Elite Eight of Mix March Madness 2012 Webcomics Tournament–Vote Now!

Glenn Hauman

Glenn is VP of Production at ComicMix. He has written Star Trek and X-Men stories and worked for DC Comics, Simon & Schuster, Random House, arrogant/MGMS and Apple Comics. He's also what happens when a Young Turk of publishing gets old.

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279 Responses

  1. Drillgorg says:

    Lets go MSPA/Homestuck, and Gunnerkrigg Court too!

    All those voting against MSPA: please air your grievances so we can talk them over with you!

    • wannabe_elf says:

      No grievances. I enjoy MSPA, I just enjoy Girl Genius more. I also think it would be awesome to see Goblins against Girl Genius in the final because Thunt cites Phil Foglio as one of his greatest influences.

    • Alasdair says:

      Well, since you asked, I gave up on Homestuck (somewhere around the beginning of Act 3) for a few reasons:
      – It was obvious the writer had no idea what he was doing and was making up the story as he went along.
      – I couldn’t stand the crappy art any longer. Being made in MSPaint is not a good thing, it looks incredibly ugly.
      – Too many updates – it just wasn’t worth the effort to keep up to date with.

      Mind you, points 1 and 3 of those also apply to Girl Genius, but it has vastly better art.

      • Tollyx says:

        I personally really like the art style of homestuck, and after the very first pages of MSPA he actually switched to photoshop. He just kept the style.

        And you’d be suprised how well the story actually is, but the thing is that plenty of people give up on it just because it can be confusing. Homestucks plot is pretty much like a puzzle actually.

        And many of MSPAs pages are actually just a single panel, that’s why there’s plenty of pages each update, and there is the “save game” function on the comic for a reason. (oh god I wish that more webcomics had one of those)

      • Blaperile says:

        I can understand how you feel about the third point, but not about the 2 first (though that could just be because you don’t know it).

        – Andrew does not decide at the last moment what he does. There’s an intense amount of foreshadowing in the first hundreds of pages, which comes back to bite you thousands of pages later. He does sometimes decide to do something different, but that’s always a long time before he does it. Months usually.

        – The comic is not made in MSPaint. Yes, that’s how the site is called, but in the entirety of mspaintadventures, only the very first page of the very first adventure was made in Paint. The rest has been made in Photoshop (normal images) or Flash (for videos and mini-games).

      • ehh says:

        I love Girl Genius, but the art is one of my least favorite parts about it (that and the glacial pacing). The coloring is mediocre and while he does settings really well, the way he draws faces is not at all to my taste.

      • Gjarble says:

        Also, on the first point: don’t forget, Andrew WAS still taking reader suggestions for about the first year of Homestuck. In fact, a reason he cited for closing the suggestion box was “reducing the number of frivolous tangents”. So, I’m not surprised if the storytelling appeared haphazard to Alasdair for that reason. I’m of the camp that enjoyed Acts 1 and 2, but there are many fans who did not, perceiving those acts as “boring stuff” that you need to slog through to get to the “good stuff”. I’ve always taken it for granted that this was because of the fact that the first two acts relied so heavily on programming humor (something of a niche), but after speaking to non-programmers who enjoyed those acts, I suppose this idea needs reevaluation. Perhaps those who don’t like the first two acts perceive them much like Alasdair does, as a result of Andrew trying to reconcile his use of reader suggestions (as he always did in the past) with having his own plans from the start (something that only began with Homestuck). With that arrangement, the story couldn’t cascade complications in the way that Problem Sleuth did so hilariously, because Andrew already knew where he wanted the story to go. So, the only new things reader suggestions brought were the aformentioned “frivolous tangents”, making the story seem less cohesive, and lengthening the time for each bit of foreshadowing to pay off. Meanwhile, the stuff that’s actually relevant to the plot, like how SBURB works, gets only a cursory exposition, making it look unnecessarily complicated, because the reader doesn’t find out until much later how all the mechanics (building, exploring the lands, alchemy, the war between Prospit and Derse, sprites, the actual goal of the game, the Ultimate Riddle, etc.) are related and important to each other.

        • Gjarble says:

          Oh god, that didn’t look like such a wall of text in the text box.
          TL;DR: I understand Alasdair’s first point, because Andrew was still taking reader suggestions at that point, and I think he found it difficult to reconcile those with his own plans.

      • Page of Space says:

        It’s Photoshop. It just looks like MS Paint. I believe that’s how Hussie’s style is. I believe it’s nice due to it being anti-cliche to all those smooth-looking pages.

      • Insan1tyNow says:

        So by quality, there are the

        -Scribble Mode pages (self-explanatory)
        -cartoon-styled pages (which, admittedly, is most of the comic),
        -Hero Mode (drawn to scale, not uber-detailed) pages…
        -and Hussnasty pages, which are rather rare but extremely detailed.

    • Shina says:

      I’d love to see Gunnerkrigg Court vs Homestuck!

    • Flight says:

      1) The art is painful. Simple like OOTS is one thing, MSPA hurts.

      2) I have started reading and it is taking forever for anything to happen and I am not finding anything funny or interesting. Some people are saying you have to slog through this, but I cannot imagine the latter part is so amazing good to be worth it.

      3) I saw the most recent updates. Are walls of l33t text-speak common? You could not pay me to keep reading it if I would have to mow through a lot of that.

      • Drillgorg says:

        Good grievances! The only one I really take issue with is the art, I guess people just get used to comic book style illustrations and that’s what they end up liking. I love the pixelly look to MSPA, in fact I cringe whenever I see an anti-aliased edge in it because it looks so fuzzy.

        Also: try this flash animation on for size, it doesn’t spoil much and is one of my favorites:

        • Blaperile says:

          That leet speak is a certain character’s ‘quirk’. There are many different kinds of quirks.

          Also, that flash that Drillgorg linked is a good one, but if you’d rather have one with more action I suggest you look at this: http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006472

          This would give you a good idea.

          • Cheese says:

            How is this a webcomic? They should just make longer flash videos, that would be a lot cooler.

          • benzrf says:

            Are you shitting me?!? Watching that is like telling somebody who hasn’t read Harry Potter that Dumbledore dies in the 6th book!

          • Fish says:

            @Cheese, the flash animations take several days of screwing around with flash to make. They’re fun to watch, but they generally take dozens of pages to make sense.

            And if Homestuck were all flashes, I would be sad because we’d have even less character dialogue than in Problem Sleuth.

          • Wesley says:

            @benzrf No, that would be like showing them Descend. Or Cascade. :3

            This thing broke newgrounds. That’s how awesome it was.

          • Ash says:

            Oh my, introducing new readers to the crotch walk AND D. Stri being a badass? How bold.

          • benzrf says:

            1. Derse
            2. Red queen
            3. DD
            4. Dirk
            5. Null session
            6. Jake
            7. Lusii on Earth

            Enough for you?

        • Chronowaster says:

          That is a interesting video to try to show people who are new to Homestuck Drill.

        • someone says:

          If we’re listing our favorites, I’m still really fond of this one. Doesn’t spoil much.

          There aren’t enough reprises of the Explore theme.

        • Wesley says:

          Drill, that is just mean. :V For those who didn’t watch it or clicked away early, its basically the flash where a whole bunch of cosmic horrors make a pants-shittingly terrifying cameo that starts out as a rainbow-filled children’s show parody.

          Also, because nobody likes the Squiddles album.

        • Mia says:

          It takes forever to load, and it doesn’t work for all operating systems and browsers, but this works as a nice preview to the comic, and because the images flash by too quickly, they shouldn’t really spoil anything:

          Fanmade intro screen.

          This animation from the comic also gives a good impression of the style of the comic, but it contains spoilers for the first act and part of the second:

          [S]: Enter.

          To be honest, I wouldn’t worry too much about being spoiled by later animations, because if you haven’t read the comic, you won’t even know who is who, or what is going on (even reading the comic, it’s hard to keep up with some animations on the first view! Sometimes it takes reading a recapitulation and viewing the animation more times to finally understand just what happened).

          As long as you don’t actually try to memorize and obsess over what character did what and what happened to whom in the animations, when you go read the story you’ll probably forget by the time you get to that part of the plot.

          I still think that it’s best to read the story from the very beginning. I think that what impresses fans so much is that the comic starts with simple panels, some slightly animated, and some text, and it escalates bit by bit by incorporating more elaborated and eventually longer animations, interactive flashes, music, and so on.

          It’s how every thing keeps surpassing the previous “innovation” to the story what makes it so-awe inspiring.

          • benzrf says:


            I wonder how long that took to make… 0_0


      • Page of Space says:

        Alterniabound. Cascade. [S]Seer: Descend. [S]John: Rise Up.

        Art styles are not the worst thing about MSPA, thank you very much.

    • Cheese says:

      Homestuck/MSPA is simply exhausting. The plots are so heavy and convoluted, and the way that the single panels are connected by the hyperlinks is jarring. Especially in MSPA, those stupid acronyms made it so that eventually I stopped guessing who they were, and just pressed the next button to get on with it. I quit around the middle of the MSPA final (ha! final.) boss battle, but I wish I quit earlier. Things were so insufferably long and drawn out, and I lost that point-and-click adventure game feel that I was initially endearing.
      To those who believe it is good simply because it has so many followers: so does Twilight. So that rule does not apply.

      • benzrf says:

        MSPA is not objectively bad, man. Well, that’s true of everything, I guess. But moreso here. :P

        I agree that it’s polarizing, and I also agree that the acronyms can be annoying. But while you see the convolutedness as a bad thing, I enjoy it. It makes me think more than, say, xkcd or oots. And I like going on TVTropes and the wiki and so on and reading about all the little details and foreshadowing that I missed.

        I can understand why you don’t like it, but keep in mind that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Alright, that’s trite. But in this case, shockingly appropriate.

        Also, which boss battle are you talking about?!

      • Shina says:

        I actually quit reading it for a while because I was too confused to enjoy it properly. When I was able to sit down and read it with someone who’d read it before and could explain the things that were confusing me it was a LOT more enjoyable.

        • benzrf says:

          I know! Personally, I used the wiki.

          That was a bad choice though.

          I ended up knowing exactly what the Scratch did before even hearing it referred to…


      • Mia says:

        I too found the numerous acronyms, zodiac signs and characters frustrating, so I ended up taking notes. Everything was much, much easier to follow then!

        However, that felt a little too much like homework. Homestuck is the kind of thing where, if you just want to read the story and enough, it will frustrate you. If you don’t actually enjoy juggling all the plot-points and time-skips and characters and timelines and stuff inside your mind (or with notes :D) then I imagine it must be insufferable.

