The Point Radio: DEADLIEST WARRIOR Season Two Preview

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1 Response

  1. kelly says:

    This is for the deadliest warrior show Hi! I saw your new season and I saw you are guna have a nazi terrosit. How dear you alow that scumbag peace of scum on the show may I say the united states show. He is not welcomed, do you people even remember that we fought them for people's freedom's, and how that hole nazi regeum killed with hitler and his sick people thousands and millons of inicent people and babies and children. It shows total disrecpect to the christians and jews and colored people by the way who they the flippen killed for no reason. I like living in a free country where I can worshop the Holy son of Jesus Christ with out being killed for it and where I have rights to live and do what I want as in the relms of the goverment staying out of my life and my face and not having controll over me. How dare you support this scumbag and allow him on your show when we have fought against communist and nazis for are freedom. If you want to live in a communist country then fliipen move to china and get the hell out of our country where freedom reighns and everyone is equal no matter what color or faith. Remember with nazis if you are black or dont follow the goverment or let them controll you you are nothing and they will kill you or make you suffer and if you are christian or jew as well which is about the samething. I am apauled that you dum asses are even letting this nazi scumbag in the show it sounds fishey to me and that is one way to give people ideas we dont want WAY TO GO JERKS.