of at all before this tournament. I haven’t had a chance to look at Goblins yet, but I’m already enjoying the heck out of GKC. Heck, I gave it my vote this round. (As enticing as Hussies gift card idea is, I figured GKC might be able to put the money to better use. And again, the tournament is for fun. It won’t actually determine much of anything as far as which comics are the best or most popular.)

        So yeah… I don’t think anyone has to feel guilty or wrong about voting against a comic they haven’t read. :/

        • Shiggy says:

          This is an excellent comment.
          More than anything, yeah, I think this tournament is a way of exposing people to new comics. I definitely don’t go out -searching- for new web-comics to read, and most of the time if I start a new one, it’s after an author I know has plugged it. So this is a pretty new manner of comic discovery for me, and I find it highly interesting. I just have to make sure I don’t get myself caught up in reading too many of these comments; the venom some people spit out somewhat discourages me from reading the comic they support — but I know that’s no valid basis for judging the actual content of a comic.

          Disregarding the specifics, the fact that some people can have so much particular hatred toward a web-comic just because they didn’t find it entertaining is…unsettling. If one has that much energy to put forth toward dissing something that didn’t even hold their interest for them to read through in entirety, I’m loathe to consider what aggression they can muster toward things that actually matter. Then again, maybe these sections are just full of trolls; that seems much more likely. xD

          Back to the original point — I’d say you’re definitely right. Casual readership makes much less of an appearance in this tournament. I didn’t even know about this competition until the previous round, haha, and save for perhaps Goblins, it takes some digging to be able to even find out about this competition through the actual comics involved. Noting that the tournament seems to favor comics with entire plots versus a ‘weekly wit’ or some such approach was a good observation, too. (Guess that goes with the lack of casual representation, somewhat.)

          tl;dr (because even I’m tired of my rambling): I agree!

        • User 18 says:

          Until I was introduced to Homestuck (quite recently), I was what I would consider a ‘casual reader’. Part of my morning routine was to run through a list of maybe 8-10 comics as I ate breakfast. If an update was late, I just waited until I had a chance to read the update. If I wasn’t in the mood, I didn’t read that morning, and had a bonus the next.

          My list of comics included QC, Dr. McNinja, Girls with Slingshots, Diesel Sweeties (which I have since stopped reading for reasons beyond my control, and haven’t felt like catching up), and Goats, during the brief overlap between my introduction to the webcomic and when it stopped updating (It’s coming back!!!!!!!!).

          All of these I’d argue are comics that require a lot of effort to get into (When I started QC, it was at least 1500 pages in). Of course, when I came across a comic that looked interesting, I filed it away to wait for an appropriate time, then added it to my routine when I got caught up. Someone who flips through a half-dozen comics or so at lunch would seem to me as casual a reader as someone reading the funnies in the paper.

          What might be the best would be if each comic participating added a link to the site during the first week of competition, or made a mention of it in a newspost, like SMBC’s daily posts (often consisting of random sound effects like ‘FOOMP’). That way, casual readers would get a chance to hear about the competition, and we might see a more representative voter base.

          • Willy says:

            One would hope that would give us more representation from those comics which offer a daily or weekly laugh as opposed to a story-line that can span years. But then again, one can’t be sure. This is really one of those things that’s just for fun though, and it isn’t really worth trying to balance because it’s really just another tournament based on a basketball tournament that I think we’ve already forgotten because we read webcomics and aren’t worried about college basketball? (Yes, I’m probably overgeneralizing. Deal with it. Maybe even get a kick out of it.)

            I really wish they actually hadn’t added a cash prize for the authors. I think it made things too serious. Like we were actually deciding something important. Don’t get me wrong. Comparing these webcomics is fun and it’s really awesome to read some of the comments people have about why they like some webcomics and don’t like other ones. Like how some people don’t consider flash stuff much of a “comic” really. (I read a comic called ‘The Pocalypse’ which is entirely flash. It’s still a comic.) And how “this comic has better narrative” or “this one has better art”. None of the comments are wrong, really… even the ones that directly contradict each other. (Unless they say Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff isn’t awesome… I mean… those people clearly don’t understand perfection when they see it.)

            Honestly though… I really want to see GKC make it past this round. It really is an excellent comic, both art wise and story wise.

            Or at least for there to be a losers bracket for the final four to determine a real second place winner? Y’know… let’s say GKC and OOTS lose, they go head to head while HS and Goblins are in the final, and the winner between GKC and OOTS would go against whoever lost the final.

            Though that’d require an extra article as far as I can see… and… well… to determine a second place winner? I don’t think they want to bother all that much. Heh… Ah well.

          • Matt says:

            Wow, great commentary, Willy! Thanks for posting that. :) Even though you and I seem to disagree on some matters of personal taste and our technical definitions of “comics”, I completely agree with the sentiment behind your words.

            It’s too bad that things got more heated for a while there, this round, though. It was starting to make me want to retract my earlier comments about the quality of debate we’ve all been engaging in. Thanks for renewing my faith in civil discourse. :)

          • User 18 says:

            “(Unless they say Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff isn’t awesome… I mean… those people clearly don’t understand perfection when they see it.)”

            Where are these heathens? How HIGH do you even have to BE to THINK something like that?

            (Don’t warn them about the stairs, they deserve what they get.)

  4. Will says:

    Let’s go goblins! Long live Chief! And poor Thac0, he was always my fave (I grew up on 2nd edition:P)

  5. Blaperile says:

    I know a lot of people will vote for GC, because the author sort of needs it, but I’m sticking with MSPA, mainly because I love it so much and it inspires so many people to write and draw, and because Andrew Hussie is such an updating machine.

    Sorry author of GC, I personally think Andrew deserves it more.

  6. pHB says:

    MSPA fandom for Gunnerkrigg Court!

    I love both comics and would be happy with an overall victory for either left-bracket comic. Both MSPA and GKC have beautifully intricate plots that are revealed bit by bit in later chapters/acts, so one is constantly asking questions about the story and the world. And they’ll both be lasting works of art while the roleplaying game jokes of the other bracket’s remaining comics will grow stale as fewer and fewer remember D&D 3.5.

    The difference between the two, however, is in the storytelling style and the pacing. Where MSPA is long, “trollishly” humorous, and wordy, GKC is terse and a lot is said with panel transitions and small bits of narration/dialogue. The pacing is extremely smooth as compared to MSPA being unconventionally long-winded. Not to mention its fandom has far less of a reputation for being sanctimonious and prolific in the most beautiful and awful ways, which translates into fewer self-entitled posters dogpiling on the people who say they don’t like it to tell them that their taste in comics is Bad and they’re Reading It Wrong, as is the tendency for MSPA fans (sorry guys, but you as a group were pretty obnoxious in that regard last round!). I know the fandom shouldn’t represent the comic, but GKC fandom is so much more low-key that I can’t help but count that in their favor. I believe Gunnerkrigg Court really deserves to win, no matter how funny it would be for gift cards to mediocre chain restaurants to be disseminated.

    I also dropped a vote for OotS, which is a textbook case of great writing making up (and being accentuated by) simplified art. The problem with Goblins (which I also read) is that, despite the author’s constant work on new pages, the story still moves at a glacial pace. Team Minmax has been in the same dungeon for over a year (real time), and Team Dies Horribly was in their dungeon for even longer before that finally got wrapped up. After the story’s been in roughly the same place for so much time, I can’t help but be more bored and less immersed in it. I have much more faith that OotS, Homestuck, and GKC, which have far more story content for their runs, are going to be wrapped up in a satisfactory amount of time. One could argue that OotS moves too slowly as well, with comics only being posted a few times per month, but more *happens* in an OotS comic than Goblins, so it reads better from update to update. I don’t want to see a map. I want more things to happen in-comic already.

    (I will reiterate that I read and enjoy all four comics)

    • Will says:

      I love that this post is intelligently written, and while I may not feel the same aboutwhere to cast my votes, this type of friendly and respectful debate is truly what makes these types of competitions much more interesting. I, for one, appreciate posts like this where opinions are stated and not forced, yet also supported. I apologize if this is sounding a bit ranty, I just feel there has been a lot of trash talking in previous rounds, and I’m glad to see this one not going teh same way (yet).

      • Matt says:

        I appreciate the respectful debate too, though I disagree about the level of “trash talking” in previous rounds. I’ve seen so much worse, in other corners of the ‘net. To me, it seemed like people (including myself at times) certainly could get carried away with enthusiasm for the preferred side, but I personally haven’t seen too much of what I would call trash talking. I’ve seen a LOT of discussion, and a lot of passion, but I haven’t seen much that I would consider truly out-of-line, and what little there has been (including possibly in my own case) has been called out and dealt with appropriately, in my opinion. I really think we’re doing okay here, and overall I’ve been impressed with the level of intelligent discussion, given how passionately people feel about their “teams.”

        • benzrf says:

          He’s half right… MSPA fans DID clog up half the comments section. For proof, just look at the rather lengthy conversation WE had, which, like he said, mainly consisted of me giving you tips or encouragement on reading MSPA. :p

          • Matt says:

            I’m not denying that we took up a lot of space. :) And I understand how that could be obnoxious to some. But to me, it’s more about the tone of discussion, and I think that’s been okay. But I’m starting to realize that perhaps some people just look at the volume of text devoted to a topic, and draw conclusions about the tone and content based on the size of the textwalls. I’m filing that theory away for future reference. :)

        • pHB says:

          I was more referring to how people felt the need to debate with every single poster who said they didn’t like MSPA, whereas people expressing dislike for other comics were mostly left alone. Also, the very first (and longest) thread on the past post invited debate about MSPA–while the text of the post was alright, one can read an implication from the debaters that people who dislike MSPA are somehow misinformed or have poorly thought-out reasons for it, which does come across as condescending.

          • benzrf says:

            This is true. There is a good reason behind a little bit of it, though. A decent number of people only read Act 1 and decide they hate it, which is unfair since Act 1 is silly, almost plotless, and vastly inferior to the rest of Homestuck. If the reason why somebody doesn’t like it is restricted to that part, then it makes (a little) sense to encourage them to keep reading, since they might enjoy the rest.

            It IS idiotic if they don’t like parts that hold across all of Homestuck, though. I’m not going to debate that.

          • techloveartist says:

            Actually, I would turn it around and ask, where is the fandom of the other comics to defend them?

            Thing is, I agree with benzft because there are plenty of people we’ve heard that have judged Homestuck for Act 1 where it barely even scratch the surface though. Reading only a few pages in or only the first Act 1, sorry but I do consider it as judging a book by its cover…or first chapter, really. At least a good chunk of the fandom actually says, ‘give it a second shot’ then calling names.

          • benzrf says:

            For goodness sake! My name is benzrf, not benzft!

          • techloveartist says:

            And I thought I was careful with that. Sorry about that.

          • benzrf says:


            JUST DON’T DO IT AGAIN.


    • benzrf says:

      Have you actually read OotS? Because a good amount of the DnD humor is fairly cross-version, and the majority (I think?) of the humor isn’t even about DnD. Not to mention that it has an awesome plot that would be pretty great even if it weren’t in a DnD setting. Also, some of the best antagonist(s) that I’ve seen.

      • User 18 says:

        I have never played DnD (Dungeons and Dragons, right?), and I find the humor in OOTS to be excellent, even if I sometimes don’t understand every aspect of the joke. When I read through QC’s archives, I didn’t get about half the jokes in the first 500 or so strips (I am ashamed to admit that I hadn’t read Dune at that point…) but I still enjoyed it overall. There’s enough general-purpose humor in OOTS for a casual reader, I’d say. Don’t be scared away by the general idea of the comic. It’s quite good, even for someone who always found the very concept of an RPG tedious and boring.