        • benzrf says:

          Mm. If you ask me, the best way would be to find a friend who HAS read it, and then use THEM as a reference.

          I used the wiki (as posted above). It helped a LOT, but I don’t recommend it because you’ll get shitloads of accidental spoilers.

  2. mariposa19 says:

    GO GOBLINS!!!!

    I love this tournament! I’ve gotten into so many new (at least to me) comics!

    But my loyalty will always be with Thunt!

  3. Ash says:

    Oh God I knew it was going to happen, my 4 absolute favorite webcomics are all going to be against each other aren’t they? How will I vote!?

  4. Zanzanar says:

    I’m sorry, Girl Genius!

    I’m not sorry, xkcd!

  5. Caelo says:

    Man I don’t read any of the left hand side but GG Vs MSPA T-T and GC is one of my fav.

  6. Jac says:

    Noes, Romantically Apocalyptic! D:

    C’mon, fellow minions! Captain needs your votes! (As do Snippy, Pilot, and Engie!)

    • Flight says:

      RA is going down this round, but I have to say I am really glad for this competition as it let me discover it. The art there is fantastic and I love the sense of humor.

      Of course Goblins is still going to smack it like a red-headed stepchild.

  7. Midnight says:

    I’ve throughly enjoyed GC, Homestuck, Goblins, GG, and OOT for a long time now. I think its great that they all get to be in the top tier, it just shows how truly great the stories are.

    It doesn’t matter if 100% of what makes each one unique are to your individual taste, what matters is it gives you enjoyment. And these comics do this well

  8. TalesAscen says:

    Hmmm Goblins vs. RA.
    Sorry Captain, this ones voting in memory of the Chief

  9. Jeremy says:

    As a Goblins and Order of the Stick reader, I’m anticipating a difficult decision in the next round. I think my loyalties will have to remain with Goblins, but I’ll be sad to see OOTS go.

    • Maju says:

      Same here. However I must say the if Goblins, which has stayed no.1 in some webcoming listings for so long almost without interruption, beats the webcomic which raised more than 1.25 million bucks at their kickstarter it’d be a huge feat.

      My greatest doubt may be however if Goblins face Gunnerkig Court, hard choices ahead.

      But I have missed some excellent comics in this contest anyhow: Devilbear, Flipside, Legend of Bill, League of Superredundant Heroes, Curvy, Juathuur, Quantum Vibe, Drowtales, Underling, Depravia/Oglaf (best art online by far but NSFW), Flaky Pastry, Everblue, Waht it Takes, Planes of Edlor and The Noob (funniest gamer comic ever), just to mention some.

      • Cheese says:

        To be fair, I have not seen Rich of OOTS pimp out this contest on his news feed/twitter AT ALL, unlike some of the other higher voting webcomics. Perhaps he is not even aware of this contest? Especially since he just earned 1.25 MILLION dollars, he’s probably kinda busy!!! I don’t know, it’s just an observation, I love both Goblins and OOTS a lot.

        • Fish says:

          I think Burlew is aware, but values his concept of professionalism too highly to plug himself. Or he may not want to legitimise this contest.

          Then again, he is somewhat reclusive, so I suppose it’s possible that he’s simply not gotten the news.

          • Glenn Hauman says:

            One high-traffic webcomic creator told me he very specifically didn't promote Mix March Madness because he was a bit concerned about what his fan base might do. Seems they hacked a poll at least once before…

          • mightycleric says:

            He doesn’t seem to promote contests like this, and has asked readers not to vote for him on a monthly rating site because one time he did to see what would happen, and he stayed #1 for 3 straight months without much effort, but it caused constant crashes to that website’s servers (which might be what Glenn is referring to up there).

            He may be concerned that if he actually asked his fan base to vote on here that these servers might also stay almost constantly crashed with the high amount of traffic (though I’d be kind of interested to see the types of numbers OOTS would actually bring in if he did). The fact that he has not requested any votes at all on this contest and is still doing so well says a lot about how loyal and strong his fan base is.

          • techloveartist says:

            But guys, Andrew Hussie, the author of MSPA crashed the servers here twice…did he not?

            Regardless, I think for the last round, have both authors announce it or have it that both of them don’t so we get a nice fair final.

      • Anvildude says:

        I had a post written out comparing monetary donations between the two fandoms, before realizing it was petty and unnecessary. I understand that Homestuck might have a strong fanbase behind it, but that won’t stop me from supporting Goblins.

      • techloveartist says:

        Goblins is on top over there but not all webcomics are on the list though.

  10. User 18 says:

    “Too many updates”

    That doesn’t seem like a reason to dislike something. In fact, the most common complaint I hear about webcomics (including MSPA) is that the authors don’t update enough.

    In other news, I am astounded to see QC losing to anything. Although, if it goes down and MSPA continues, it’ll save me a difficult decision next round.

    I was torn over XKCD/OOTS. I started with XKCD a year or two ago, it was the first webcomic I ever read. I just discovered OOTS a couple days ago through this, and I’ve read through the full archives. In all honesty, I actually feel that both have declined since their beginnings, but both are still quality comics. However, I gave my vote to XKCD simply due to that initial loyalty. There was really no other way to make a decision.

    • Maju says:

      I’m not familiar with QC but for what I’ve browsed using the random button, it seems quite unremarkable (the art has improved a lot since 2003 however). It surprised me that it could beat SMBC at all and I really hope that GC wins here because it’s one of the best comics ever.

      • User 18 says:

        I would agree that looking at individual strips, QC is unremarkable. However, the overreaching plot is one of the few comics that actually has me very interested in the outcome and ending. Also, the random button only works with about 60% of the comic, due to an error in the code written during the comic’s earlier days.

        However, I will take a look at all 8 comics up there. I’ve only read 4 of them, and one I only started recently. When I have time. I’m pulling for MSPA or QC to win, only because those are the two plots that have gotten me invested in the story and characters, MSPA more so than QC. :::;D

        • nona says:

          If you are interested in plot-driven comics you should really give Gunnerkrigg Court a try. But make sure to read past the first few chapters, I think a lot of people are discouraged by the art in the beginning and simply give up on it… and that is a mistake! D: (at least in my oppinion ;) )

          • User 18 says:

            I’ll remember that. Thanks.

            The only way I got past the first act of MSPA was because my friend was messaging me ever 5 minutes asking ‘how far are you?’ I trusted my best friend wouldn’t lead me into something he knew I would hate. When I saw the inklings of a plot, a lot more fell into place. Then, at one point, I don’t remember where, I just went on to the next page, and went. ‘I understand what’s going on now! This is amazing!’ I can definitely sympathize with people who can’t tell what’s going on in Homestuck, but I agree it’s a mistake to give up on something awesome without getting a fair distance into it.

    • benzrf says:

      No offense, but you’re voting for a comic with <a href="http://xkcd.com/1029/"THIS as one of the latest updates over one with THIS as one of the latest updates?

      Although I’ll admit that a lot of the older xkcd strips were made of 100% certified win.

  11. Will says:

    I’m anticipating Goblins for the final vistory here. I was actually amazed to see usch a huge margin of victory over LFG as they are both great stories, although admittedly LFg has seemed slightly less interesting since they arrived to Kethenicia. I discovered RA though the initial round of this tournament, along with some other now deceased comics. And I love RA, but my loyalty sticks with Thunt. I will be slightly sad to see RA go down, especially as they have already taken down Girls With Slingshots which has long been another of my faves. Good luck to the top 8 and congrats on making it this far. Go go Goblins!

    • SharesLoot says:

      Yes, I’d love that. I like both, but originally found Girl Genius first. I stuck with Goblins though :-)

    • Cjzera says:

      If Goblins gets to the final 2, we will rally the tumblr armies, I’m sorry, but we simply must secure MSPA’s victory when the contest takes place so close to April 14

      • benzrf says:


        I’m going to charitably assume that was a typo, alright?

        **insert trollface here**

        But seriously, if the final vote DOES end on 4/13 and MSPA loses, I think I’m going to cry. Any other day? Maybe not. But on FOUR THIRTEEN. ;_;

    • Maju says:

      I read LFC since some time ago but it’s too full of silly jokes that don’t make me laugh at all and conversations that are a bit too artificial, I still haven’t quit but not really that interested anymore. The art is very good quality and sympathetic but you get tired of the silliness of the story (and non-jokes) quite a bit, specially after a while.

    • Maju says:

      I read LFG since some time ago but it’s too full of silly jokes that don’t make me laugh at all and conversations that are a bit too artificial, I still haven’t quit but not really that interested anymore. The art is very good quality and sympathetic but you get tired of the silliness of the story (and non-jokes) quite a bit, specially after a while.

  12. jeremy says:

    i cant. i cant do it. i just cant bring myself to pick between xkcd and oots.

  13. Torben says:

    I’d love to see Goblins vs. Girl Genius too, in the finale.
    I’m afraid I would be sitting paralyzed before the monitor,
    my brain melting, being unable to decide. It’s like the the left
    part and the right part of my brain. I like em both!

    And Zee Captain! It has come to this. Summoning
    The Mug could be the only saving throw, but I’m afraid,
    it’s To-Hit-Armor-Class-0 will not suffice to penetrate
    the Goblins armor.

    • CP says:

      Zee Captein’s mug would just lose to the Anymug anyway. Goblins is exactly the one comic that the mug won’t help him win against.

  14. benzrf says:




  15. benzrf says:

    Damn, I voted for QC over GC just because I haven’t read the latter… Now I feel guilty. :(

    • nona says:

      Aww, you don’t have to feel guilty… But you could make it up to GC by giving it a try :D (It’s quite good, really, just don’t dismiss it after the first few chapters…)

  16. Ague says:

    Thunt creates a personal relationship with his readers. I think that makes a huge difference.

  17. Pumpkins says:

    I don’t think it’s all that cool to say you dont care if whatever webcomic wins as long as X webcomic loses. Bringing bad juju in the battle dude D:

  18. Zamborius says:

    I can’t get myself to read Goblins. Nothing against it, seems to be good, but I just can’t stand the art. Everything looks so swollen and bubonic.

    • Fish says:

      The story is quite compelling, and the art style does improve.

      Unless you’ve seen THunt’s more recent work, and made judgements based on that?

      . . . yeah I have to admit I don’t really care about art styles. Everything is cool!

