‘Thor’ Movie Annotations

Marc Alan Fishman

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6 Responses

  1. Will says:

    Wasn’t the Infinity Gauntlet supposed to be an Easter egg? I know I missed it!

  2. The scientist that Erik talks about e-mailing is Ant-Man, but the name was removed because they thought two references in a row was excessive.

  3. David Scholes says:

    That’s a great list – I didn’t catch all of those things but did catch the JMS and Stan Lee appearances.

    As well as the Infinity Gauntlet (mentioned above) I’m pretty sute the casket of ancient winters was in there somewhere – I think in Odin’s chest.

    As an Aussie science fiction writer:
    I’ve written some Thor fan fiction. Scroll down below my author profile to see over 40 stories:

  4. James Baker says:

    David- the casket of ancient winters was the thing the Frost Giants came to steal, and what Loki used to freeze Heimdal.

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