  7. Silver seren says:

    I went with Hussie’s desire and voted for Gunnerkrigg. Besides, I love that one too, so it wasn’t that hard of a choice.

    Homestucks, unite! And DON’T vote for Homestuck!

    • uh says:

      listen, guy, Hussie wanted to support GC but I’m 110% positive he would like Homestuck to win. He’s giving away prizes if it does. So. Uh. Hate to rain on your parade and all, but yeah.
      the more you know~*

  8. Blaperile says:

    Actually, Andrew said considering voting for GC and giving more attention to it, but I don’t think he really meant that it should win over Homestuck (though he of course wouldn’t really mind that).

    And Andrew is even giving away prizes if Homestuck wins so…I don’t think he meant that guys.

    (not that I’m saying you should ABSOLUTELY vote for Homestuck, the choice is still up to yourself of course)

    • Drillgorg says:

      If by prizes you mean he is turning his prize money into greasy restaurant giftcards and giving them to randomly chosen fans. Didn’t want anyone to get the wrong impression.

      • lets be honest says:

        Really. There isn’t anything else to say here. Wait there is.

        That’s disgusting.

        • just sayin says:

          wait there’s still more to say here!
          the above two posters are silly because hussie’s trolling his own fans with the ‘prizes’. The olive garden is a big gag on tumblr so it’s just another joke. Didn’t want anyone to ~get the wrong impression~ now did we.

  9. jeremy says:

    GC really is a better comic than MSPA (and my new favorite). as much as i love MSPA, i find its a lot of the same joke over and over (in different forms and in lots of layers, but still the same). its just a shame that its most likely not going to move past this round. either way, im pretty sure goblins is going to take it all

    • ??? says:

      I completely disagree. MSPA deserves to win just as much as any other comic does, and many a fan has explained why in previous comments. I urge you to go back and read those, not to change your mind but to enlighten you. While MSPA comics certainly contain a number of interconnected gags and do revolve around comedy, that’s not all there is to it. Also, sorry, but if you’re of the assumption that MSPA/Homestuck is just one joke over and over again then you’ve definitely been reading the comic wrong :\

      • Jeremy says:

        And here’s the prototypical MSPA fan discussed above coming along and telling other people how their opinion is wrong.

        • Jeremy says:

          Just for the record, I’m not jeremy-with-a-lower-case-j. Just noticed that now.

        • ??? says:

          lol? I wasn’t telling the guy his opinion was wrong, I was responding to his by telling him my own opinion of the cmoic. Didn’t realize there was an issue with that, but ok. I guess some people on the net are just really sensitive about opinions huh.

          • Shrike says:

            (Psst. “you’ve definitely been reading the comic wrong” is telling someone their opinion is wrong.) I love both comics, but MSPA, as complex as it is, is not as good a comic, in terms of storytelling and consistency.

          • ??? says:

            …no, that’s telling the guy he’s been reading the comic wrong lmao.

    • benzrf says:

      Were you reading Homestuck, or Problem Sleuth?

      Because Homestuck isn’t really about the jokes…

  10. Eversist says:

    I’m proud of you for kicking butt and making it this far, Gunnerkrigg Court. MSPA is a worthy adversary to fall to.

    Good comics, all four of them! They all deserve the 100 dollar prize!

  11. cU says:

    413rd vote on Homestuck :D

  12. Mr. Graves says:

    Given the recent talk of webcomic author support, and given how many thousands of people will be seeing this over the next few days, I’d just like to point out that while it’s great to see CM supporting webcomics, the prize money going out from the tournament doesn’t have to be all they receive. If even a fifth or a tenth of the people who voted for GKC or any of the finalists went out and donated $1 (a Sunday newspaper full of color strips costs more) it would dwarf even the grand prize. There are 124 other comics to consider as well (and many more that didn’t make the nomination list). Obviously not everyone can donate, but for those that can, consider giving a little back to those who have put great effort into bringing us countless hours of mystery, humor, drama, excitement, and more without charge on the ‘Net.

  13. Alasdair says:

    Two of these comics have had their authors urging their fanbases to vote for them. Two of them haven’t. OOTS and Gunnerkrigg deserve to get through to the final on that basis alone.

    • Hsg says:

      I actually like that authors urge their fans to come vote. If not for that I would never have found about these other wonderful comics (I started and finished reading Romantically Apocalyptic last night), and will start on OoTS when I have time.

      Also for this reason, I would say that smaller lesser known comics that have made it far are the winners here, regardless of who wins the final prize.

      • Will says:

        I do agree with Hsg also. I understand teh shameless self promoting thing can be bothersome, but if not for seeing it on Thunt’s site (Goblins) I woudl never have even heard of this site or this competition which has introduced me to 3 comics that I now a full time reader of and several more that I enjoy popping onto now and again in my spare time. I was one of those people that took the time first round and read at least a few pages of each comic before I voted on one, even if one of the competitors was a long time favorite of mine, I gave the other a chance, I know many did. Many did not. At any rate, from what I’ve seen, the authors promoting their comic are excited for their work, and proud, like many of us readers are. I also have not seen an author say somethign bad about the competition, they usually say hey, this is going on, toss me a vote if you want to help us win, make sure you check this out and give it a read, great comic here, etc. But, I do also understand your point, a strong fanbase will show itself regardless of the author promoting it or not.

    • Alice Bentley says:

      It’s fairly hard to walk the line between letting your fanbase know that something cool is going on and shameless self-promotion. The posts on the Girl Genius FaceBook page tried to emphasize the contest rather than the contestants. I know it resulted in more people checking out some comics they hadn’t heard of before, and that is, after all, the TRUE goal.

    • Jac says:

      Yes, except you’re missing one thing — the author of OOTS has been urging people NOT to vote for it, and with good reason. If he had mentioned or even hinted at the fact that it’s in this tournament to his fanbase it’s very likely that they would have won this already, hands down. He stated that he would like to see another comic rise from this, and I think that’s both a reasonable and respectable request.

      @Hsg: Glad to hear that the Captain has garnered some of your attention~

      • me says:

        In May 2010, OotS author, Rich Burlew, stated a dislike of mindless voting sites, like Top Webcomic, with are a perpetual voting advert support system. He also made clear he didn’t like trouncing small comics.

        He ended by say that those inclined to vote for something save it for a real award, not some random website.

        That was then, ie, 2 years ago. With respect to this tourney, he has made no comment one way or the other.

        I hold that this tourney is different enough, and the competitors prominent enough, that Rich Burlew would not object to fans voting for him here. So, instead of being againt fans voting for him, he just doesn’t care.

  14. someone says:

    I find Thunt’s attempt at bribing his readers into voting for him with promises of rewards (chart, map, etc.) simply shameful.

    Even if I did not already massively preferred Order of the Stick to Goblins by several miles, that’d be enough to sway my vote against Goblins.

    Also, go Gunnerkrigg! You can do it! Well, no, nobody’s got a chance against MSPA. I’m still rooting for you, though. What would Hussie do with the prize? He’s dead.

    • Dusk9 says:

      Err…….I’m sorry, but how is that bribery, exactly?
      Thunt’s thankful for his fans support, and is showing that by offering them something in return for the votes they’ve given him/will give him. And the ‘rewards’ are things that only a fan would be interested in – it’s hardly like he’s going around and offering random people free stuff in return for votes, like you’re implying he is.

      Just because you prefer one comic over the other, doesn’t mean you can slag off the author. Personally, I respect the authors of all four finalist comics a great deal, but I’m still voting Goblins all the way.

      • lets be honest says:

        “IF I win” this is called bribery dude. If he said “To celebrate that I won I am making a map” after the contest is over; that would be a “thank you” gift.

        • just sayin says:

          Honestly your posts are getting ridiculous. All the webcomic authors have the option to encourage their fans with prizes. I don’t get what your issue is with it. Is it the fact that they may in fact win that way? For trying to actually win? Is it not okay to put some effort out to win the competition while they still can? And if so, why. (Just a quick FYI, Hussie’s ‘prizes’ are jokes. They’re gift cards to the Olive Garden, the worst restaurant in existence.) The fans are voting because they believe MSPA should win. Believe me, they’re not here for the shitty gift card.

          • lets be honest says:

            Because they are too big to fairly compete anyway. If Hussie is mocking Thunt like you say, then good for him. I don’t even know what olive garden is.

          • benzrf says:

            Uhh… I don’t recall Hussie even MENTIONING Thunt, let alone mocking him. Where are you getting your info?

          • lets be honest says:

            What, you believe he is “trolling” his fans? No.

            Most probably he saw Thunts attempt and then he found it fun to mimic it.

          • a terrible person says:

            I doubt it has anything to do with Thunt, it’s some kind of running gag.

          • just sayin says:

            It’s a gag. Hussie’s trolling bribes have NOTHING to do with Thunt, and claiming so is complete bs.

        • Dusk9 says:

          No, its called an incentive.
          And not only is it something that will only be attractive only to existing fans, but also something that will be free for everyone, regardless of who they vote for (provided Goblins wins).
          A bribe would be more the equvalent of THunt directly offering money, or some other widely valuable thing, to randoms in exchange for votes.

          • lets be honest says:

            >>Because they are too big to fairly compete anyway.
            >>No, its called an incentive.

            Yes it is. It still is shameful.

    • Lindsay says:

      CRAP YOU’RE RIGHT no more Olive Garden. :(

    • Zontan says:

      First off, what Thunt is doing is not a bribe, in a straight-up definition sense. A bribe is offering someone something in exchange for them doing something. What Thunt is doing is giving something to everyone if a goal is met. The proper term would indeed be incentive.

      Secondly, what Thunt is doing is not a bribe because that’s not something Thunt does. Anyone who would suggest that clearly has not followed his twitter, blog, or livestream, and actually gotten to know what he’s like. He just genuinely loves his fans, and personally I think he’s still amazed they love his comic so much (just check out this reaction). He is simply trying to show his appreciation for their support. Not to mention the fact that he has promoted all of his opponents throughout this competition, and urged his readers to go check out their comics.

      Look, you can vote for whatever comic you like. No matter what anybody says, there is no ‘best’ comic here, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I personally think Goblins deserves to win this thing, though I read all of the other three as well and it’s damn close – they are all amazing comics. But if you think someone else should win, by all means, vote for them. But don’t disrespect the amazing artists who create them, and certainly don’t use trumped-up offenses as silly as that to base your voting on. You should be better than that.

    • IDIOTS says:

      so stop going off on these moronic tirades about how manipulating Thunt is because he wants to show his appreciation and gratitude for making it so far in the competition. He is seriously one of nicest guys you’ll ever meet, and he quit his day-job too so that he can draw full time. So stop slamming on him just because Goblins is getting more votes than everyone else. Childish.

      • lol says:

        He was losing back then. Just saying.

        • Dusk9 says:

          By ‘losing’ you mean 40-50 votes ahead of OOTS, right? Because that’s what it looked like to me, last time I checked.
          And that was without many of his casual readers even being aware of the fact that this round had started. The majority of them would have only found out when his blog went up – the votes that were keeping it level with OOTS before then came mostly from the forums, which only a fraction of THunt’s readership visit.
          Which is why he’s now over 1000 votes ahead of OOTS, and 500 ahead of MSPA.