    • Moose says:

      I suspect you’re talking about the very early comics like this: http://www.goblinscomic.com/06272005/

      Although I suppose it is possible you’re talking about this story arc (Caution, spoiler-ish): http://www.goblinscomic.com/05272011/

      But for some reason I doubt you’ve read the more recent stuff because the artwork has improved dramatically. That, or you’re referring to the goblins or other races… In which case, they’re another race, they’re /supposed/ to look different. I’ll just leave you with this very recent example: http://www.goblinscomic.com/02142012/

      • Jac says:

        I think they’re talking about how the style seems to abuse the distort free-transform tools and the likes a bit, especially on faces. (Seems it’s not just me who sees that, now. Phew.)

        I can’t say anything about the storyline itself, because I honestly haven’t had much time to go read comics I haven’t read from this competition, but that aspect to the art style does bother me, and has ever since I first saw the comic. (Which was, admittingly, at the beginning of the tournament.) I’m sure it’s an amazing comic, but I can’t ignore that, being an artist myself.

        • Flight says:

          He doesn’t use transform tools as he draws it out with a stylus. I think you are talking about the occasional “mugging for the camera” looks.

  19. Techie says:

    Poor Romantically Apocalyptic…It needs more love!!!


  20. benzrf says:

    I am going to make a prediction that it will come down to Goblins vs. MSPA.

    poor oots


  21. Catface says:

    Voted OOTS – and hope it continues going, it’s a great comic and darnit, needs some good support and a win would be great! :D I love the fact that hints of plots and stuff that get spoken of and events that happened waay waaay back in earlier comics DO get resolved, even months / years later. I’m so glad that the earlier paper comics can now get republished with the kickstarter funds! :)

    • benzrf says:

      yes yes yes

      Page 659 is as awesome as MSPA ever was, just in a smaller package.

      That one page made me jump up and scream from the sheer awesome.



  22. not a Carbon-based organism says:

    ooh dang. it’ll be MSPA/HS vs. Gunnerkrigg next D:

    as a fan of both, i really do hope that Gunnerkrigg makes it all the way. The creator just quit his job to work on it full-time and he could use the prize, while Hussie’s already making money off t-shirts and hoodies :P

    • Fish says:

      Unfortunately, the prize is something like $100? I don’t know if that’ll make much difference to anyone now on the list.

      • Jac says:

        I know someone it would help a lot, but seeing as RA isn’t doing too well thus far in the round, I doubt it matters now. :/

        The artist who runs it, Vitaly, had his computer die on him last week for not quite known yet and unrepairable reasons. He doesn’t exactly make a killing off of his comic OR art the way some people might think — it’s a comic for the fans, supported by the fans. If they don’t help in some way every now and then, it’ll go down for good because he just doesn’t have the resources to do it alone. That’s part of why he’s still in the tournament at all, and part of why I’ve been voting for RA at every chance I can without hesitation. I can’t donate, so I feel like this is the next best thing to do, even if it is small.

        • Fish says:

          I just finished a quick readthrough, and it’s pretty great! It’s a shame it’s up against Goblins.

          Yeauhhh I kind of regret voting for Goblins.

      • Ash says:

        $100, which Hussie has already stated he’d spend on a gift card to olive garden and send it to a random reader to punish us for voting for him.

  23. logo says:

    MSPA v. Goblins as final versus.

    Calling it now.

  24. Dee says:

    Girl Genius! Girl Genius! Girl Genius!

    Sorry, never heard of MSPA/Homestuck before this and was totally put off by the art and seeming lack of plot or joke when I went to look at it.

    And Gunnerkrigg Court! Love that one too!

    • Fish says:

      I’d suggest giving Homestuck another chance sometime. I’ve found that webcomic styles vary so widely that someone who likes and regularly reads one comic is unlikely to enjoy another because they’re used to that one kind of work. And Homestuck’s styles vary so widely that someone who likes one part may be put off by another.

      Homestuck definitely has a plot (the strongest I’ve seen in any work of fiction, but that’s my crazy fan issues acting up) and humour (the widest range of humour I’ve seen in any work of fiction [ditto for this too]). It’s quite odd in the first acts, but I believe it’s worth it for most humans.

      Yes, though! Gunnerkrigg Court is most excellent. And Girl Genius, too.

    • Page of Space says:

      Homestuck having a lack of plot is the most amusing thing I’ve heard yet.

      A few thousand pages in and you’ll break down from all the information you’re receiving and the constant facepalms for not having noticed something earlier.

      Mind you, it only takes some readers one shot to get through. It took me two, another person three, and one of my friends SEVEN times to fully get into it. So leave it for a few months then come back, that way at least you’re making some progress until the epic parts come in.

  25. Zanzanar says:

    Hey, since there are a bunch of non-MSPA readers here, I want to try an experiment. Someone who’s not bothered about spoilers start reading at http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006013 and post what you think. (skip the intermissions because they’ll just confuse you.) I wonder if that will make a good introduction to the comic by itself.

    • s.w says:

      Start on act six and skip intermissions? That’d just confuse them more, especially if they decided to start reading the comic afterward. Though linking someone to a single Flash page is typically a good idea – it shows what things are building up to and if they start reading they’ll have forgotten spoilers by the time they get back to it.

      Anyway, I’m really rooting for Romantically Apocalyptic (even if I haven’t read it in ages), but alas. Also hoping OotS can hold its own…

      • Zanzanar says:

        The idea is that things start happening in Act 6 faster than they do in Act 1. Also, the reader doesn’t really need to know what’s going on, since the characters don’t either. I’m not sure if it actually holds up, though. That’s why it’s an experiment.

        • SharesLoot says:

          Having read 3000 pages of Problem Sleuth before ditching it and leaving MSPA for a distant future when I am either out of work or retired, I don’t see myself as a completely new reader. The page you linked to, Zanzanar, is real art, and I enjoyed the music. I quit on page 4 afterwards – reading MSPA is more a lifestyle than a casual read I can come back to anytime. It’s a novel with several thousand pages, and I don’t have that amount of time.

          Plus, I recognize it as art, and I laughed a lot at the beginning of Problem Sleuth. To me, it got tiring after a while, and it’s not my kind of art.

          I prefer Girl Genius, but I understand why MSPA fans love their comic/home/life replacement ;-)

          It’s just not for me. But maybe I’ll change my mind and listen to some more of the music :p

          For now, in this tournament, I want MSPA to crash and burn. Just because I like the other peading comics more (save xkcd).

          Note: that’s my $0.02, take them or leave them.

          • benzrf says:

            Hm. As for the life-replacement thing, I believe I am qualified to comment:

            It’s not so much a life-replacement as an obsession. I can’t be sure, but I’m fairly confident that it’s mostly the same thing as the LotR obsession that a number of people have. For me, at least.

          • Fish says:

            Problem Sleuth does not have 3000 pages!

          • benzrf says:

            Yes, it only has 1673 if I did the math right!

    • Torben says:

      The flash thing was quiet annoying for me. It’s not the kind of decent and
      skillful way, in which flash can be used, I can stand. Now that surely may
      be a personal opinion, that some share, and others don’t.

      I have the feeling, I have to fight against the artistic style, to keep reading,
      and continuing just don’t feels rewarding. I’m turning to the next page,
      in expectation of the things, people love about MSPA, and I feel, they
      are not there for me, not in the characters, not in story. They don’t
      swing with me. It’s like I watch something happening, being
      completely indifferent. :/

    • benzrf says:

      I dunno… Act 6 isn’t all that wonderful if you haven’t read the previous 5… Half the fun in it is meeting the new kids and seeing all the parallels and shit. Or something. IDK

      • Ash says:

        No no, the fun of act 6 is Hussie giving us new characters… to SHIP.

        joking of course.

        • benzrf says:

          I never understood shippers. :I

          • User 18 says:

            I never understood shippers until I read Homestuck. Now I have one ship, and the only reason I have that is, IMO, because of Hussie’s writing and wanting the readers to be invested in that ship. As ships go in MSPA, it’s pretty Canon.

            What I don’t understand is people shipping characters who have never spoken or interacted based on how they think those people would react to each other. That’s just crazy.

          • Alana says:

            Shipping is one of those things I think a lot of fans either Get or Don’t Get, kind of like fanfic in general, or roleplaying; and like fanfic and RP, a lot of people have different reasons for shipping, anywhere from “because it’d be hot if these characters made out” to “I am emotionally invested in these characters and want to see them happy together” to “god wouldn’t that just be hilarious? :D “, and sometimes any or all or none of the above for the same shipper and different ships.

            Personally, for example, I ship WV<3PM forever because they are just so cute and so many horrible things have happened to them and I really want them to be happy together; it's about how invested I am in the characters, and how much I care about how their lives turn out, including romantically.

  26. Mari says:

    I have to choose between Girl Genius and Homestuck.

    Why. ;_;

    • benzrf says:

      Because the world is an unfair place.

      Personally, I hope that I won’t have to choose between OotS and Homestuck…


  27. benzrf says:




    *disclaimer: I have not read GG.

    • mightycleric says:

      I would recommend reading it as it shouldn’t take too long to catch up and is a really enjoyable comic. It has a continuous plot and does a good job of foreshadowing (I’m still waiting to see one of those moments come to fruition).

      It also develops depth of characters and has continued to give more and more glimpses into many of the main characters to see how they have developed into the people that they are.

      • benzrf says:

        Hmm… That first part sounded like Homestuck. :p

        But in all seriousness, I do intend to read GG.

        Just as soon as I read Dr. McNinja, GKC, Goblins, and possibly RA.

        And also finish my Minecraft mod which is about half done.

        And implement the features I promised into my Minecraft plugin.

        And make a new Minecraft Youtube video since I haven’t uploaded in ages.



        • mightycleric says:

          I did mention some of those things because it seemed like you liked that about Homestuck, but also because those things are some of the things that drew me to it (my favorite webcomic of all time is OOTS, partially because of the masterfully written storyline, partially because I like 3.5, as might be gathered from my name, and partially because of so many other things that I can’t even list them here because it would become an even longer post).

          I can sympathize about the different webcomics to read, as I found myself in the same predicament during this contest (same list of comics that caught my eye seems to have caught yours), but I’ve now caught up on GG, Dr. McNinja (had to when he was up against OOTS, and I now will read it regularly because I did enjoy it), and RA (which is the quickest one to catch up on, by far, but is still really enjoyable, though quite different from most other comics I’ve read). I almost didn’t read RA, because it just didn’t sound as interesting to me at first, but I’m glad I gave it a try.

