Doctor Who’s Nicholas Courtney: 1929-2011

Mike Gold

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3 Responses

  1. mike weber says:

    Yeah. Never met the man, though my first wife did (she was a bigger Who fan than i).

    The Brigadier and Sergeant Major Bennett (that was the name, wasn’t it?) make a brief anonymous appearance in John M Ford’s Star Trek novel How Much for Just the Planet, BTW.

  2. Miles Vorkosigan says:

    Played the Brig so calmly it was insane. He was utterly unflappable. On another site I was reminded of his coolness under fire, with one quote: “Chap with wings, five rapid.” That was, I think, a Pertwee episode where they were shooting gargoyles or something. When the series came back, and we got UNIT again, I was praying for Lethbridge-Stewart to return, and sad when he didn’t appear, but figured there was a reason. There is now.

  3. Coin says:

    Actually, we did get to see him in the role one last time in the Sarah Jane Adventures in 2008 and he was just as awesome in that as always. Wasn’t even just a small cameo either, he was fully in the storyline.

    So sad to lose him, would have loved to have seen him with another Doctor, his reactions to the regenerations were always funny :)

    Have a view of this for that line you mentioned as well