          Just saying.


          • lol says:

            yes…because he said “So stop slamming on him just because Goblins is getting more votes than everyone else. Childish.”

            I take it you agree with that statement? lol

  15. RJ says:

    Gunnerkrigg is a much better comic…and, hey, webcomic, than Homestuck is.

    It’s the one that deserves to win, even though it probably won’t. Hussie doesn’t even need this at all. Siddell needs to win so people take notice of what is easily currently the best comic currently running on the internet.

    • techloveartist says:

      I kind find it funny since you are part of the MSPA music team yourself.

      I plan to give a good 50% at least a shot when I get the time. I already started on GC.

    • ........... says:

      I haven’t read Homestuck so I can’t speak for it, but I certainly wasn’t impressed with Gunnerkrigg. Maybe it gets interesting later or something, but it’s not something I could ever get into. To be completely honest I found it boring :\

      • Mia says:

        It slowly gets better. If you don’t care much for (urban) fantasy and mysteries you might not like it much, though.

        A lot of its charm is the combination of the atmosphere, the driving questions behind the background of the plot, and the character development. The action moments are far and in-between, and, although it has its well-done moments of suspense, it’s not what I would call “exciting” (compared to, say, Order of the Stick and Homestuck, for example; Gunnerkrigg Court is more relaxed).

        Don’t get me wrong – I’m a huge fan, and practically every page that goes up has me hungry for more, but it’s more or less a calm, easy-going story.

        Try to soldier on until you finish Chapter 7 (Of Old and New, page 120). If by then you still don’t like the comic, chances are that you will never like it.

      • Mia says:

        Oh, I forgot to mention: The art improves a lot later on. Some pages are genuinely beautiful.

  16. bendgo says:

    Please stop voting for a man who just raised a million dollars on Kickstart. He don’t need the help. In fact he’s asked that you don’t vote for him. Read this blog post from his website.

    • Drillgorg says:

      Neither do Goblins or MSPA! The only comic left that “needs the help” is Gunnerkrigg Court.

    • techloveartist says:

      Honestly, I don’t even think $100 is gonna do anything for all four artists.

    • someone says:

      That’s a 2010 post about the monthly “top webcomic” things; it’s not said in particular about this yearly competition.

      It’s not like any of the three competitors are obscure webcomics that need more attention to start. Only Gunnerkrigg Court comes close to the “really needs more attention” category.

    • lets be honest says:

      Neither Thunt or Homestuck painter need the advertisement, yet they offer gifts to win. They don’t really have to declare they don’t care, like The Giant did, but they are going the opposite direction.

      And to the random goblins supporter: You vote for goblins here every day. Give it a rest. Goblins will survive even if it gets off that list for a while- you know, just to let an other comic become known too. (<Total hypocrite, votes like 3 times per day. Thunt if you read this you should remove the vote button, its addictive.)

      • Drillgorg says:

        Anctually, MSPA’s author’s “gifts” are a fandom in joke about how Olive Garden is bad and scary.

    • George says:

      Dude, The Giant raised a million dollars on Kickstarter because people love him. If anyone’s going to vote based on outside factors, I’d say vote for OOTS because The Giant made something so wonderful that the Internet gave him a million freakin’ dollars to make things for people (including the donors) to buy from him. In other words, they gave him money so he could let them give him more money. That deserves props.

      • benzrf says:

        Haha, well stated!

      • me says:

        Wait up, that million dollars was mostly commited to rewards of hard product – books, games, nick-nacks.

        Profit? The Giant gets no more than selling the books, KickStarter and Amazon take the cream.

        • mightycleric says:

          Well, they gave him money so that he could print a lot of the books again (and create a few other things), which he will then sell to stores and to people. In this sense, they gave him money (to print books) so he could let them give him more money (when they buy those books).

          Still, it was a great Kickstarter event as many more people will now have an opportunity to own the different books (I’m looking forward to picking some of them up), and what he really “deserves props” for is how well he continually interacted with his backers and fans during the whole process, and how he kept things going.

  17. DF44 says:

    Voted for GC and Goblins now that I’ve read all 4. MSPA didn’t appeal to me at all and GC is a beautiful, beautiful webcomic. OoTS is a favourite I’ve read for a while, but Rich said don’t vote OoTS. Goblins is a different style – although battle scene after battle scene isn’t my favourite compared to plot stuff.

    • techloveartist says:

      Including [S] Cascade? Oh well, can’t please everyone. Congrats for reading all four. How long is OOTS and Goblins anyways.

      For OOTS though, did the author really say don’t vote for it? I just think he’s afraid of his fans hacking the polls…which Hussie has already done son twice so far. Anyways, both artists personally don’t really care themselves.

      It’s a fun thing I think more for the fans than the authors at this point.

      • Silver seren says:

        As a Homestuck, I still have to note that a lot of Cascade was other artists, not Hussie. So it’s not like it’s showing off his own art abilities.

        • benzrf says:

          Well, he DID do all of the animation… :p

          Actually, how much of the art WAS by other artists? Like a percentage?

          • Mia says:

            Perhaps a sixth or fifth part? I don’t know, it would take a while and writing down the counting to know for sure. You’re right that the actual putting it all together was all him, and he did a great job at that.

            Anyway, in Cascade and some other flash animations, most of the detailed art isn’t by Andrew. You can usually tell because the characters are drawn in a different style. Most of the elaborated backgrounds (the ones that don’t have the classic MSPA “photoshopped” in photographs) were also collaborations from other artists.

            That doesn’t mean that Andrew can’t draw very well himself, though [just look at older works of his, like Whistles (if you do google it, keep in mind that it’s an horror comic and not very safe for work!)]. He’s using simple art styles on purpose for MSPA to be able to update so often and in such a large volume.

        • ??? says:

          as another Homestuck, this is news to me. I’m curious now. Do you have a source?

        • 2255 says:

          Hold it: that ‘art drawn by other people’ you’re speaking of is fan art which is distinctly out of place compared to his usual style. You’re partially right though, cascade isn’t showing off his abilities as an artist so much as it’s showing off his talents as an animator. Besides that though, [S] Cascade was made entirely by Hussie so I think it IS an impressive feat for a single person.

          • George says:

            Yeah, but if we’re getting into non-comic feats of strength by a single person OOTS would win by a landslide. The Giant’s million dollar Kickstarter happened because he, personally, is responsible for the entire process of bringing any and all merchandise to market, and he found himself in a position where he couldn’t pay for a print run of the next book with his own savings like he usually did.

          • Drillgorg says:

            Have you not known about the art team? Andrew has been accepting art assets since the first LOWAS walkaround. Read the links Mia posted a few posts up.

          • 2255 says:

            Yes, Drillgorg, I’ve known about the art team /le eyeroll. I was referring to Cascade specifically. But valid point anyway, I guess.

            @George: Meh. I wasn’t comparing him to the Giant, was I? I’m pretty sure I wasn’t.

  18. name says:

    Are we voting for the best, or which one needs the most help, though? I voted for the best imo.

    • Hello says:

      Funny, because in both respects, it’s GKC. :)

    • lets be honest says:

      The point is that GC IS the best. Ppl who are fans of both comics make the “vote for help” argument.

    • Zathyra says:

      I think we are voting for the one we like the most, so the best in our eyes.

      I think it is rather funny to see so many arguments about why one comic is better than the other, or why one author is nicer, fairer, more deserving the price, while this is really more about personal taste.

  19. Tim says:

    i´m not quite sure if rich wants us to vote for him or not.

    he did make a comment about a monthly voting list. he explained he tried it for a few months, but easily trounced everybody and went to first place for 3 months in a row. so he felt he was not in the same league as other comics, and it would be pointless to keep going for 1st place month after month, while other comics need the promotion way more.

    this, on the other hand, is a battle between *all* the comics, and not voting for oots does not mean an unknown comic takes it place, but it just means that another well-known comic takes the place.

    in the end, my personal guess is that Rich does not care about a contest like this, but he really doesn’t mind us voting for him either, as this is something completely different to a monthly contest which he already won 3 times in a row.

    but then again, thats just my opinion, and you’re free to conclude different.

    • me says:


      In May 2010, OotS author, Rich Burlew, stated a dislike of mindless voting sites, like Top Webcomic, with are a perpetual voting advert support system. He also made clear he didn’t like trouncing small comics.

      He ended by say that those inclined to vote for something save it for a real award, not some random website.

      That was then, ie, 2 years ago. With respect to this tourney, he has made no comment one way or the other.

      I hold that this tourney is different enough, and the competitors prominent enough, that Rich Burlew would not object to fans voting for him here. So, instead of being againt fans voting for him, he just doesn’t care.

  20. deathinlonging says:

    Why can’t we all just play nice?

  21. Optimatum says:

    Homestuck is definitely going to beat GC. I’m not going to say that one or the other is definitively better, but Homestuck just seems to appeal to a larger number of people, while GC is rather an underdog.

  22. Ash says:

    Let’s all remember something important.

  23. FuzzyZergling says:

    Voting for MSPA and Goblins.

    Personally, I think that voting based on “who needs more support” is wrong. You should vote for what you vote for based on the quality of the webcomic alone.

    • benzrf says:

      Then why aren’t you voting for OotS?

      **insert trollface here**

      Nah, jk. I don’t want to start an argument.

    • Reedflower says:

      Agreed wholeheartedly.

      Homestuck and Gunnerkrigg are both amazing webcomics, but I voted for Homestuck because I’m a comic theory nut and I really love how it stretches the meaning of “webcomic” almost to the breaking point. Everyone has their own priorities within a story/comic, and that’s their choice to make.

      • Shina says:

        I voted for Gunnerkrigg Court, not because I think it needs help, but because I really do like it better. That may just be because I’ve been reading it for longer and am being loyal… But I’m pretty sure it’s not.

  24. Morgan Wick says:

    I would suggest that ComicMix consider not offering cash prizes next year. Considering that the competition is now being dominated by highly prominent webcomics that don’t need the money to the point that one of them is openly bribing his readership into voting, I would say the prestige of winning is reward enough.

    • Glenn Hauman says:

      We considered making donations to charities in the winner's names– possibly a tossup between Hero Initiative, CBLDF, and any number of the PAX charities. We may still do so next time around.

  25. Mari says:

    Gunnerkrigg VS Homestuck

    I… I can’t…
    Why would you make me do this? Why? ;_;

  26. Page of Space says:

    Aw man, Gunnerkrigg VS Homestuck is a real toughie, like most people said…

    Well, Gunnerkrigg has a faster moving plot, which always gets the better of Homestuck. The style earlier is better than Homestuck’s (Though Homestuck’s definitely improves). Also I love the perspectives. Annie seems to be a bit of a Mary-Sue though (At least, up to the part which I read up to).

    But Homestuck’s plot is just BAMF. The flashes and walk-arounds are just amazing. Music’s good too. Also gets rid of the dialogue box and panel format.

    I’m going to read a bit more GC before deciding on my vote.

    • Drillgorg says:

      Classic WEBcomic versus webCOMIC scenario.

    • Dude says:

      Keep reading GC for a bit – no, seriously, keep reading. Annie might seem a bit MS-ish in the very beginning but she couldn’t be further. You won’t regret it.

      • User 18 says:

        Annie is not a Mary Sue. IMO, the author’s writing and art improved as the comic progressed, and even though she may resemble a Mary Sue at the beginning, she is not. Far from.