          I started on Goblins once, and sort of enjoyed it (but not as much as RA, which is why I voted for that), but I’m way behind and I keep telling myself I’ll start over soon. I’m catching up on GKC, and like it so far, but I’m just at chapter 15 out of the 37 that are currently there.

          Good luck catching up on all of them along with everything else. I would just recommend trying to read at least a decent sampling of GG while it is up against Homestuck, to try to give it as fair of a chance as you can. It is doing decently in the competition right now, which means a lot of people think it is a better comic, so why not check now, to see if maybe you will like it, too.

          • benzrf says:

            I would! But the issue here is not that I want to get my other stuff done first; it’s that, if I start reading it, I’ll almost certainly go into an archive binge. And then I wouldn’t have time to work on my mod, and then it would be delayed another week or two, which really isn’t fair to the guy doing the textures… :/

  28. benzrf says:

    Noooo, MSPA!


  29. benzrf says:

    Well, at least OotS is still pwning xkcd… :D

  30. Joe says:

    Hmmm…In the interest of fairness, I’m only voting between the comics I’ve read.
    While I love GG, I’ve never read MSPA/Homestuck, do no votes there. However, I believe that Thunt’s connection with the readers (posts, Twitter, streaming) and excellent plot and characters overcome Romantic Apocalypse’s humour and artwork. That’s not to say that Goblins isn’t funny, of course, just picking their strongest attributes. Incidentally, RC fans should check out the Youtube videos, ESPECIALLY “Romantically Apocalyptic” (not a very informative title, is it?).

  31. Cat says:

    I’m frankly a little disappointed that MSPA and Girl Genius are paired up against one another. I vote for Girl Genius simply because I find it a bit better, but partially because of the rabid Homestuck fanbase that constantly screws up these polls.

    Seriously, in this poll there’s been a ton of people I’ve seen outright disparaging other comics like Goblins! and Girl Genius when they’ve not read them, and especially when others don’t vote for MSPA implying that they’re idiots for not enjoying the MSPA stuff. It’s not a crime not to like something, and it makes me dislike the fandom’s crazed mentality even more.

    • FuzzyZergling says:

      I just read through all the comments above yours, and haven’t found any that attack other webcomics at all.

    • Dent says:

      I haven’t seen any of these things you’ve mentioned, except voting against an unread comic, which I’m pretty sure everyone has done at least once. MPSA is very different than all of the other comics presently on this list, and I understand how it doesn’t match the preferences of a lot of people.

      But I do not understand how “rabid homestuck fans” can “screw up” any polls, if polls are made to reflect popularity in the first place? Is naming your preference skewing the poll? I believe that’s the point of polling in the first place. I would even argue that it reflects even stronger on MSPA that for many people, there isn’t even any legitimate competition in their eyes.

      I don’t generalize “rabid OOTS fans” by greasy nerds who live in their mother’s basement at 40 years old. Please give us the same respect?

      I’m sure you have opinions about the different comics themselves, but please try to at least be rational about it, I guess is the point I’m trying to make.

      • George says:

        I think he’s talking about things like the fact that there’s a comment saying “Vote Homestuck! I don’t GG” and one saying “I like GG but don’t read Homestuck so I didn’t vote”… in other words, Homestuck seems to have more fans who will ignore details like not reading the other comic and vote anyway, or vote for it without paying attention to who it’s against, etc., and that’s unfair because the point of this poll was to have people check out webcomics they hadn’t read before and then vote, especially in these later rounds.

        • Fish says:

          I think this assessment is a bit unfair. I’ve seen quite a few fans of one comic assuming it’s the best and neglecting to read its opponent, and they’re not really localised to any specific fandom. They’re in the minority, though. Everyone seems to be giving new things a try.

  32. Char says:

    Not everyone in the MSPA fandom is an insane crazy who goes rabid when the comics are put down. In fact a lot of us are reasonable folks who enjoy the characterization, the complexity and the uniqueness of Homestuck and MSPA in general. I apologize on behalf of the fandom if the obnoxiousness of a few has given the whole webcomic (and yes it is a webcomic at the core, guys) a bad name.

    Anyway, best of luck to Girl Genius and all the other remaining contenders, but my vote goes to Homestuck. ^^

  33. Billyjoebob says:

    Hah! I love the comments section, mostly because it’s largely because most people are blathering on about homestuck, as though it’s got sixty squillion more votes than all the other webcomics combined.
    Also, I love how the homestuck fanhaters are all: blargh, the art work sucks; blargh, the convolutedness makes my head hurt; blargh, there are too many pages.
    Whilst the homestuck fanboys are all: blargh, the flashes are awesome, here, let me riddle you with links; blargh, the convolutedness is awesome, but you can only appreciate that once you’ve read all eighty million pages; blargh, there are too few pages, quick, someone pester hussie to make more.
    The point is, is that too many people are saying “blargh”, I mean, what does it even mean?

    Anyway, I just made this comment to say that the webcomics I voted for are objectively better than the rest, and anyone who didn’t vote for the exact same combination of webcomics as me is clearly an idiot.

    • a terrible person says:

      Not gonna lie, I’d kind of enjoy a final match of MSPA vs. xkcd, since I think they get the most ‘let me tell you in excruciating detail that I don’t read this comic and why’ complaints from the internet as a whole.

  34. GG versus Homestuck?


    I started reading the book form of GG a while back. It was certainly my kind of story, but I couldn’t get into it very well, whereas Homestuck’s general plot isn’t usually my cup of tea (Steampunk and Dystopia fantard here) but I absolutely adored it.

    So, sorry GG fans, but Homestuck has my vote!

  35. Phoenyx says:

    Nuuuuu I can see the RA peoples are voting a lot (starting to get past the other contestants) but it seems we must rally moar! >:O VOTE MINIONS! FOR CAPTEINNN

  36. Insan1tyNow says:

    Yeah, I think Homestuck is definitely one of the better comics out there. Although it does NOT have huge amounts of text in one single panel, the semi-innovative “Choose Your Own Adventure” type of advancement makes up for it in my opinion. also people die

  37. Giardia says:

    I was going to post a comment about the R.A. vs Goblins match requiring an asterisk due to the Goblins’ author being unable to post new material due to personal reasons.

    However, after reading R.A., I found that R.A.’s author is also unable to post new material. Something about a biomass getting into his ‘puter and releasing all the blue smoke out of the chips (computers run on blue smoke).

    Never read R.A. before tonight. I have read Goblins for a long time. Guess I will vote for Goblins, BUT I donated $20 to R.A.’s author for a new machine (hopefully with one with better blue smoke retention and efficiency).

    This entire “tournament” for web comics has been so cool. I never would have known that a fraction of these other great web comics existed without it! The way I see it, every one of these comics has won just by participating. More clicky clicky = good for everyone.

    Best of luck to all of these excellent comics in the final four round!

    • Giardia says:

      Seriously, anyone voting Goblins should read R.A. first. R.A. is visually stunning, and has excellent writing. R.A. is also experimenting with doing a live action version.

      R.A.’s author is less than 40% of his goal for a new machine to keep making their comic. We Goblins fans have been generous to a fault with Mr. Thunt. Let’s give some of that love to our worthy competitor. Vote for Goblins (or R.A. by all means… hell I almost did after reading it tonight), but go to Romantically Apocalyptic and send a few euros/dollars/pounds/marks/dinar/yen/rubles/gold fillings (wait… what?) to them. It would be a shame for R.A. to whither and die out because it’s author’s computer fried on him after 2 years of hardcore use making those extraordinary panels.

      Come on Goblins Horde, let’s show that we are the best and most gracious of victors. Donate a few bucks to R.A. to get that guy back up and running again!

      I was not paid for this. I am not a bot. I was not asked by anyone associated with R.A. or Goblins to post this. I just feel that good stuff needs to be supported. Plus, R.A.’s goal is tiny compared to the last Tempts Fate… I mean come ON! R.A. only needs like $2,500 and they are only at 40%!

      Let’s make it so both of these comics win this round! :)

      Thanks for reading! Have an outstanding morning, you sexy beast!

  38. Calico says:

    I really tried to read MSPA — but it’s exactly the “MSP” of it that makes it ‘bleh’ as far as a comic goes. I mean … ms paint?

    That and I get frustrated with the “picking up arms” gag and the complete strangeness of the using a key as a gun or peeing on the wall and whatnot.

    I get that it’s supposed to be a game sort of … but it’s hard to follow.

    Now Girl Genius? Brilliant art and really neat story that’s interesting :D The steampunkish aspect of it is so neat! All the machines :D

    • benzrf says:

      FYI, the first page of the first adventure was drawn in MSPaint.

      Nothing else.

      At all.

    • benzrf says:

      Also, take a look at this.

    • Page of Space says:

      Yes, Problem Sleuth can be weird, but at least give Homestuck a shot! Homestuck is done more neatly, with better (Or more confusing) plot and art. The style is fresh, having the dialogue/pesterlog/ in a section outside of the page in actual text format, while having captions so that everything is understandable. The art is neat, having a pixellated look while most other comics have smoother lines.

      Also, MSPA doesn’t have different panels on one page. And it also starts slowly, having a smoother beginning while I took a look at Girl Genius, finding myself dropped down into the middle of nowhere and feeling confused. There were too many people are too much details around the place that it makes me dizzy. The start is very heavy, making me bored and hesitant to read on.

      Also, quite a lot of MSPA pages are animated. Which is a thing that I really like. It could be just a simple GIF, or something ridiculous like [S] Ride the pony. But then later on, you start to see gorgeous things such as [S]Seer: Descend, [S]Karkat: Rise up and [S] Cascade.

      Maybe we all have different opinions. :3

      • benzrf says:

        The irony. THE IRONY.

        When you criticized GG just now?



        • benzrf says:

          *minus the too many people

        • Page of Space says:

          At least John’s bedroom isn’t as cluttered as the first few pages of Girl Genius.

          And at least he gets an introduction page? And we know the setting. It’s his bedroom, and it’s April 13th (A number VERY worth noting, because it is frequently recurring), he is also about to play a game.

          There is a lot of humor at the start (Or maybe my sense of humor is just crap). Screwing around with the Sylladex (And the Sylladex itself, in this case) was a rather fresh idea that made me keen to read on. Having so-called ‘commands’ with captions was a nice idea too, because you just can’t simply get through MSPA with them.

          The thing that made me quit Homestuck for the first time was the length of the pesterlogs, I even skipped some of it after I came back, so I ended up knowing half of how it works instead of how it completely works. That, of course, is a bad thing. New Homestuck readers: Whatever you do, please DON’T skip the pesterlogs!

