Crisis On Infinite Archies

Mike Gold

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4 Responses

  1. Michael Davis says:

    Archie's a PLAYA.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I notice on the "Betty" cover, Archie at least looks happy

    • Lee Houston, Junior says:

      Archie's unhappiness on the Veronica cover could be because of all that money raining down on him, which might represent Hiram Lodge's "input" in his daughter's marriage, since Archie has always been a "wanting to make it on his own" type of person.But I'm wondering where within the alternate continuity each series will begin? Their respective sides of Archie 600-60…7 left both Betty and Veronica as Mrs. Andrews with two children, and neither cover shows any kids.

  3. Kyle Gnepper says:

    I'm not much of an Archie reader (although I did purchase Archie meets the Punisher when it came out) but the two new titles do give us a chance for more stories. Archie has has been stuck between the two (not literally) for years. This gives us a chance to see what it might be like if he settled for either one.And I agree with anonymous, he looks miserable with Veronica on the cover.