      • Trivelie says:

        She definitely gave off that vibe in the beginning, but I agree. She’s an incredible character.

  27. Torben says:

    I’m glad that I have found out about Unsounded through this tournament,
    which would have stayed hidden from me without it. It’s growing on me
    and may just find a place next so some old favorites.

    Also there where things to learn. It doesn’t matter how informed your opinion
    is, if you’re part of a minority, the majority will decide over the quality of
    your opinion. The more vocal people are for a cause, the more true it is.
    Absence through lacking knowledge of something means agreement.
    Don’t irritate the majority’s opinions, that have been carved in stone,
    with a differentiated point of view. They have the sovereign power
    over arguments. So, you can’t be able to have proper arguments.
    Ergo, you’re an uniformed minority.

  28. Artem says:

    Re: OotS vs. Goblins. One author is providing incentives for people to vote for him. The other asked not to vote for him in the past. Despite this the voting is pretty equal as of now. To me this is the most telling indicator of which of these is the better comic.

    • SharesLoot says:

      It hurts to hear all this Goblins bashing just because the creator of Goblins has the habit of handing out gifts…

      It’s not a bribe, guys.

      I participated in the Order of the Stick kickstarter drive, and I would do so again. I love OOtS. I think Rich Burlew lives for his comic. But: So does Tarol Hunt (Thunt). Do not judge either based on face value. Judge their comics after reading them. Jude the authors after talking to them. Because you can: Thunt draws his comic live and chats with his fans, usually more than once a week.

      I like all four comics here for different reasons, though I dare not restate which one I like least ;-)

      • B Dandelion says:

        I think Thunt comes across as a very nice guy and I like Goblins a lot (actually I was exposed to it through posters on the OOTS board). I think the prizes he’s offering are meant more as a, I guess, victory sundae as it were, something to look forward to if he does win. The problem from the other side of things, is the idea that the prizes have the power to potentially sway votes that would have gone to other comics rather than just bring in more votes that would have been his anyway. In those cases it could be seen as an incentive not to vote for the comic you think is superior, but to give your vote to the comic that will reimburse you.

        I totally don’t think it was meant that way, but that was actually how I first reacted to it until I thought it out.

        • Clammy says:

          I don’t think it would sway many votes. But it absolutely does bring out vote that would not have bothered to vote if not for that. That vote is significant, very likely much larger than the margin of victory between the strip and some of its stronger competitors.

          Anyway, he posted on the subject. Here is his quote: “You know what? The more I think about it, the more I feel like a jerk face for offering you stuff to get you to vote. I’ll post the Shield of Wonder info and the map whether Goblins wins or not. Just give me enough time to get those things in order. ”

          That was a pretty cool thing to do and kudos for him for doing that. It still leaves the question open as to how honest the vote was before this, and taints the existing vote. Still, better late than never and I applaud the gesture.

          • B Dandelion says:

            Yeah, I think it was classy of him to do that. I think it reaffirms that he wasn’t trying to “bribe” people so much as give them an additional thing to celebrate if Goblins did win, when he didn’t expect it would. He’s also been very complimentary of the comics he’s gone up against.

      • Artem says:

        I must have projected a wrong impression with my post. By no means is this meant as Goblins bashing.
        I have supported Thunt in his recent donation drive and I like his work a lot. and I voted for Goblins in all previous rounds. I see nothing wrong with him offering incentives to people. All I am trying to say is that this kind of voting does not provide a very accurate measurement of the comparative quality of the material, so I hope Thunt will refrain from “I can’t believe we beat OotS” type posts.

  29. Blaperile says:

    It seems like the fight between Goblins and OOTS will become exciting!

  30. DarkMyste says:

    oh this will be be good its 50/50,@artem tarol always made incentives for his comic he never drawn anything that would be a spoiler in the reading he does sometimes draw pre colored and before he does it on his tablet, and tarol has just gotten his tablet as of last year he always drew them out in the old fashion way

  31. benzrf says:



    • someone says:

      This shows that the Internet is tasteless. I can’t understand preferring Goblins’ incoherent world to the tight plotting of OotS.

      • mightycleric says:

        I wouldn’t say that. It shows that they have different tastes. If I were to try to compare the two, since they both are comics based on D&D, I’d say that OOTS is like the playstyle that goes for a bit more roleplay, while still engaging in combat, and Goblins is like the playstyle that is mainly kick-in-the-door, kill first, ask questions later (but has a player or two that also enjoys roleplay). They are different styles, but both can be fun.

        I strongly prefer OOTS, but I also like Goblins, and I won’t fault somebody for voting for it. (For that matter, I don’t like MSPA, but I won’t fault anybody for voting for that, because while it isn’t my style, it is obviously somebody’s style, and a lot of somebodies, at that.)

  32. Epsilon says:

    Yikes. This was a hard choice for me.

    I’m quite fond of OotS and Goblins, but I had to go for Goblins. I’ve had D&D campaigns like OotS, but I’d love to have had a DM that could make a world like Goblins has. Ultimately, OotS is funnier by a longshot and revisits a game world that I’m fond of; Goblins presents a new game world and concepts to explore.

    As for GC vs. MSPA, I had to go for MSPA – again for story reasons. GC has a damned good story, don’t get me wrong, but on first read, there weren’t anywhere near as many twists and turns in GC as MSPA has. And I like twisty plots.

    None of these comics seem to have the potential for speculation that Homestuck does. Sure, you wonder what’s happened to Girard, what the deal is with Annie’s dad, and how the Goblins crew is going to get out of this one. Homestuck, on the other hand, generates pages and pages of wild speculation based on hints dropped previously: Who’s actually dead? Is resurrection possible? What happens when they meet? How are they gonna beat the final boss? The framework of Homestuck, a multi-universe spanning video game with a pseudoconciousness and its own wonky set of rules, is something that just seems to engender this kind of speculation – and I love it. :3

    Amusingly enough, art style had nothing to do with my choices in either of these cases. MSPA’s art is mostly stylized, and OotS is simplistic, while Goblins is detailed and GC is beautiful. And I love ’em all.


    • User 18 says:

      Agreed. That plot structure of Homestuck is almost entirely what keeps me interested. It is the epitome of plot-driven comics.

  33. Bobson says:

    Goblins is aggressively terrible. That it’s getting this far is a tribute to bad taste.

    • benzrf says:

      Don’t be so insultive (using nonexistent words ftw!). I’m sure there are people who feel the same way about OotS.



      • benzrf says:

        Whoops, kinda missed the point there.

      • Bobson says:

        Don’t get me wrong. OotS doesn’t deserve to be here either, although it’s actually decently written at times. But…it’s up there as one of the best webcomics on the web, which it is most certainly not. Only…Goblins is one of the worst webcomics I’ve read to have a large fanbase.

        • mightycleric says:

          Just because you don’t think they are two of the better comics, doesn’t mean that is a fact. I think both are decently written and quite enjoyable. I play 3.5, so they probably appeal more to me because of that, but they both have appeal to people who don’t play D&D as well.

          No webcomic is going to appeal to everybody, and for those that don’t enjoy it, it can be easy to point out “flaws” that “prove” how terrible it is.

          For me, MSPA fits that description, and based on what people have said here that support it, I won’t have hit any good parts for the first 300 pages, and will have to go through over 750 to get a really big “AHA!” moment. That, to me, isn’t a good webcomic. It would be really easy to say that MSPA was terrible, as a result, and doesn’t deserve to be here because that’s a lot of pages to read to get to the “good stuff”.

          However, the fact is, there are a lot of people who really like it. Some really like Act 1 and see it as the best part of the story. Others really like how it developed later and talk about such an intricate plot and how there is a lot of foreshadowing. It is something that has made a lot of people happy, and they have enjoyed it and are passionate about it. As such, it has been quite effective at what it is trying to do.

          If you look at how well different webcomics have done at pleasing large portions of the people who have been exposed to them, then all of these are doing quite well. They are all some of the best webcomics available. They have huge followings, not because of how bad some people think they are, but because of how much joy they bring to people.

          When it comes to impact, Goblins and OOTS both have compelling cases for being two of the top comics, as they have inspired people well enough that Thunt just got help to buy a new house from his fans, and Rich just had a Kickstarter drive that became only the third project to top one million dollars (not to mention how far he has gotten without promoting it at all). Rich has also been a big advocate of helping smaller webcomics gain popularity through the years, even helping out last year’s winner, Erfworld, when it was just starting.

          The bottom line is that any comic that has made it this far deserves to be here, whether or not we like the comic.

          • Optimatum says:

            I don’t think you quite understand how MSPA’s format compares to those of the other comics. It usually takes a couple minutes to read one page of the other comics, but those first 300 not-as-good pages are much faster to get through than those of another comic. I’d estimate an hour tops to get through Act 1, which is generally considered the worst bit.

          • mightycleric says:

            You know, I had really hoped that I was wrong when I felt like somebody who was a fan of MSPA would miss the point of my post (which is that people can like different things and have different styles) and tell me why I must be mistaken about how I felt about MSPA. It is possible to have real reasons for not liking it, and I’d like that to be respected.

            I wasn’t trying to state that is my entire reason for not liking it, I was merely pointing out something that could easily be noted as being a “flaw” of MSPA that somebody could mention in order to say it is a terrible comic. I appreciate that benzrf (a very vocal fan of MSPA) understood what I was trying to say, without feeling the need to defend MSPA. Thank you, benzrf!

            It isn’t a matter of my understanding the format, it was a matter of trying to point out that different people like different things and dislike different things, but that doesn’t inherently make those things good or bad, and that stating that one of these comics doesn’t deserve to be here is just wrong.

          • Rex Vivat says:

            Pretty much agreed on everything except the last part. Hussie wasn’t learning how to write (he just finished Problem Sleuth, after all), he just didn’t have any idea where he was taking the story. He never made a secret of the fact that most of the stuff he made it up as he went along, and took a lot of cues from the fandom (his phrase “90% of ‘calling it’ is really influencing it in disguise” comes to mind). The story picks up after the meteor appears in act 1 because that’s when he found out where he wanted to go with it.

  34. Ulrika says:

    Does GKC get more interesting after the first couple of chapters? I really want to like it, but I find the art style really off-putting, and the story hasn’t really captured my interest.

    • nona says:

      Yes! Yes! Definitely yes! Please don’t give up right away! I can’t guarantee that it will definitely be to your taste, but the story does get better, and the art improves a lot after a few chapters.

    • User 18 says:

      The art evolves throughout the entire run of the comic (so far at least – as does the writing), and so does the story. I didn’t like GC’s first chapter very much at all, but I accepted it as setup for something to come later, and kept going. It was a good decision.

  35. nona says:

    Gunnerkrigg might not be winning right now, and it probably won’t get past this round, but one thing makes me happy: I’ve seen at least three different commenters saying they’ve started reading it now. And if even only one person, after this contest is over, will say “I’ve read it, I enjoyed it and I will stick with it”, then, my dear fellow GC-fans, then we have done a good job!

  36. Goonbucket says:

    Thunt posted this today, so amend all your comments about his mercenary nature:

    EDIT: (*) You know what? The more I think about it, the more I feel like a jerk face for offering you stuff to get you to vote. I’ll post the Shield of Wonder info and the map whether Goblins wins or not. Just give me enough time to get those things in order.

    • conflicted says:

      Woot! This is the first round I haven’t voted for both OotS & Goblins.

      Want map, still had to tip it OotS’ way.