          • benzrf says:

            FUCK THEM ALL

            Well, not all of them. The problem is that some of them are good and worth reading, while some of them are a huge waste of time.


            DAMMIT HUSSIE

      • benzrf says:

        Oops, meant bahahahaha.

        Also, there is no [S] Karkat: Rise up. Did you mean [S] Past Karkat: Wake up (aka Alterniabound)?

        Finally, I think you need to be a little less of the fan that everyone hates. No offense! I’m not saying you’re that guy, I’m just saying that you’re acting a littttle too much like him for comfort.

        • Fish says:

          Okay, dude, benzrf, could you just take this advice you just wrote? I think PoS was actually pretty okay right there. Sorry, I know I’m overstepping my bounds, but is there any chance you could slow down with the enthusiasm?

          I will try to take this advice as well, as I know I have been checking this comments section far too often.

          • benzrf says:

            Sorry. I didn’t necessarily mean that one comment, but I’ll try to look at my comments from another perspective before posting. :p

        • Page of Space says:


          How can I not remember that. ;A;

          Yes, what you said. Alterniabound and all that jazz. 8luh.

        • benzrf says:

          Oh god.

          I just reread that comment and realized how douchey I sounded.

          I’m sorry, POS!

          I was REALLY tired when I wrote that… Not that that’s an excuse. :/

  39. Page of Space says:

    For non-Homestucks (And Homestucks too), this is something I found on the MSPA forum board.

    Perhaps I should mention that this was written before Dirk and Roxy’s introduction pages. But I don’t think it matters.

    Let me tell you about Homestuck.

    Drawn into a story of wild fantasy

    Through humor quite stupid to you and me

    Reading on, the characters grow dear

    Your heart starts to warm as they draw near

    The daily updates begin to be

    Your only source of regularity

    Knight of time, the irony

    Heir of Breath, honest truthfully

    Seer of Light, why can’t you see?

    Witch of Space, will hopefully

    Bridge the gap of two universes

    Past wicked spells and ugly curses

    Laid thick by man of all creation

    An amazing, true abomination

    On your knees, you soon will be

    Shouting skyward, “ANDREW HUSSIIEEEEE”

    Make it through? Perhaps, perchance.

    The other side is worth a glance.

    Thief of Light, devious trickery

    Prince of Hope, all the irony

    Rogue of Heart, she’ll steal yours too

    Sylph of Space, strong and true

    Maid of Time, already dead

    Mage of Doom, shades blue and red

    Page of Breath, young and hopeful

    Heir of Void, STRONG and doleful

    Witch of Life, full of joy

    Seer of Mind, forever coy

    Bard of Rage, mirthful Messiah

    Knight of Blood, raging pariah

    The four joins twelve and becomes sixteen

    The sixteen watch a sight unseen

    Resetting the four, so there are four new

    We watch the Alpha session brew

    Maid of Life, the skeptical

    Page of Hope, exceptional

    Prince of Heart, truer than true

    Rogue of Void, far too young and new

    And through it all, galactic cancer

    And angel of doom, celestial dancer

    His crew of three join him there

    Hearts are large and strong, beware

    Diamonds calm, while keeping dues

    Clubs, though nice, will carry true

    Won’t you join us in this fantasy land?

    Hold your breath, and hold my hand

    Leading through the broken fourth wall

    Shoulders back and standing tall

    Scramble, Vagrant, shuffle through

    Your friend Serenity will watch over you

    Deliver, Mendicant, your wishes dear

    Your friend Renegade will always be near

    Search, Questant, for all you desire

    You and the Keeper will push everyone higher

    As the story moves according to their wish:

    Scratch and Condesce and Cal and Lord English

    Won’t you shake your fists with me?

    Take your soul and set it free

    Homestuck is what Homestuck is.

    And Homestuck is infinitely more than this.

    • benzrf says:

      Haha, nice.

    • Holly says:

      Oh god yes.
      I love this poem SO MUCH. I’ve even recorded it, but my English sucks so it turned out rather bluh, haha.

      I love the line “Hold your breath, and hold my hand”, because that’s what it feels like in this fandom and especially the forum. [/sentimental]

      I know because I have it in my sig quotes herpaderp

  40. a terrible person says:

    If people are sincerely voting against comics for their art style, why isn’t Romantically Apocalyptic winning? Surely its realistic, lavishly rendered style makes it the superior comic.

    • Matt says:

      I appreciate the objective artistic value of RA’s artwork, and the effort that goes into it, but I find it personally extremely unpleasant to look at, which makes it extremely difficult for me to read, on a purely sensory level. I am *not normal* in this regard, so I don’t expect anyone else to agree with this assessment. But the fact that I physically can’t get past the visuals of the art style to the point where I’m capable of reading and appreciating the story is why RA hasn’t ever gotten my vote in this contest, except for once by accident.

      To a significantly lesser degree, but still to some extent, this is why I find MSPA a turnoff. The enthusiasm of the fans here and the virtues they extoll is doing a pretty good job of convincing me that I’d probably eventually like it if I could get far enough into it, but I’m not sure it’s worth it to me, especially since I think I have enough such obsessions in my life as it is, and don’t really need another one.

      • benzrf says:

        True, I guess. Homestuck takes a significant amount of brain space! And if you try to use less space, you’d probably end up getting confused and enjoying it less… So yeah, maybe you shouldn’t read it.

    • Dammerung says:

      I don’t really like RA’s art though. While I adore Goblins look and feel.

    • a terrible person says:

      Hm. No love for satire.

  41. Page of Space says:

    Hussie tumblr’d again.

    And the votes surge. We’re gonna win this, Homestucks.

    • Gah says:

      Yeah, so that surge did bring you far… you barely made it to second place, if you count total votes, and you’ll end up third or fourth once this giant surge in the teacup has passed.

      OMG, I’m soooo scared you are going to crash this site again, MSPA freaks

      • Page of Space says:

        Now, I didn’t mean anything in an offensive way, did I? Nor did I brag about crashing the site, since it is stupid to do so, because that’ll just make everything inconvenient.

        Honestly, do you think that the MSPA fandom is all ‘LOL we crashed Newgrounds, watch out!’? All you’re doing is trying to spark an argument. Now that you’ve mentioned we’re in third or fourth place, does it even matter? If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it.

      • Blaperile says:

        PoS meant that we’re (probably) going to win THIS round. Not that we’re going to win completely.

        Honestly, we wouldn’t even care that much if we didn’t make it to the first place. It’s fun for us to unite as a fandom to vote for what we like.

        What’s bad about it?

      • benzrf says:

        Well, consider that last round, xkcd had the most votes of all, and OotS is currently pwning it.

        Fortunes can change!

        Although that means that MSPA might do horribly next round. XD

      • a terrible person says:

        But the site was crashing in previous rounds, so it doesn’t have anything to do with MSPA…

  42. poop says:

    goblins is gonna win this

    I’M SAD

  43. Optimatum says:


    Arguments and counter-arguments:

    1. MSPA doesn’t have a plot, or it’s too convoluted, or there’s too much random nonsense dragging it out

    First, make sure you’re reading Problem Sleuth or Homestuck, since the other two adventures definitely don’t, since they were entirely reader-directed. Problem Sleuth is a video game parody, so the plot is definitely silly, but Homestuck has one of the largest plots ever. Homestuck does drag out at first because it was still based on reader submissions when it began, but gets much better after the first act or two, both of which are quite short. And to say it has no plot would be ridiculous, considering how much foreshadowing there is, even at the very beginning.

    2. MSPA has a bad art style, it’s drawn in MS Paint, etc

    First thing, only the first page of the first adventure was drawn in MS Paint; the rest was drawn in Photoshop and Flash. Secondly, Homestuck definitely has the best art style out of all the adventures, so if you’re complaining about art go look at it. Third, Homestuck and Problem Sleuth both are based on video games, so their graphics are pixellated. And finally, if you think that MSPA has bad graphics, watch some of this (warning: MAJOR SPOILERS, so watch as little as possible), and make sure to have your computer’s speakers on.

    3. It’s too long

    Homestuck has been updating an average of five pages a day, so of course it’s long. However, these pages may be only a single image with one line of text, may be several pages of dialog, or could even be a several-minute flash movie. Pages isn’t a good measure of content. The upside is that you never have to wait long to find out what happens after a major cliffhanger. And aside from part of the first two acts, which are very short, stuff is always happening. There aren’t any boring or pointless tangents.

    • Matt says:

      Thanks. I’ll take this under advisement. If the issues that are making it hard for me to get into are confined to the first two acts, it may be worth it to me to push through them. I’ll consider it. I did try the Act 6 experiment above, and found it better than Acts 1 and 2, but not enough better to get me to read substantially further. But maybe I would regard it differently if I’d made it there through the normal course of the story. I’ll probably give it another shot before long.

      • Drillgorg says:

        Actually, there is a secret order to Homestuck’s plot! There are three plot climaxes followed by abrupt cold restarts of the action. We’ve been through two of them so far. Act one starts the plot very slowly. The first climax is the end of act 4, the first four acts are shorter than the later ones. After that we have a cold start when the trolls are introduced and the story starts revving up again. Act 5 is a monster, and by the end of it there is another climactic flash. Then act 6 starts from a standstill again by introducing four more kids.

      • Blaperile says:

        I’d suggest starting from the beginning. Even if some parts are understandable of Act 6 while starting to read there, there are a lot of things not explained which were explained earlier, including jokes and the Sylladex and such.

        If you manage to get through Act 2 completely and still don’t like Homestuck, then there’s a good chance you still won’t later on.

        • Matt says:

          I’m pushing through Act 1, and am getting farther and enjoying it more, which is to say, mild/idle amusement. I could see how some elements will probably tend to tickle my funnybone, and some will tend to irritate me (the social interactions depicted are younger than my demographic and hard for me to relate to). It looks like “something I’ll enjoy sometimes, if I happen to be in the mood for it.”

          It also seems to me to be not technically “comics”, by my definition. That’s not a value judgment on its articstic, social or entertainment value at all, just a semantic categorization issue, but such issues are at least moderately important to me. My personal definition of “comics” is probably primarily informed by Scott McCloud’s work. And in my mind (and not necessarily McCloud’s or anyone else’s), animated .gifs push the boundary of what I would consider “comics”, and flash videos bust right through that boundary and turn MSPA into a distinctly different art form. I would call MSPA more of an “interactive multimedia experience” or something. I don’t need anyone to agree with this opinion; I’m just explaining my opinion for those who are interested in the feedback of someone they’d like to convert into a regular MSPA reader. But my personal opinion, for what little that’s worth, is that it maybe doesn’t quite belong in this contest, but oh well, that’s not up to me.

