Comic Book Icon Explains Events in Egypt

Russ Rogers

Singer/Songerwriter, Comedian, Child Wrangler

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4 Responses

  1. mike weber says:

    But “Mother Jones” writers would never read anything so plebeian as comic books, so of course all they know about it is the movie…

  2. Derek says:

    That’s Tutankhamun’s death mask, not the Sphinx.

    • Russ Rogers says:

      Ha! Derek, you are SO right! Here I was so consumed with making the minor correction of Mother Jones (that the Guy Fawkes image originates with the “V for Vendetta” graphic novel, not the movie), that I totally missed the BIG mistake. That is not the Sphinx, but probably Tutankhamen’s death mask. Nice catch.

  3. Brandon Barrows says:

    That reminds me of an incident in my LCS a few months ago. A teenaged girl started squeeling with glee and her father rushed over, asked “What? What?!” and she said “They have comics based on Scott Pilgrim! I am so into him since I saw his movie”.

    Not that I’m saying Mother Jones writers have the same cultural awareness as 14 year old girls…
    Mother Jones