    • lol says:

      Or we can just say that he will do *anything* to get more votes, including changing his mind when he saw his first idea was a bad idea. He is smarter than that after all.

      //I don’t really mean it, but if you challenge me… :P

  37. Dak says:

    Meanwhile still waiting for a Goblins update that is once again not on time.
    I like the comic, I really do. I’d just like it more if the schedule that’s on top of the homepage was actually followed. It’s nearly 5am here and I’m GMT+1. So minus nine that is quite past noon. So incentive or not, this makes me not vote. I have to be on time at my job too and yes, Goblins is his job. I’m also not voting against, I stopped reading oots a long while ago.
    It’s a surprise to see the voting between mspa and GC to be so close though. I couldn’t get into mspa but that’s personal taste I guess. Would be nice to see GC win but don’t think it’ll happen.

    • Dak says:

      Oh and the rabid Thunt fanboys/girls. Going for my throat over what I said is certainly not going to make me like the comic any more. I’ve seen your pack mentality on the newbies on the old forums enough times to know the viciousness you’re capable of.

      • George says:

        Dude, you could at least wait until somebody actually said something before insulting the fanbase… That being said, I agree with you in principle about Thunt’s schedule. Not that I’d deny him a vote if I didn’t slightly prefer OotS anyway, but it would be nice if he changed that posted time until his life got less busy, since he probably could have seen the delays coming what with him moving and all.

        • Dak says:

          Only an insult if you believe me to be talking about you. Let me clarify, there are plenty of fans of Goblins that are nice people. There is just a dark side to the fanbase that I don’t like.

      • lol says:

        to be fair Giant has no schedule at all.

        • Dak says:

          I also didn’t vote for oots. And that was actually one of the reasons I stopped reading it.

      • SharesLoot says:

        Rabid Goblins fangirl here (I hope you got your tetanus shots, sir) :p

        OOtS and Goblins both have irregular updates. One difference is that Goblins officially has a schedule. The other is that Thunt draws 8-24 hours per page! He is not a very fast artist, nor is his art jaw-droppingly beautiful. I even prefer OOtS art for its consistency; Goblins changes with every page, and face conturess are often a bit icky. I still find it pleasing, and the characters engaging.

        Thunt gets a lot of fire from his (non-regularly live feed watching/forum posting) readers/fan base for his irregular update schedule. The regulars know it’s a character trait. Thunt just isn’t the guy to finish pages in a set time frame, he tries to improve pages until the last minute and beyond. He could do it differently in theory (e.g. create a “buffer”), but that doesn’t work for him in practice.

        Back to why he gives a fixed update schedule on his page: I haven’t heard a detailed explanation, but it has something to do with a requirement by his webhosts, Blind Ferret Entertainment (of LFG/LICD fame/infamy). Thunt would prefer not posting a schedule.

        Anyway, you wouldn’t believe how rude complaints are often voiced by people who just sign up to bash Thunt about his update schedule. After two years, I have seen a lot, believe me. It’s the reason why some of the fan base react harshly when a newcomer unwittingly unloads their frustration on our heads. Please don’t think we can’t be nice and civil in general ;-)

        Thanks for reading!

        • Dak says:

          As I replied above, I know there are plenty of nice people in the fanbase.
          Also you’re not the rabid kind I’m talking about since your reply was well thought out and nowhere in there did you call me a troll as I’ve often seen was the norm on the old forums. (Haven’t really bothered with the new one.)

          I sadly live in a way different timezone to be able to catch the livestreams and I saw too much rabidness to get settled in on the forum. From both fans and anti-fans by the way, to go straight to your last point. I’ve seen people coming to the forum ‘just asking for it’ but also people just voicing a difference in opinion that strays away from the ‘hivemind thinking’ and getting called a troll.

          I know the schedule is a requirement from BFE but that makes me wonder if they just require him to have a schedule or if they actually set the schedule. If it’s the latter, yeah ok, tough luck on Thunt. If it’s only required by them and it’s decided on by Thunt himself… Why not change it? The updates are usually past noon.
          The above point, btw, is something I’d decide against posting on the forum for the backlash it might cause.

          Sidenote: I know the current update has to do with him just having moved. Though I refer to my point about it being a job, if I’m moving/have moved I still need to show up on time. Which doesn’t mean I don’t get the fact that his job needs a computer to be done and that it needed to be unpacked, the internet has to be all ok in the new place and whatnot. I guess it was just an example to start of my post, could have easily gone with ‘Updates are often late’, maybe it was more sensible but in my defense, it was 5am >>

          • Dusk9 says:

            I think you’re being a bit too critical of the regular forum members here. Yes, there have been threads where things have gone a bit ‘off’ in terms of reactions to the OP – however, in the vast majority (that I’ve seen, anyway) the OP’s were making quite scathing personal attacks on THunt, or at the least viciously complaining about something relatively minor. On one occasion, the OP had made only three posts, all a couple of sentences long, and each one complaining about the updates in exactly the same negative manner.
            As long as you make it clear that your simply enquiring about the nature of the schedule, and the link to BlindFerret, then I’d be suprised if you experienced any major ‘backlash’.
            It’s also worth remembering that, since the move to the new forum just over three months ago, the update schedule has been brought up in a new thread on at least 3 seperate occasions. You can see how some people would get annoyed with reading the same remarks over and over again. And this was also during the same period that THunt was both buying, and moving into, a new house, with all of the associated stress and work, on top his normal comic work, bearing down on him.

            Speaking of comic work;
            The point you’ve made, about how you would never get away with being late in your job, has been brought up again and again and again in the forums, and the reply is always the same; if this was your job, you would sue your boss for a crapload of money. THunt has insane work hours, and gets barely any time to himself; in fact, let me just refer to a post that he himself made in one of those previously mentioned threads;

            “My work day starts when I wake up and it ends when I go to bed. My breaks are for meals, to pick up my kids or to walk my dog. Lately, my work day has included purchasing a house or packing. I work seven days a week and sleep 3 to 8 hours a night. During the last 7.5 years of drawing this comic, I have skipped Danielle’s birthday three times, my birthday five and have worked during five Christmases to get more drawing done. I have given up 100% of my social life and have no hobbies.”

            If you have any other questions, I’d advise checking out the new forum for the threads I’ve mentioned. Or, you could just ask in the forum?

      • Moose says:

        NOTE: None of comments that follow are meant to be any kind of attack on Dak, who has very politely noted a legitimate problem. The following is only meant to be an explanation of what /I/ have seen within the goblins’ community, some of which can be extreme or even reprehensible at times, and very positive at others.

        From what I’ve seen, the kind of response an individual gets really depends on the tone of their comment. In general questions like: “Is something up with the update?” or “Why is the comic late?” get a far more polite and positive response than the nearly equally common “Thunt is such a lazy hack” comments. In essence, one shouldn’t expect a polite response when one’s initial post is rude… but most of the time one will still get it, if only for the first response to one’s post.

        Admittedly, fans do tend to respond more strongly to late update questions and comments than to other negative comments, probably because we hear it a LOT. I think you might be surprised if you were to look at cases where fans responded to the most obvious trolls in the forums very politely for pages. However, what people often fail to recognize is that the Goblins’ community is not simply about the comic, much of the content in the chat and forum has little to do with the comic (see the games subsection), and people are in the ustream chat 24×7.

        While it is completely acceptable and understandable for people to be upset about a late comic and to comment on it, it can also get very frustrating to be a member of that community trying to have a conversation while several individuals continuously complain about how “lazy Thunt is”, even after people in the chat have explained politely just how much work goes into the comic and that the comic will be up as soon as possible.

        In the ustream chat we try to respond as politely as possible to even the more abrasive inquiries, but only to a point. After someone says that thunt is a hack for the fifth time in 3 minutes, a more heated response is certainly understandable. Despite this, we have only ever switched the channel mode to require people to register in order to chat once or twice in the past year and a half, and only then after things had clearly gotten out of control. One of those incidents was bad enough to warrant two anonymous chatters getting banned due to their behavior. NOT because they complained about the comic being late but because of the way they were acting and treating other chatters. This of course after providing repeated warnings before taking any action (a rule Thunt laid out). I offer this as an example of the worst it has ever gotten in the chat, in nearly every other instance I have seen regular chatters politely to person after person inquiring about the comic’s status.

        We try to be an open and inviting community to newcomers, but admittedly it can be difficult at times and some individuals might give the wrong impression. I’d be willing to bet you can find the same types of problems with any number of other webcomic communities.

        Anyways, you are always more than welcome to join the conversation, and if you ever need help in the chat there are moderators and regulars there who will be more than willing to help you.

        Anyways, those are my two cents.

      • Moose says:

        Also sorry for the Wall O’ Text >_>

    • Rex Vivat says:

      I also fretted about my 20+ comics not updating on time while I continued waiting for updates. I started using comic-nation. Now I’m subscribed to 80 comics. Never looked back.

  38. Ben says:

    This isn’t a contest of who needs the money and publicity more; it’s of which one people like best. I’m personally voting for MSPA, but you are free to vote for what you like, since THAT’S WHAT IT’S ABOUT.

  39. Randwulf says:

    Okay… I gotta know???? How did a POS strip like MS PA beat out Girl Genius?

    I am thinking someone had some sort of auto voting because I wouldn’t wipe my ass if all I had was a printed copy of that strip.

    • FuzzyZergling says:

      Most likely the reason it won was because a large amount of people, myself included, think that MSPA is a better webcomic?

      I read Girl Genius, I love it, it’s one of my top four favorite webcomics, but I don’t think it’s better than MSPA.
      So don’t get angry and hostile over people having different opinions, that’s just not cool.

      • Epsilon says:

        +1 to this.

        I like GG, and it’s pretty damn good. Phil Foglio has done some amazing stuff with his world. Again though, for the criteria I’m using to “grade” the comics, I prefer MSPA by a longshot.

        Besides. The dude’s got what, 3 Hugo awards? He wins at life – I doubt he’ll even notice that he didn’t win this little contest. :P

        As for the auto-voting accusation… MSPA has developed an extremely interconnected fanbase. Active forums, Tumblr, and local groups (300+ in the Seattle area, for instance) all combine to make MSPA a vote-gathering powerhouse by virtue of its social media positioning.

        By comparison, GG was… difficult to find “fan” info on, as far as the official site – I found some forums, but there wasn’t any link to the FB group on there. When I looked at the forums, they appeared to be fairly quiet – not necessarily dead, but a far cry from the thousands of posts per day that the MSPA forums generate.

        I suspect that if you ignored the art (which is admittedly not very pretty when compared to GG) and focused on the plot development, you’d find that MSPA (and specifically, Homestuck) holds up far better by comparison. It won’t win any awards for the pacing of the first couple of acts (It’s obvious that Hussie was learning how to write as he went along and ignoring the assorted principles of “how to make an interesting story,”) but taken as a whole, it’s fascinating.

        … of course, YMMV, as with all these things.

    • It was probably the fact that GG was hard to get into and has a small fanbase as opposed to the absolutely huge Homestuck fandom. Homestuck has a better plot, it’s more interesting, and it’s actually engaging. I started reading GG, and despite the fact it was my kind of story, I couldn’t get into it a bit.

      So maybe you should realise that not everyone loves your precious GG, and many people actually prefer MSPA. Kapeesh?

      (Rude questions get rude answers.)

    • Ladybug says:

      Because not everyone agrees that Homestuck is a POS, and Girl Genius, as much as I love it, seems to have stalled out in parts of the story.