          • benzrf says:

            Yeah, that’s true. That stuff doesn’t really change, so if it’s really bugging you, you might not do so well with Homestuck.

            But I do recommend that you finish Act 2 and maybe try Act 3; the plot starts to intensify and things start getting more interesting. And if you still don’t like it once things are in full swing, I won’t bug you any more about it.

          • benzrf says:

            Oops, wrong comment to reply to. UGH

        • Matt says:

          (Like many of my own posts, however, one thing I would say Act 1 of Homestuck is NOT, would be “short”. I’m factoring in Optimatum’s assessment of that act as something he considers “short”, and as a result, the amount of Homestuck that’s out there does seem fairly daunting, relative to the moderate entertainment value I’m getting out of it so far. But I also understand that the entertainment value rises geometrically rather than arithmetically, based on reviews of others, so I’ll work my way through up to Act 6 before I let myself give up on it entirely. May take a while, though.)

          • benzrf says:

            I don’t recommend doing that, actually. Act 6 is what we’re currently on, so going that far before judging would be like reading The Hobbit and the first two LotR books before judging THOSE. Moreso even, since Act 5 is practically a third of it so far.

          • Matt says:

            Ah, okay, thanks for clarifying. I’ll see if I can make it through Act 2, probably tonight or tomorrow, and then decide whether I want to try for Act 3.

          • benzrf says:

            Trust me on this. If you finish Act 2, you WILL want to read Act 3. The EOA2 ([S] WV: Ascend; EOA = End of Act)… Well, you have to see it. It’s just… I dunno how to put it. The least I can say is that it’s at LEAST thirty times better than EOA1 ([S] John: Take bite of apple).

            Once you see it, reply to this comment with your thoughts on it! :)

          • benzrf says:

            Also, “pointless jokes and silliness” is a good description of Act 1, unfortunately. >_<

          • Matt says:

            I’m a chunk of the way through Act 2, and beginning to lose interest in continuing further, at least for now. I like the story, the plot and the thematic elements, but dislike the art, the general style, and the characters. The dislikes are starting to outweigh the likes for me. I’ll lie down, maybe take a nap, and see if I’m up to plowing through the rest of it later.

          • benzrf says:

            Alright. I can understand where you’re coming from, but do be aware that the art gets quite a bit better later! ‘Sprite Mode’, the way most of the characters normally look (that is, using the basic sprites) slowly gets overshadowed (or at least equaled) by ‘Hero Mode’, which is a more streamlined, less pixelly art style mostly reserved for dramatic moments in the earlier parts.

            See: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100422041http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100422041http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100522005http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110304162

            Also, what’s your beef with the characters? Depending on the issue, it may or may not change. Can you elaborate?

            In any case, I hope it turns out that you like the later parts more! I do understand if you don’t though.

          • benzrf says:

            Oops, double posted one of those images. >_<

          • Matt says:

            My thing with the characters is probably mostly an age thing. I’m in my late thirties, so the way most of these characters develop and interact seems pretty far removed from my experience and difficult to relate to. They seem very much targeted to appeal to a younger crowd, and in my case, the targeting has missed. Sorry!

          • benzrf says:

            Yeah, that’s true. That stuff doesn’t really change, so if it’s really bugging you, you might not do so well with Homestuck.But I do recommend that you finish Act 2 and maybe try Act 3; the plot starts to intensify and things start getting more interesting. And if you still don’t like it once things are in full swing, I won’t bug you any more about it.

          • Matt says:

            That stuff usually doesn’t bother me, but with Homestuck it seems to be more of an issue for me than with other stories I enjoy, in various media. That might be something to keep in mind about Homestuck’s range of appeal, for future reference, if that’s not just me.

            On the other hand, it looks like I took a break right before things got interesting and John took a madcap pogo ride through his living room. That was entertaining. I’ll finish Act 2, and probably see how far I can get into Act 3, at my own pace. I think I’ve provided enough feedback for you here to get a sense of what it’s like for me, though, so I’m probably done with my progress reports for you, unless you have any last questions for me. Thanks for the recommendation!

          • benzrf says:


            The only other thing I really want to hear is your opinion on [S] WV: Ascend, once you reach it.

            Other than that, I’m done annoying you. :)

          • Matt says:

            Reached it. Kind of nifty, I guess. Some of the blinky text flashed by too quick and I’ll have to re-watch to pick it all out, which has happened a couple times before in some of these animations. Kind of annoying. But not bad. Interesting enough to keep me modestly curious as to where this is going.

            And don’t worry, you haven’t been annoying me. My only concern is that we don’t annoy other people further by using even more space here to discuss this. Thanks again! :)

        • Matt says:

          Are the act breaks explicitly noted? I’m wondering if I might actually be in Act 2 or 3. I’m to the part where John just figured out how to make a totem with the lathe.

          • Alana says:

            Yes, they are! Usually with curtains closing over the last frame of the End Of Act animation, and a caption “End of Act #”. You’re very, very close to EoA1, btw.

          • Matt says:

            Cool, thanks. Just finished Act 1. Decent breaking point for now. I may come back to this later.

    • Calico says:

      Yeah. I gave it a shot. Still, just can’t get into any of the stories, have clicked on every link you guys keep suggesting.

      I just think it’s kinda sucky because you guys keep saying ” NO NO BUT MSPA IS SO AWESOME NUUUUUU!!!!” every time someone else has an opinion. And you flood the page with little lackeys trying to convince everyone. Didn’t vote for it, and I don’t think anyone else should either. MY 2 cents.

      • Torben says:

        You’re putting my own thoughts in words quiet well too.
        ‘The superiority of MSPA is out of question, so an informed opinion
        has to put it over everything else.’ That’s quiet the mindset to
        convince people to one’s point of view.

    • Alasdair says:

      Should probably reply to this, since I was one of the people who posted bitching about Homestuck earlier.

      Basically what puts me off here is ‘the first two acts, which are very short…’. Christ! I read the first two acts last year, and it took a LOOOONG time. A few weeks I think. If that’s what’s considered ‘very short’, you’ve confirmed for me that Homestuck is definitely not worth the sheer investment of time it would require to read it. It’s not that size is inherently a bad thing; but if I was going to put that much work into reading something, I’d rather it be a great work of literature like War and Peace or In Search of Lost Time than, well, a silly comic on the internet.

      Homestuck: Life’s too short.

      Also, I watched a bit of that video you linked. While I can appreciate the work that went into it, I still just fiercely dislike the art style. All those pixellated lines and uniform blocks of garish colour make my eyes hurt. The music is nice though.

      • Alasdair says:

        On the other hand, if someone were to redraw the entirety of Homestuck from page 1 in a hand-drawn, naturalistic art style (e.g. like Gunnerkrigg Court), then I would consider giving it another go.

      • Alasdair says:

        Oops, my mistake. I was just browsing the Homestuck wiki to try to work out how far I read, and I actually read through the first 3 Acts before giving up at the beginning of the 4th. I think I did get through the first two fairly quickly, the third was much longer, so I can see what you mean about their relative length. Still not inclined to read the rest though.

  44. BillNyeTheRussianSpy says:

    …How did SMBC and PA lose? o_o

  45. Silver seren says:

    It’s funny, but i’m willing to bet that the reason why Gunnerkrigg Court (which I voted for) is winning is because Homestuck people are voting for it too, since it fits our sensibilities from liking HS.

    • Alana says:

      Yeah, they’re both fantastically good, and I frequently recommend Gunnerkrigg to people who want something more accessible than Homestuck for whatever reason (and there are honestly a lot of reasons to not be able to read a comic that relies heavily on twitchy gifs and MULT1COLOR3D L33T D14LOGU3, all arguments about it’s quality aside), or as something to read between Homestuck updates.

      Personally, I think they’re both completely valid choices to vote for! And, all things considered, I’m actually slightly regretting my Homestuck vote, because Siddell could definitely use the cash prize more than Hussie, right now.

      • Alana says:

        … ITS quality. Its. Not it’s. My god, myself, way to completely fail at trying to look like a reasonably intelligent Homestuck fan…! XD

  46. I am laughing about how Marmite-esque Homestuck is proving to be here. You love it, or hate it.

    …I don’t like Marmite, but I do Homestuck.

    • Alana says:

      Hahaha, this is a good description! Though I’ve also had a friend describe Homestuck as an internet virus, propagating by injecting its DNA into other fandoms… :P

      I think some of the problem with the fandom is that a lot of fans assume Homestuck is more like chocolate than marmite, and that anyone who doesn’t like it is either crazy or hasn’t gotten to the good stuff yet. Which leads to all the vigorous and sometimes rude and off-putting defense of it, because, seriously, who doesn’t like chocolate? :P

    • benzrf says:

      I give a shit because I am CURIOUS.

      Didn’t think anyone would notice, didja? >:D

  47. FuzzyZergling says:

    Based on current votes, I think a Homestuck/Goblins showdown is very plausible.

    Which is good, because I loves both.

    And also terrible, because I love both.

    • Aera says:

      I think if it’s those two in the end, I’m going to have to sit that one out. Homestuck is my favorite, but I’ve been loving me some Goblins. Most recent find and loved every minute. And Thunt’s bribe of the world map is just the mental urge I need to make me too undesisive.

  48. Mraof says:

    Seems to me as if it will come down to Goblins and Homestuck.
    I’ll probably vote for homestuck at that time due to the fact that it was the first webcomic I read, and also is the one that I have gotten into the community

  49. techloveartist says:

    For the record, I do find it ridiculous if people are judging a webcomic according to art style. Clearly there is more to a webcomic then its art… Romantically Apocalyptic is BEAUTIFUL but it’s already knocked out. That should be a lesson on that honestly.

    I also find it kinda ridiculous if people are complaining MSPA being a ‘pseudowebcomic’ when in fact, it is more of a WEBcomic then (as far as I know) than anything else here.

    A webcomic really should push the boundaries of it being on the web and not just a comic on the web. You have the technology to expand from a book…why aren’t other people using it?

    I’m guessing it’s gonna be MSPA and OOTS but anything could happen. On the contrary, if they both make it to the final, they both should announce it for a fair game. Either that or not allow either of them to.

