How To Manage A Media Attack On Your Comic Book Store

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3 Responses

  1. This is a wonderful set of guidelines. I’m sure many retailers and/or their employees are not prepared for these kinds of situations (I know I wouldn’t be) and I hope as many see this as possible.

  2. John Judy says:

    Great guidelines all. However, as a rule one should simply refuse all contact with anyone carrying a microphone with a Fox logo on it. Such people are not journalists. They are aspiring Glenn Becks looking to attract indiscerning eyeballs with the words “sex”, “kids” and “threat.” A more cynical man than I might speculate they were simply preparing a credible excuse for all the underage porn the cops will eventually find on their hard drives.
    Also, it couldn’t hurt to have your own video camera at the ready in order to have a record of what was actually said during their attempted ambush.
    Just a thought.