  40. Dentrala says:

    Love everything here except Goblins. Could never really take to it, but I see how people can.

    I do think it’s a shame how many people will be voting GKC for the reason of “ANYTHING BUT MSPA”. I dearly hope they at least take the time to read it.

    • Torben says:

      It may be hard to imagine, but people actually vote for Gunnerkirg Court,
      because it is, in their opinion, the better comic, or their favorite.
      Of course, after the last rounds, there may be some people too,
      who, at this point, have become annoyed with the way MSPA
      fans present themselves, and will just avoid because of the
      hype. Because that is, what hype can do.

      • SL says:

        Um, don’t forget how the Anti-Homestuck crowd presents itself. It’s been equally obnoxious; just look above this thread to see the OP of the previous thread stating “How did a POS strip like MS PA beat out Girl Genius? I am thinking someone had some sort of auto voting because I wouldn’t wipe my ass if all I had was a printed copy of that strip.” And there’s plenty more comments like this throughout most of the recent rounds.

        • Torben says:

          Point taken.
          I’ve not been here on that a regular basis.
          Even I recognize from time to time what the internet does to me.
          Too many people forgetting that there’s just another human on
          the other end. I’m not excluded from that. Thanks for reminding,
          perspectives can get narrowed.

    • someone says:

      I voted for Gunnerkrigg Court because I like it a lot. I think it wins over MSPA in terms of being a serious story with compelling characters and an engrossing plot. MSPA has good characters and an interesting plot, too; but there’s a veneer of artificiality over everything which makes it all more distant.

      But I like MSPA a lot, too. It has entertained me more than Gunnerkrigg Court, what with the massive deluge of updates. Still, I like GC more. But at least, in the next round, I’ll be able to vote for MSPA not just because I’ll be dismayed that an aggressively mediocre webcomic like Goblins went that far (thanks to the meretricious attitude of its author and the propaganda campaign of Goblins fan to convince OotS fans Rich doesn’t want votes), but also because I genuinely enjoy MSPA a lot more than its competitor.

    • Stephen says:

      I voted for Gunnerkrigg Court because a) it’s my favourite comic in the competition, and b) I have never been able to ‘get’ MSPA (and the art just turns me off). Does that make me shallow and a phillistine? Yes, so what?

  41. Matt says:

    Wow, now that GKC has pulled a few votes ahead of MSPA for the moment, it seems both matchups this round have experienced neck-and-neck jockeying for position at some point well into the voting period (i.e. not just at the very beginning when each side just has a handful of votes). Pretty exciting stuff!

    • Blaperile says:

      Yeah, I’m pretty surprised!

      At first I was pretty sure MSPA and OOTS were going to win, but now I’m not sure for either anymore.

    • FJK B.T. says:

      I imagine these are the following reasons why it’s a tough battle with GC vs MSPA:
      1) lot of MSPA fans actually do like GC. Heck, I think I saw a thread for discussing GC in MSPA forums
      2) Ironic giftcard reward(punishment) aside, Author of MSPA ENDORSED GC
      3) More people who actually prefer GC stepping up
      4) People who plain dont like MSPA and its fans voting for anything but MSPA, thus avoiding a head-on battle in the championship
      5) Pissed-off GG fans

      GC might actually win with all that support. IF it does win however, most MSPA fans will probably back GC up.

      • techloveartist says:

        I only have read the first chapter of GC but I liked the feeling I had when reading it. And the art is cute too. Hearing that it gets better is also a bonus.

        Regardless, whether MSPA or GC makes it in the end of this rounf, I’m still giving my vote to either one in the final.

  42. Camel e says:

    All these webcomics suck. I’m not voting for any of them.

    • CP says:


      Out of top 8, the only one I didn’t absolutely love was RA. It makes me sad to think someone could hate all of them.

      • techloveartist says:

        I love RA myself and from what I hear, all of them have definitely must be good to last this long but sheeeeeeeeeeesh, all of them sucking? I dunno what to say either. :( I wonder what this person think is a good webcomic.

  43. Jerk Jock says:

    I’m simultaneously frustrated and unsurprised that at least half the webcomics that made it to the final rounds have been bland and formulaic comics about video games, gamernerds, webgeeks, dorknerds, gamewads, nerdgames, webwebs, and elves. It kind of makes me want to stuff someone into a locker and steal their lunch money.

    • Blaperile says:

      With certain of these terms I’d think you were talking about Homestuck.

      If you are indeed talking about it, then I am 99% sure you haven’t read past Act 1.

      It isn’t bland at all and just about a video game.

      You’d know that if you had read far enough.

    • Optimatum says:


      • Rex Vivat says:

        What gave him away? maybe the name “Jerk Jock”? or the part about stuffing someone into a locker and steal their lunch money? either way, you’re clearly a genius sleuth, able to spot even the most elusive clues.

  44. 0_o says:

    And with 5 hours left, Gunnerkrigg is ahead by just under 100 votes. I mean… I would love to see Homestuck win this as much as any MSPA fan would, I’m sure… but… Honestly… I think Gunnerkrigg needs this more. And no-one say “this isn’t about need… this is about which comic is the best” it isn’t… it’s a popularity contest, and those don’t prove anything.

    We can still dine at Olive Garden, my friends… but we must bear the burden of the bottomless salad bowl ourselves. *solemn nod*


    • 0_o says:

      Also, from what I’ve read so far, GKC is as deserving as any webcomic in this final four. Just thought I would note that…

  45. Kristin says:

    I would personally like it if homestuck won! Hussie has worked very hard on his webcomic, and its come quite a way since act one. The art, the music, the plot, and the amazing characters are quite awesome. I always look forward to updates, and love coming up with theories. It always leaves you in suspense, wondering what plot twists are going to happen. It’s never predictable.

    Act one is a great act. Yes, it focuses more on comedy and character introduction opposed to plot, though once it gets more in-depth, it’s quite spectacular. To anyone that reads act one and decides it’s a boring webcomic, I say keep reading! It took me awhile to push past the first act, though once I was on to act two, I couldn’t stop reading!

    So I personally believe homestuck deserves to win! However, Gunnerkrigg Court is a great webcomic as well. I just started reading it yesterday, and I find it to be quite enjoyable! So if it ends up defeating Homestuck this round, I say best of luck to GKC!

    • Rex Vivat says:

      Siddell has worked just as hard as Hussie, and both have come a long way since their first chapters. I honestly can’t decide which to vote for, so I won’t.

  46. someone says:

    I just really hope that Gunnerkrigg Court won’t lose to Goblins. Goblins winning over OotS is bitter enough, but over GC? It just shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

  47. Anonymous says:

    I feel like I should point out this voting isn’t for Hussie and Siddell and the other authors. This vote if MSPA/HS, GKC, Goblins, and OotS. Just because Andrew didn’t make most of the art for [S] Cascade, that doesn’t change anything, because you AREN’T voting for Andrew Hussie, you’re voting for MSPA/HS. (I haven’t read any of the comics except for Homestuck, so I can’t say for sure, but I’m fairly positive that there’s been guest artists on the other comics too.)

  48. User 18 says:

    MSPA/GKC vote difference of 3. This is more intense than Hussie’s cliffhanger.

    Also, I finished reading Goblins, and my choices remain unchanged. Personally, I don’t think Goblins is in the same league as the other three comics up there, but it is by no means a bad comic either. All four of those are worth a try. (Homestuck requires a much larger time investment than the others to get caught up, and may take over your life. Just saying.)

  49. Mr. Graves says:

    You know, I just had a thought. What are you guys gonna do if there’s a tie?

  50. somebloke says:

    Wow, GKC was ahead for about an hour. I knew it couldn’t last, but it was a nice feeling.

    (I think both are good, prefer GKC, but think MSPA will win.)

  51. The only one of these comics I read is Goblins. I used to read ElfOnlyInn, Star Bored, and Alpha Shade but none update anymore.

  52. Frank says:

    Personally, I think the winners are the readers who found new comics….

    • techloveartist says:

      Omg yes….I plan to look into many of them myself.

    • Moose says:


    • Hoogomoogo says:

      I found Girl Genius, Order of the stick, Goblins, and romantically apocalyptic. I won!

      • techloveartist says:

        Isn’t RA awesome?

        I think I’m gonna go check out the entire nominations list myself several times. ;p

      • techloveartist says:

        And yes, GG, OOTS, and Goblins are definitely already on my list.

    • Zontan says:

      Oh, definitely. I discovered Evil, Inc. through this contest, which I had never heard of, and have successfully archive binged the entire thing in the past week. Contest successful.

  53. techloveartist says:

    Actually I kinda dislike how some of the people of the MSPA fandom is hacking the polls for GC. I’m sorry but even if GC deserves it more (which I don’t even think at this point this competition will do anything more for us, the fans and the authors at this point) I still think it’s somewhat unfair. I don’t mind people of both fandoms choose GC… I just kinda dislike how there is this push on tumblr to get others to vote for GC and others do more for the fact of peer pressure.

    Well, that’s how I see it. :/

    • Shiggy says:

      You could say the same for the people who are like “Make sure -anything but Homestuck- wins, it doesn’t deserve it!” as well, hm? I don’t know if there’s really much peer pressure involved in this; anyone could say they voted for anything, and there wouldn’t be much in the way of verifying the claim, as far as I know. Better to rally voters in a spirit of support, rather than a spirit of hatred.

      I personally think that each and every comic that’s entered deserves to win. If anything, it’d be an insult to the eventual winner to say that their competition wasn’t even worthy of a read, or in the same class as the victor; that’d be akin to bragging about beating up a child in a championship boxing fight (or some such random example). But the whole thing’s for fun, really, so if people want to get flared up with negative emotions, rather than positive, that’s their choice, and I suppose I shouldn’t pay it much mind.

      • techloveartist says:

        Yes, I do too. I’m also annoyed with those people as well. But placing Tom as the guy who ‘needs’ help and our votes will ‘help’ him…that I didn’t really like.

        They all deserve to win but trust in the fandoms to take it as far as they can. All fandoms, regardless of how many they are, I think also has a fair shot in winning this.

      • techloveartist says:

        It is not the fans wanting to help Tom that bothers me, It is more of the fact that some people that never read GC is doing the same cause they heard some other person they follow did it or that they voted for GC even though they wanted MSPA to win instead.

        • Shiggy says:

          Ah, I think I can see what you’re saying. Perhaps people who don’t even read any of these web-comics are voting simply because a popular person that they follow (on Tumblr, etc) is pushing it, etc.

          I personally still voted for MSPA (because as far as my reading comprehension goes Hussie was still hoping to win the tournament, just encouraging GC votes in an earlier round, but he seems intentionally quiet about the whole thing this round), so at least on my end, no fear of voting against my actual opinion out of peer pressure. Looks like MSPA is going to get kicked out by a small margin, though; I suppose I might vote for GC in the finals, but I want to read a bit more of Goblins to be fair to it. Either way, I have my pre-emptive congratulations for the winner!

          • techloveartist says:

            That was the type of voting I wasn’t so happy about. Same with any of the other votes for or against any webcomic here. But then again everyone can see the vote so it is easy to manipulate for any reason. Actually, I’m kinda curious how things were for previous webcomic years at this point.

            I think I’ll go ahead and check out both Goblins and GC instead of just voting for GC blindly. I’ve been giving

            Personally, I’ve been diffusing all day right here for some reason. All I know is that I think it has been working.

            This is just a fun competition but I dunno…it just got nuts.