    For people that actually like MSPA as well as Goblins/OOTS, I think it would be interesting if you guys don’t choose MSPA and kinda test the Homestuck fandom that way. XD

    • Holly says:

      Can’t say I blame people for the art thing, though, tech. I find myself going NO PLZ I CAN’T READ THIS every time I see a page Of Order of the Stick, and that’s just going by the style. Maybe I’m just picky.
      I also think I’ve gotten so used to the MSPA layout that I’m annoyed by the traditional comic pages, whoops. Like, why is there text IN THE PICTURES?? :b And “several pictures at once?!? That’s just way too cluttered”.

      • techloveartist says:

        Pfffft. Hi Holly!

        Anyways, it is not like it hasn’t happened to me either. I had to get used to the style of One Piece but I glad I did and enjoyed what I read. Also with Homestuck, I really just rolled with it for the first Acts. Getting past the art, people can find a lot of hidden gems and I do think being picky is a loss than anything else. RA is the most developed in its art form but the reason why is falling behind this comic is because there is not a lot of content for it and it is young.

        • Holly says:


          Yeah, One Piece is something, alright. :b
          Sadly, art style that does not please me is a big turn off. I can barely look past it and enjoy the story.
          Thing is, I think Homestuck looks awesome. I had no problem with it from the begining and you know those gems are just riddled throughout the comic. Bilious Slick for example. Seriously. *swoon*

          I guess….I had a point here somewhere…Oh right! I understand how people can get just annoyed at the HS art style, because I don’t want to be a hypocrite. xD
          But I think it’s beautiful. Land of Maps and Treasures, anyone?? The recent pages with the walk up to the pink moon? The sprites are cute and Andrew is so good with expressions. [<== opinion] All of [S] John: Reunite with your loving daughter and wife? :u

          BTW tech, have you noticed that Andrew hasn't used the art team art since Cascade? o:

          I've never even heard of RA before. I've read a laughably small amouts of webcomics, really. We'll see when Homestuck is over. :p

  50. Thoughts says:

    This might not be the best idea I’ve had, but I need to let off a bit of steam.

    There have been multiple comments on how RA doesn’t follow a story, and is merely a string of failed joke comics, and I’m telling you that you’re wrong. Yes, the comic started that way (Although in my opinion they were great.), but on page 18 the current plot started, and around page 59 Vitaly started posting bios and blogs outside of the comic pages themselves that revealed so much more. If you just read the comic itself, well, you might not understand it all. I’ve seen it happen, even with people who love the comic. However, if you do take the time to read those bios you can learn the back story, you can learn about the characters, about everything, and it makes so much more sense.

    Yes, it is a younger comic. Because of that there aren’t many pages at the moment, but that doesn’t make it bad, either. It’s so much more than just a column of pretty pictures, and it shames me that some people can’t see that.

    I also understand that some people just don’t click with it, and that’s acceptable. Heck, I don’t click with some of the comics left right now, but I still respect them for what they are. Just don’t badmouth things before you try them and find a real, legitimate, reason to. (“Not funny/bad jokes/stupid/etc.” is not a good reason, unless they’re bad in some kind of horribly morally wrong way.)

    As a final note, this doesn’t just apply to RA. It applies to every comic that was good enough to make it into this tournament in the first place, ESPECIALLY these last few.

    • techloveartist says:


      I love RA but I think the issue that RA had in this competition is that it falls short. Other comics here has quite a history/content.

      • Thoughts says:

        I know, I and already knew that it would have issues because it is younger, but all of the blatant disrespect I’ve been seeing from all ends about ALL of these comics was driving me nuts, so I had to let it out.

        It’s a just a poll, people. Relax a bit, put down the pitchforks and torches and just enjoy it.

        • techloveartist says:

          Yeah, there is a lot of people that are a fan of one of two comics up here AND refuse to be even opened to the other comics in the sense of FANDOM REPRESENT. Sure, I’m mostly here to support MSPA mostly but this contest actually make me wanna eventually check out all the comics nominated in the first place. In the nominations, I voted for like 20 and wished I knew more then.

    • Anonymous says:

      I gave up reading it after a few pages of non-jokes and no plot. Tried it again after reading your comment and got to the good stuff. Thanks. :D

  51. Cyanide says:

    It looks like Romantically Apocalyptic is going to fall to that goblins thing. I know, it sucks but in my opinion the contestant in this that I dislike the most is that ms/homestuck thing. It also seems as if Gunnerkrigg Court will make it to the next round. Now, if you have read both R.A. and Gunnerkrigg, then you may have seen the same similarities that I do. Such as maturity, humor and a respectable level of insanity. My proposal is that all the people that voted for R.A. to now vote for Gunnerkrigg in the next round because I looked up all the other contestants for this tournament and most of them seem to lack in what makes a truly good comic.

    • Arram says:

      The irony of this is that a lot of the people who voted for GC are probably doing so because the author of Homestuck said to vote for it if they were not inclined to vote otherwise.

      • User 18 says:

        Wait, so Hussie is the reason QC isn’t winning? -_-

        • Mantis says:

          No, GKC is the reason QC isn’t winning. Most people voting for GKC didn’t need Hussie to tell them to vote for it. Also, he wouldn’t have plugged it if he didn’t like it, I imagine.

          • Jeeevas says:

            Maybe I’m the minority but two of my friends and I are several of those people who vote for GK because Hussie promoted it. And yes, GK does suit my taste better than QC, although I haven’t read most of it. Maybe we shouldn’t jump to conclusion of where webcomic X get its votes, because no one can legitimately know.

          • Malisteen says:

            I never much cared for QC, but wasn’t going to vote just to vote it down, since I didn’t know GC. Hussies comments prompted me to read it, and I found I liked it, so I voted.

            So I guess I voted GC over QC both because Hussie told me to and because I genuinely like it better. Not that that’s a big stretch, because I have tried QC before, and never did like it.

    • techloveartist says:

      True, even Hussie is a GC fan.

      I love Homestuck myself so I am voting for it but I also love RA and I need to get back to GC.

    • plarby says:

      What’s wrong with Goblins, and why are you calling it a thing? It’s got a bigger fanbase than your Romantically Apocalyptic, which I’ve never heard of before this event. I don’t even know what the QC and GC are. I’ve voted Girl Genius even though I like both GG and Homestuck, neither creator of which have asked me to vote on anything. I voted XKCD because I know of it and follow it.

    • Falkon Nightsdale says:

      Actually I’m really surprised by succes of MSPA at all…

      What kind of ppl can LIKE that…

      Poor painting, childish texts, childish plot, nothing interesting, no irony, no sarcasm, no “any other kind of (funny) jokes”, no parody…

      Yeah, I guess, that before I was cured from “nerdism” I would like it, too, but as far as I’m aware that luckily it’s minority…

      • Isis Marie says:

        I am afraid it is a person like me who likes it. I read Questionable Content, as well as xkcd and many others not on this bracket, never heard of the other ones here, but I am constantly checking up on Homestuck, it is by far my favorite web comic. The art for many of it is basic, at some points amazing, but art doesn’t make a comic, and each comic has its own unique style, which the reader just has to accept. There is still some humor here and there, some blatant sarcasm and sheer ridiculous moments, which makes it entertaining. And the plot… childish? I may still be in high school, but the compleixity and background and build up… it’s like saying that Avatar: TLA is for little kids! (If you think that way, I beg to differ, but suit yourself.) The characters are fascinating and relatable, the story line is jumpy but consistent to the end, and the art, especially fan art, is amazing at many points. And that, sir, is why I like MSPA. Have a nice day.

  52. Drillgorg says:

    Sigh, round six will be very difficult to me. On one hand MSPA is my all time favorite, but GKC is a close second. GKC deserves the win more because it needs the popularity (the author recently quit his job to do webcomicking full time). But I feel like if GKC won, they would lose in the finals, whereas MSPA has a good chance of winning the finals.

    • NK says:

      It’s the same situation for me too. I doubt GKC will win in the finals, it might win if Hussie promotes it on tumblr. After all he did it once, he might do it again. But then again he might not. Maybe the haters of whatever webcomic GKC will be competing against will vote for it. But it can also be the other way around. Augh, this will be a hard choice. In any case, I’m not looking forward to round 6.

  53. Insan1tyNow says:

    Alright, alright, stop arguing over which one is better and just flippin’ pick one. Sheesh. No need to start flame wars.

    • Drillgorg says:

      Are you talking about MS Paint Adventures versus Gunnerkrigg Court? I’m not sure a flame war is even possible between those two comics. If anything, a lot of us will be torn between them.

    • Matt says:

      I haven’t seen anything in any of these comments that I’d call a “flame war.” Just enthusiastic debate, and mostly respectful debate at that. Anyone who gets a bit disrespectful seems to be cluebatted appropriately, and respectfully. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  54. mightycleric says:

    Well, the last true underdog went out this round. From the looks of it the comics left are the ones that before the tourney started were ranked: 1 (MSPA), 2 (Goblins), 5 (GC), & 6 (OOTS). The ones eliminated were ranked: 3 (xkcd), 4 (QC), 9 (GG), & 106 (RA).

    GG was a little bit of an underdog, taking on the overall top seed, but still got a respectable amount of votes before the bracket. It was really cool to see RA do so well, though, as before the contest started, it only received 238 votes, and yet it finished with over 8100 when going up against the top voted comic of this round.

    I was sad to see both underdogs lose. I really like GG and can’t get into MSPA at all for a lot of reasons that I’d rather not list for fans of it to try to tell me why I am wrong in my judgment of what I would like (though I am not saying that all of the fans are like that, but there are some who are).

    I also really like RA and thought that it was very well written even though it is still growing, and I don’t want it to die out as I want to see how the story progresses. I think that, based on how many people seem to have fallen in love with it from this contest, it might have been the best comic to win since I think the true point of these contests is introducing more people to well-made webcomics for them to love.

    I was also rooting for those 2 because they did as well as they did despite the fact that the top 2 seeds overall (their competition) had their authors very publicly announcing this contest. I’m not saying that the campaigning is bad, but it made me root for the underdogs even more (it is possible, since GG drew close multiple times, that had there been no author campaigning that the top seed would have lost this round).

    I am now interested to see how the MSPA fans will vote, though, as the author of their comic seems to want GC to win, even against his own webcomic. Will they stay true to the comic itself, or to the author of the comic. If they are confident that they can win the whole thing, then they should be confident that they can win the whole thing for GC, too.

    On the other side, it will be interesting to see the clash of the D&D webcomics and see which comes out on top, especially based on the vastly different approaches of the authors. The author of Goblins has been campaigning for votes from the start (and as a result gained the most votes of any webcomic in this round).

