Free Nic Cage!

Mike Gold

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3 Responses

  1. Brandon Barrows says:

    I like Nic Cage. I think he's a good actor, I think he seems like a decent guy. However, someone is picking terrible projects for him. The movies he's been for quite awhile are just…well…not great. Knowing was terrible, but those others mentioned (except for Ghost Rider and the National Treasure movies) I'd never even consider seeing. Ghost Rider wasn't even that great. Okay, not but great.In fact, when I first saw the trailer for Bangkok Dangerous I told my buddy that it seemed like someone was trying to sabotage Nic Cage's career. Maybe it's Nic Cage? I sure hope not.

  2. Glenn Hauman says:

    Ironically, if he'd kept the comics his ex-wife insisted he get rid of, he probably wouldn't have the financial problems that are requiring him to take on so many movie jobs of dubious quality.

  3. mike weber says:

    … there's a great Batman movie villain inside him, just waiting to come out.Yep – the best Joker ever.