    • pHB says:

      What, when was making posts on a blog asking people to vote for a comic they like hacking?

      If you mean that someone is maliciously manipulating votes through a script, yeah that’s cheating and unconscionable.

      But if it’s just all those reblogs that are floating around, who cares. As long as there’s a physical human behind each vote, it’s rude to tell them that the reason they chose to vote is less valid than any other. Of course we want better comics to win, but assuming bad faith behind a chunk of votes is rude and turns people against each other.

      • techloveartist says:

        There have been quite a few ‘Vote for GC to ‘help’ Tom.’ I’d still dislike it. The factor is putting Tom as the artist that ‘needs’ help… I just didn’t like it because none of the authors technically are needing despirate help that much. (And seriously, is it really foreign for webcomic artists to decide to go on it alone? Sure, Tom just quit his job recently but he needs to figure how it is gonna work for himself.) And have some trust in the GC fandom. I think GC could have had a great shot even without the factors.

        That I was more annoyed with.

      • techloveartist says:

        It is not really the fans wanting to help Tom that bothers me, It is more of the fact that some people that never read GC is doing the same cause they heard some other person they follow did it.

    • Cjzera says:

      GC’s author just decided to quit his job to dedicate to Gunnerkrigg full-time, as said by MSPA’s Author, Tom needs the publicity, he is currently just starting out and it could get very bad if he didn’t make enough money.

      We don’t really benefit from winning, GC’s Tom, however, could certainly use more publicity. Let it be known, if he makes it past MSPA, whoever stands in his path may as well have lost already.

      • User 18 says:

        If he makes it past MSPA, I’m voting for him for sure. Not because he beat Homestuck, but because I genuinely like GC more than either of the other two options.

        Still, my heart remains with MSPA. Everyone <3 Vine.

        • techloveartist says:

          I’m still voting for GC next round. :3

          I kinda hope that people won’t relax in the final round just cause MSPA is knocked out.

      • techloveartist says:

        I somehow doubt that more publicity will come to him than what has already been done. Regardless, we will only see what will happen.

      • techloveartist says:

        Bleh, the last post I wrote back to you was awful. Anyways, what was I trying to say was that I’m certain a majority of us didn’t even know this site existed before this year’s poll so I would say we also have to figure out whether this poll will actually help him. Anyways, this is a poll and I’m also slapping myself for taking this seriously.

        I dunno…I also kinda hoped for MSPA to make it because it is one of the webcomics that is odd and it actually does use the fact that it is on internet to its advantage…which I don’t even know if it is a criteria is general comic awards sense. There should be many more webcomics like Homestuck I think to use the internet. And Homestuck, as amazing it is, has the issue that some people will not take the time go through the first acts and will disregard it for its sprites. It’s very easy for a well known reviewer to produce a bad review. I find that GC is actually easier format since it runs in a more traditional webcomic format and has cute art for it to also receive other awards as well.

        I think the best we can also do for these comics is discover other awards for them as well.

    • techloveartist says:

      1) I don’t think a $100 will take any of the authors anywhere far. If it was $10,000 then I too would have voted for GC over MSPA.
      2) I don’t think this comic poll will do anything for the webcomics at this point, I think the winner in this case was RA actually if we go for recognition. It is not like a huge award either.
      3) One thing is to say, “I voted for GC over MSPA” but I feel like from what I read it really sounded to me, it was making it out like, ‘have a heart, vote for GC’…and personally I feel that is unfair for both GC and MSPA.

      I dunno… I just was kinda wanted fandoms to just be like, head to head for the hell of it but I feel these factors were more of a crutch it is no longer just a silly ‘best competition’.

      I do find it fine if it is, ‘Vote for MSPA’ or ‘Vote for GC’. I would be so fine if Tom called for support if he wanted to. I actually find it funny to find RJ voting for GC since he works for Andrew but that was more like, ‘lol, I didn’t expect that…’ but that was his choice and that’s absolutely find.

      MSPA has one of the largest fandom for sure… but then there is also the fact of how many fans are also for GC (which looks like a lot) and then there is always the case of only a small percentage who is paying attention to these things. And I think even though GC is smaller, I don’t think it is a tiny corner of the internet.

      Although, I’d still vote for GC if it wins against Homestuck.

      • Anvildude says:

        You underestimate just how helpful 100 dollars can be to someone with no other job. That’s a years supply of drawing tools, part of the next month’s rent/mortgage, 2 or 3 tanks of gas, 3 months of internet or a couple week’s worth of groceries. 100 Dollars is important- for some people.

        And anyone else not able to vote?

        • lol says:

          Yes, pools are closed. GC won :D

        • Blaperile says:

          You also easily get 100 dollars by some people buying a couple of things of merchandise.

        • techloveartist says:

          Blaperile got it. The guy needs more than $100 for support. $100 is not gonna last that long. If the award was like $1,000 or $10,000 then I would have voted GC over MSPA as well. If 1/10’s of the voters bought a plush ($20) or 1/100 of voters get a library or buy themselves more volumes ($25 each – volume 2 is not available right now but volume 3 is… which kinda shows how well GC has being doing I think.)

        • techloveartist says:

          Oh, and the merchandise thing, that goes for all the semi finalist comics…all of them store-wise looks pretty strong for fanbases. I would say it is very easy to spend $100 for any of them.

          • Nuke says:

            If I were to spend 100$ in any of those stores, I’d have to:
            1) spend additional 20-30$ for shipping.
            2) pay a ~25$ fee once the package arrives at customs.
            3) pay 25% tax of the above (37$) (yes, for some reason I have to pay tax on shipping and toll fee).
            4) pay a ~25$ fee to the postal service for holding the package.

            That adds up to ~212$ (a little more because of currency exchange) I’d have to pay for 100$ worth of merchandise.
            I’d honestly rather donate once in a blue moon and vote maybe* a little differently in polls such as these when I know one of the artists might have better use for the prize than I think the others do.

            *I’m not even sure I would have voted differently in other circumstances, I’ve been a fan of MSPA for a few days and GC for ages.

  54. User 18 says:

    Vote, MSPAers! We’re so close!

  55. Umweather says:

    Well, Hussie said that you can vote for GKC if you want to. I don’t think some people should be forced to vote for GKC if they really want Homestuck to come face-to-face with Goblins.

  56. JethroRayne says:

    Woo! voting is over and GC wins with a photo finish!

    I honestly love both GC and Goblins, so it’s going to be interesting to see who wins. Though Mr Siddel could definitely use the win. ;)

  57. The evil says:

    I hate MSPA, I tried to like it I went and kicked it and tried to read the comic every time it was voted on. I even voted for it some of the time when it was the lessor of two evils.. I just can’t see it winning against so many other better comics. Many many many.. and so few of them at the end.

    • techloveartist says:

      :/ You see a kid goofing off in his room and guessing it wouldn’t be much different, no? I see a story that spans across universes. I’m telling you, it is the same comic. ;p

  58. Page of Space says:

    Wha- Bu- MSPA lost? ;A;

    Hats off to you, GC, you were a worthy opponent.

    (No sarcasm)

    • Fish says:

      I know some portion of the Homestuck fanbase mobilised to support GC. It’ll be awesome if it upsets Goblins now. Homestuck fans for GC! (even though I believe Homestuck>Gunnerkrigg Court, GC deserves some recognition)

  59. While I’m a little sad that MSPA is now out, I must say well done to GC. I’ll be voting for it in the final, only because I believe it deserves to win more than Goblins.

    They literally only won by about twenty votes, though. It was quite spectacular.

  60. BrokenMartyr says:

    The two finalists both can be called GC.

    Let the confusion begin.

    • well thats a good thing, that way we can be sure GC wins ;)

      Ill vote for Goblins though. I wouldnt have known about this tournament without Thunt and hes the only comic-artist i know who’s so much involved with his audience. Didnt know Gunnerkrigg court before this but i started reading yesterday and had to stop due to it being way past midnight. After 450 pages i didnt have a clue what it was about, after 800 pages i realised i still didnt really know, but with some answers given and some news answer raised im sure that comic has everything a good comic has to have: nice drawing and a gripping storyline in which you cant stop to find out more :)

      GC all the way, but im glad i met GC through this tournament too

      • techloveartist says:

        You’re pretty much saying a lot of the things MSPA is known for…. (Although they are both in very different worlds in more ways than one.) I know it says something but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I will continue GC soon though.

  61. Cyanide says:

    holy shit! I did not expect the match between Gunnerkrigg and homestuck to be so close. At first I thought Gunnerkrigg didn’t really have a chance so this is a very pleasant surprise for me. Celebrations till next round!

    did anyone else think about NS5s from I Robot fighting Cybermen from Dr. Who? I can’t tell who would win.

    • Cjzera says:

      The thing about the Gunnerkrigg vs MSPA is that half of the MSPA fandom was gunning for Gunnerkrigg because we don’t really need to win as much as Tom does, so it turned into a pretty random roulette, really.

      • 0_o says:

        ^This… as much as I’m scared to say it for fear of the actual GKC fans coming out of the woodwork to tell me otherwise… I’m fairly sure a lot of MSPA fans ended up supporting GKC. How many? Can’t really tell. But I’m willing to bet at least 100 of them… if not many many more. meaning enough to sway this vote in the opposite direction.

        And I, personally, am pretty happy with that. :D

        • nona says:

          oh, we gunnerkrigg-fans know that ourselves, and we are very thankful for the support :)
          though I do hope that some of the homestuck-fans who voted for GC did so because they like the comic, not only because it’s in need of support…

          • techloveartist says:

            ^That is the type of voting I wanted more… GC winning because of fans because they generally love GC…not other factors that played into it.

          • jackie says:

            i am a massive fan of homestuck but ive been reading gkc since annies face was pointy… tom got my vote

          • uh... says:

            apparently not /all/ GC fans know that because most of them are bashing Homestucks. Go figure.

          • techloveartist says:

            Yeah, I just saw it begin in their forums this morning… left a horrible aftertaste. So they’re still going at it? Like, EXCUSE ME?

  62. Durrhurr says:

    Why did the contest not end at the designated time? MSPA was ahead by two votes when it should have ended.

    I really do like GKC, and I think Tom probably deserves to win this, but the main thing my friends were pushing was MSPA just so that Goblins would lose against it, and frankly, I agree with them. When I looked Goblins I couldn’t imagine how anyone could like it.

    Not that they (or I , for that matter) think that GKC can’t beat Goblins, but I think the thought process was that if not for Hussie, GKC (probably) would have lost out, and then in the finals Goblins would win because???????????

    This is getting really stupid, so I’m just going to end it and say that I hope GKC wins, because Tom actually deserves it, not to mention that Goblins in general just looks atrocious.

    • The evil says:

      This is a bunch of crap Durrhurr they were behind well b4 the time ended which was why there were so many posts for a push for them. and if MSPA isn’t crap how can you judge GKC or goblins you obviously have no ability to judge quality. Brains they handed them out on Tuesday not today.

      • Durrhurr says:

        Actually no, my friends were having a fit for the last 20 minutes or so of the competition, and at 11:58 (and for a good deal after) they were two votes ahead. The contest apparently went on later, and then when I came on this morning, they said the votes had changed even further, which I think they have.

        I think they’ve even changed since I wrote the original comment, they’re currently off by 50 votes, and I know there was a smaller margin than that earlier.