    The author of OOTS, in contrast, has not said a word about the contest despite the fact that different people from the forums have asked. Despite that, though, OOTS continues to make it through so far, but they will have to take out the previous round’s top voted comic for the second consecutive time if they want to make it to the finals.

    I’m still rooting for the underdogs, according to initial seed and I hope to see the lowest seeded comic still in the tourney come out on top in the end. (To be clear, I’m not voting just based on who is or isn’t the underdog, but I’ve just found that the comics I like more in each of these four contests, and the next two, happen to be the lower seeds.)

    Whatever happens, though, I will be happy that I got to watch this tourney, that I found some new webcomics to read and knowing that “I participated!”

    • mightycleric says:

      Apparently when I write when I’m tired, I end up writing a lot more than I’ve thought. Sorry about that.

      TL;DR version:

      I was sad to see that the last true underdog got knocked out. RA was seed 106 overall, it appears. I was rooting for the underdogs this past round, and will next round, too (but based on the fact I like them more, not because they are underdogs). I’m hoping that OOTS wins it all, but no matter what it has been a really fun contest to watch and be part of it.

      • Pylgrim says:

        Hehe, you really can’t call GG an “underdog”. It has been winning webcomic contests almost from its inception (the ones that grant actual physical awards, too!) RA deserved all the press it got, though and I’m happy it made it this far.

        I’ll be voting for GC over MSPA even though the latter is dearest to my heart. Hussie already has more fame that he knows what to do with, and while GC is not precisely an underdog either, now that Tom has quit his job is the time when his comic needs all the press he can get.

        I hope next year it will be the turn of The Abominable Charles Christopher to be the underdog in the top 8. It’s in my opinion the only sore absence from this bracket.

        • Dasrak says:

          ACC is very good, but its update pace is so sluggish I really can’t see it breaching into the top 8 in its current format. ACC only updates once a week, and the updates are rarely more than 3 panels. It’s simultaneously juggling about a dozen minor plot arcs in addition to the main story, and on top of this about half of its content is actually once-off filler gags.

          Because of this, it literally takes years for the individual plots to advance. The fact that ACC has gathered a strong following in spite of this glacial pace is testiment to just how good it is, but I don’t see it getting very far in competitions like these. For the record, I was voting ACC until it got knocked out.

  55. LK says:

    Homestuck should never have made it past the first round. ;-; The art is so terrible, jesus christ. Can you say unfunny and lazy? (Yes you can) Especially in the latest parts. It’s like Hussie isn’t even trying anymore

    Out of the remaining ones so far either GG, GC or RA need to win.

    • Alana says:

      One could say that, but I think one would be mistaken; even highly simplified and stylized art takes time, and animation means drawing or altering the simple art several times over, which is more difficult that one might think without doing it; and doing that on an average of five pages a day, for nearly three years, with only one three-month break to make a flash animation that’s the length of an Adventure Time episode, writing tens of thousands of words of text to go with the five-thousand-some panels drawn… is lazy?

      You need not like Homestuck or its habits of reusing material to form a self-referential web, because (as mentioned on the first page) it really is the Marmite of webcomics, strange and not to everyone’s taste– but to call it “lazy” is blatantly untrue.

      • Blaperile says:

        Yeah, in fact you could say that Hussie is one of the LEAST laziest webcomic authors out there.

        You wouldn’t believe how much time he spends for his story.

    • Bob says:

      This is literally the stupidest argument you could make with XKCD and Order of the Stick in the very same round. Guess what? Sometimes a simple style is the better format for a comic.

    • Drillgorg says:

      You should read Hussie’s other comic: http://www.mspaintadventures.com/sweetbroandhellajeff/

      We didn’t enter it in this tournament because it would just unfairly beat out all the other deserving competition.

    • techloveartist says:

      I have seen plenty of funny (question of taste) and honestly, I don’t get people that is looking at art as a top criteria honestly. The guy takes shortcuts which none of us cannot disagree on but seriously man, right after he’s done with the last pages, he’s out working on the next ones.

      In fact, I think he’s one of the many webcomic artists that is working up to his limits though.

    • Eq says:

      Have you seen [s] Cascade? I don’t think you can call out laziness and bad art on that.

    • Optimatum says:

      Did you actually read Homestuck? I don’t think so, somehow. Go watch part of this with your sound on and then come back and say Homestuck has bad art, a bad plot, and Hussie is lazy.

    • Wulfgar says:

      I’m sorry. But your inability to see the things for as they are inevitably
      show that your perception is flawed. You have been presented
      with insights, infallible logical arguments, by determined individuals,
      schooled in the high arts of soothing rhetoric. If you can’t see the
      righteousness of a caste of open minded fanatics. Now, there are
      for sure technical ways to enhance votes, to show you your
      limited vision. This is not over, step into the light, Brother!

      • Malisteen says:

        protip: troll is trolling you. Sure, someone might legitimately not like the art style, or might honestly not jive with the Huss’s sense of humor, but the giveaway is when they called Hussie – one of the most prolific updaters in webcomicdom, lazy. Also, you can tell by the big, goofy grin, and “U mad?” caption floating above their head.

  56. Danna says:

    One thing that I think it is REALLY fun:

    If Hussie says “Vote for MSPA”, there would be a great chance we’d win this thing easily. Even though I doubt he will.

    But well, I don’t know those other fandoms. The Goblins one seems really strong, to be honest. I wonder how close the “fight” would be if MSPA and Goblins ended up in the finals.

    I’ve checked up those webcomics, and the only one that I found interesting was Romantically Apocalyptic. To be honest, I’d be happy if RA won, the art is amazing and the story is original and simple, but… Goblins. :c

    I really like xkcd too, but for some reason I prefer those other two…

    Also, I guess GC deserves to win, too. Since the author quit his job and needs more popularity and stuff. So, I’m voting for GC, not BECAUSE Hussie said, but because of WHAT he said. If you guys understand me.

    • FuzzyZergling says:

      I think it’s safe to say that a MSPA/Goblins finale is likely to happen.
      I’ll be voting for MSPA, but Goblins is also one of my favorite comics and I’ll have absolutely no problem if it wins.

      The only regret I have with this tournament is that Erfworld was eliminated so early. Oh well, having ALL my favorite webcomics make it would be too good to be true.

      • Danna says:

        Agreed. Also, I wonder in what webcomic the other fans will vote in the final. When there are just two to pick. Someone said it’d be fun if MSPA fans that liked both Goblins and Homestuck voted in Goblins just to test the rest of the fandom. Well, I find this HIGHLY DANGEROUS but I still got curious as well.

        Also, I have the same regret feeling with Cyanide and Happiness. I love this webcomic dearly because it was the first I started reading, even before knowing what a webcomic was…

  57. me says:

    where’s the next round (6) voting?

  58. Yao says:

    Oh god no. I love Cyanide and Happiness, and while I also do like MS Paint Adventures, I also feel bad that the former is out. D8

    Well, there’s still xkcd, which I would REALLY love to see winning.

  59. Curious1 says:

    And how does one vote, exactly?

    • Drillgorg says:

      Voting is closed right now, next round starts on Monday if the guy is sticking to his pattern.

      • Curious1 says:

        That’s good to know, and appreciated, but doesn’t answer the question; when the voting is open, will it be clear on *how* to vote, exactly?

  60. Will says:

    I’m ready and waiting excitedly for the next round! I do want to throw my opinions in though, as everyone has. I personally am pulling for Goblins as I’ve mentioned before, but I also realize you probably need to go through teh archive and read the full comic to be addicted to it as many of its fans are, the author has been going througha lot in real life, and some updates have been sluggish because of that, and he does self-promote on his page, but I respect the fact that he has done so comically and with respect to the other comics. His latest post even specifically mentions not expecting to win, but again, he writes the whole thing comically and always tells teh readers to go and check out teh other comic, and mentions that that he did and that he likes the comics as well. Again, the whole point of this competition is to expose us to new things, and it certainly has done that. Just liek I personally am not a fan of Homestuck, I tried each and every round, but I just can’t get into it, there’s no fault in that, and it’s easy to see with any of these comics that there is a tremendous amount of time and thought put into them. I will probably vote GC, but it’s because I truly enjoy the comic more than MSPA, just like I was pulling for Oatmeal, and Girls With Slingshots, and Erfworld, these are things I have enjoyed for a very long time. Plus, for me the hardest vote was between Goblins and LFG. That being said, good luck to our top 8, and I can’t wait to vote on teh final four, and more excitingly, watch how teh voting plays out! Sidebar: Please ignore my terrible typing, I hate all teh mispellings, but I am short of time to go back and fix them.

    • Malisteen says:

      The problem with having to go through the goblins archive is both its length and the fact that the art style has come a long way since the early days, and since the visuals aren’t exactly the main selling point of the comic [i]now[/i], that’s saying something about how they were [i]then[/i]. This is an advantage Homestuck has on Goblins, since Hussie cycles through entirely new stories as he goes. You’ll miss a couple in jokes, but you don’t have to read the archives of Jailbreak or Bard Quest to get Homestuck, so new readers starting with that story get a comic with a relatively mature visual style to begin with. Plus, though it’s not everyone’s prefered style, it must be said that the crisp edged sprite art tends to hold up a bit longer then anti-aliased hand drawn work. On the other hand, the first couple chapters of Homestuck progress at an absolutely glacial pace, due to the whole taking reader suggestions thing, and there’s an awful lot of text, which a lot of webcomic fans aren’t exactly overjoyed to see. It will be an interesting competition, provided there aren’t any upsets in round six, and that Hussie doesn’t throw it by blatantly putting more weight behind GC.

      • lol says:

        You realize that the beginning of goblins still has better art than homestuck? >.>

        • 0_o says:

          Now I see why you call yourself lol… you say laughable things sometimes.


          You tell em, brah…

          • lol says:

            its cheap fun :P

          • The evil says:

            Not so much as better: as un-good. and Home struck struck home with ungood.. If I were to pee in the snow I think it would remind me a little of home-struck.. but if I were to draw I think it would not remind me of it.. In short why compare apples to oranges when we have pee on snow and art..

  61. someone says:

    Just to let you know- I voted in the first round, however I now cannot vote in the second round. It’s been two days and the “vote” option has not reappeared.

    If all the first round voters are experiencing these problems…hell, if even a significant portion are…

    • Glenn Hauman says:

      Which round are you trying to vote in? And when did you vote? This round is closed.

      If you know what your IP address is, that would help.

  62. Blazeaceofaces says:

    How dare you put my favorite comics against each other DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT HAS BEN TO CHOOSE!? D:

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