        MSPA (Not just Homestuck, but all of MSPA) I think, has a better plot than GKC. GKC is actually really good, and it’s a wonderful thing to see how Tom improves his art over time, but there’s no real total plot (not to my knowledge, at least) and it’s mainly just slice-of-life stuff. This isn’t a bad thing, but I like the plot of the MSPA stories better.

        I really haven’t looked that far into Goblins, besides the few most recent pages and the recent news posts, but from those I can say that the art is utterly atrocious, it’s actually quite painful to look at it.

        The dude seems obsessed with the contest, making a long rant about it each time there’s a new voting. Hussie has talked about it, but mainly to try and support Tom (because Hussie knows that he deserves it as well.)

        Lastly, what kind of insult is that? If you’re going to try and say a person doesn’t have brains, please use grammar.

        • mightycleric says:

          Actually, I was continually refreshing during the time that it was going on, and while Homestuck started to close the lead, they were down by 10 before the contest ended (having been steadily closing the gap), and after it was supposed to end, they were down by 6, then down by 3. I was wondering if Homestuck closing the lead more and more after the end would mean that they would be counted the winner of the contest despite not being in the lead at the time the contest was supposed to end.

          There was not a two vote lead for Homestuck that lasted for quite a while (especially since both sides kept voting), but I do agree that if a contest is supposed to end at a particular time, that it should end then. GC was in the lead at the stated end of the round, and they finished in the lead when the voting actually closed, but their final margin of victory is much greater than what it should have been.

          As for Thunt, he has posted about the contest each round, and he does want to win, but he has also been highly complimentary of the comics he has been going up against, and has told everybody that they should read those comics if they haven’t.

          About RA: “Whoa. That’s a good comic. I mean, that’s seriously good stuff. Intelligent jokes, gorgeous art work and a very original method of combining photography with digital painting. I think we’re in trouble. I also think you should all check out that comic. Awesome stuff!”

          About OOTS: “Let me also take this moment to say that Order Of The Stick is nothing short of brilliant. In my opinion, it’s much funnier than Goblins. The timing of the jokes are astounding. I still laugh at “bluff the stupid ogre”. If you haven’t read OotS yet, go do so now.”

          On here about OOTS: “I look up to Rich Burlew for so many reasons. His comic deserves this win and if Goblins beats him, it’s really only because Rich didn’t scream at his fans for votes like I did.”

          Those are just a couple examples, and he is definitely encouraging people to get into new webcomics, which is what this contest is about in the first place.

          The evil shouldn’t have insulted you, as that doesn’t help anything, but there is also no reason to be so insulting toward Goblins. Just because you don’t care for the art, doesn’t mean it is trash that nobody should like (and as a fan of MSPA, I’d think that would be something you would understand). It may not be for you, but there are plenty of people out there who enjoy it, and it really is a bit inventive with what it does sometimes (especially for those who have played D&D).

    • techloveartist says:

      Hmmmm… I would have liked if MSPA gets votes for the fact that is genuinely liked…not because of trying to kick out Goblins. I dislike the reversal as well…

  63. Vilding1 says:

    I just hope the numbers reflect some semblance of reality and not merely the whims of people rallied from all corners of the intertubes. I have tried my best to read up on all the comics I was tempted to vote against, and in the process added GKC and Unsounded to my comic list. What an amazing collection of talent is out there.
    I am glad for Tom that his comic won. But I cannot really make take this contest personally; this is a contest between the authors, and they just deserve the best justice we can dispense. We are just in it to learn of new, awesome webcomics. We win either way :)

  64. FuzzyZergling says:

    Oh, MSPA lost…
    Well, at least Goblins is still there. Go Goblins!

  65. Calico says:

    SO tired about hearing about MSPA on all of these comments. Seriously. “mspa lost” and “but you know this comic is awesome for the same reason mspa is awesome”. Stop. Fanboying all over. It’s becoming a mess.

    I only came here to find new comics not read about mspa spooging all over everything.

    Heck, I’m sad that OOTS lost because I think it’s a very quality story and I love it so much. However, if it had to lose to something, I also enjoy Goblins for the same reasons (D&D junkie)

    I actually REALLY like Gunnerkrigg Court, and was introduced to it through this contest! It’s got an interesting story, interesting characters and the “chapters’ are short enough that you can read them in chunks and feel like it was worth your time. I’m glad that I got to meet GC through this contest or I wouldn’t have known it existed. Now, it’s in my bookmarks.

    Goblins, I’ve known about for a while, but hadn’t been keeping up with. Sadly, the parts with the goblins are not as amusing as the parts with the MinMax and his gang. So it fades in and out. Still a bookmarked though.

    I may have to go with voting for Gunnerkrigg vs. Goblins. We’ll see. I love seeing what the Goblins writer has to say about each of his opponents :D It’s been my favorite part so far.

    • techloveartist says:

      Actually, I think you are mostly talking about my comments since I have been writing a lot. And the “but you know this comic is awesome for the same reason mspa is awesome” is I’m certain something that came from my comment but that’s not exactly what I was saying. (With my case, I said, “You’re pretty much saying a lot of the things MSPA is known for…. (Although they are both in very different worlds in more ways than one.) I know it says something but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I will continue GC soon though.” That was actually horribly written but I was actually saying, GC looks like it is my kinda story.) Although, I wouldn’t mind if you direct me to that comment…cause I am certain no one actually said that really if we go to specifics. You have a problem with me? I don’t really care. I’ve been on here to defuse. (And this is how I diffuse personally regardless how important the issue is. Personally, I been waiting all day for the next vote myself.)

      Calico, thanks for being part of the people that came here to find new webcomics and I’m totally gonna run to that list too but…honestly, I can understand that people getting heated since it is put them one to one in a tourney…which is… as fun as I hoped…actually ended up a mess itself.

      Personally, I’m more bummed the vote became this serious thing and that’s why I’ve been diffusing all day. And it is not like it is just MSPA fans just fanboying/fangirling only…there have been conversations on both sides…and even among MSPA fans themselves trying to reason out and whatnot.

      And besides, you were here not just to find new comics (which seems like wasn’t even the goal for this tournament which would have actually been better) but pull out the support for the comics you’ve read which all of us have. We just express it differently. XD

      Whether it was really directed to me personally or really for all MSPA fans here…well, yeah, I also took this way to seriously than I wanted too but personally, it was more than MSPA and the comics for me… I just kinda wanted fun with fandom vs fandom but then other factors came in and this tourney kinda screwed all of us over regardless of fandom we were in.

      • Calico says:

        Actually, my comment was not directed at anyone in particular, just the overall feel. Which is why no one was quoted directly, nor do I care to.Thanks for thinking you’re special enough to warrant your own commentary ;)

        • techloveartist says:

          Just attempting to defend the Homestuck community…but considering I have posted a LOT this round, it could have been me overdoing it. That’s all. XD

          (Still waiting for the last voting….)

  66. Will says:

    It’s rather petty and childish for people to trash talk webcomics they haven’t even read just because they went up against and/or beaten another webcomic they happened to favor.

    • techloveartist says:


      Actually I just begun Goblins and OOTS. They both look as promising as GC. But yeah, it is really a matter of taste and whatnot what makes people flock to one to the other.

  67. Granite says:

    So… When’s the last round?

  68. Jaye says:

    So, umm, its the 6th here in Oz, and I’m pretty sure it isn’t the 4th anywhere in the world anymore…

    • Glenn Hauman says:

      Yeah, we're trying to prep for the next round of storms… but it's up now.

  69. Donna says:

    Wow. I can’t believe that Cyanide & Happiness and Romantically Apocalyptic aren’t in the final four O.O

    I mean seriously guys, one of them is simply hilarious, and the other has brilliant artwork.

    And don’t call me a hater because I actually did take a look at all those who made it to the final four. But I must say: where’s the funny? Or at least the interesting part?

    These comics have nothing special about them whatsoever, nothing that would keep me reading. So I think that this is not really a fair competition because most of the readers didn’t even know about it and couldn’t vote. Those who made it to the top did it only because they advertised it. Just saying…

    But hey, the prize isn’t even that great so no worries and I’m happy for whoever wins this. Everyone deserves recognition for their hard work.

    • Anonymous says:

      Really? I thought Cyanide & Happiness had a pretty large fandom. I know I always get linked to it, at least…

    • techloveartist says:

      I love MSPA and willing to give the other three a shot. Thing is, Cyanide & Happiness and Romantically Apocalyptic (very familiar with the first and I have read the second fully), are different monsters to the final four. C&H and RA are more the type of comics that it really doesn’t matter if you read it on Day 1 or Day 48590. There is gonna be a page that can stand alone and there is a punch line at the end of the comic page. All the comics in that format are already knocked out. (And I think RA didn’t make it is because there is not enough for an Archive to keep you lasting for at least an hour.) The winners are all developed stories in which if you miss the day or several, you have to read all the updates up to the latest page. So let’s say I read OOTS from page 1-53 which would be days 1-53 and then I skip 20 days. I have to read all the comics for those 20 days to get caught up. So yeah, expect to read all of these comics as graphic novels…not comic strips. Much of the humor will come but there will be other stuff following as well.

      For definitely MSPA/Homestuck, funny has its own unique taste. For Homestuck, it also piles up from a story with its own taste to a massive story that will have different types of humor, horror, sci-fi, romance…you have to put Homestuck into a general category.

      I dunno these other comic yet but it looks like they are gonna be a treat.

      • Danna says:


        I don’t really feel confident defending RA because I just finished reading the comic and I have found it because of this contest, but…

        It is a short comic because of the fact that it is young. It doesn’t really have a solid plot confirmed because it is still in process. But there IS some kind of plot.

        In the start, it was just as you described. But as you keep reading, you can see a plot slowly growing – I still don’t know where it is going, and that’s what made me like the comic even more. Also, the story is in the comments section. If you don’t stop to read it, you’ll probably get confused. Like, what the hell is going on. At first it was the author’s comments, but suddenly in some pages it was more like a POV.

        So, yeah. But to be honest, I don’t think RA could win this. It actually has gotten pretty far. The problem is, it still needs what most of those other webcomics have: time. MSPA, for example, has years of existance and it is over 6000 pages. And has a solidified fanbase that it’s still growing.

        Maybe in the next year… RA has quite the potential. And it reminds me of Homestuck a whole lot. Mostly because it’s not everyone that will enjoy it.

    • someone says:

      Neither OotS’ Rich Burlew nor Gunnerkrigg Court’s Tom Siddell made the slightest advertisement, and they got in the final four.

      Now you can say that Gunnerkrigg Court was advertised — by MSPA’s Andrew Hussie — and that it’s why it was here as it would probably have lost against Penny Arcade otherwise. Maybe. But you can’t count that against it.

      And there are a lot of funny parts in MSPA, GC, OotS and even some in Goblins. For example, in GC, there are chapters like those hilarious ones. The whole slowly tells an interesting story. There’s no real overarching plot in the sense that it’s not one of these quest stories with clear heroes, clear villains, and clear goals. But there definitely is a plot as Annie grows up, gets out of her shell, and begins to unravel the many mysteries of the Court.

      MSPA plays with all types of humor, from the low-brow to the subtle wit, and from absurdism to practical jokes. The humor in OotS is often meta, but there are genuinely hilarious things in it. Even Goblins has cracked a couple of funny jokes in its long history.

      To say there are nothing interesting and nothing funny in any of these four, or that there’s nothing special to MSPA, GC and OotS, is to be seriously blind.

    • Will says:

      I doubt you’ve actually read any of them to make such an assessment. If they had no redeeming qualities, they never would’ve made it this far.

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