Nick Simmons Apologizes for ‘Homage’

Marc Alan Fishman

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2 Responses

  1. Matt Wright says:

    I haven't read Nick Simmons book, but the comparison's they keep throwing up are interesting. I also think it's funny that he's come under the gun, when several sites have pointed out the American Comic Book Creators getting copied by Japanese Creators. The biggest example seems to be Frank Millers Elektra Lives Again being copied for the manga Battle Angle Alita.

  2. Jason M. Bryant says:

    "I feel bad that you're upset" is not an apology, even if someone mixes the word "sorry" into it. You have to admit wrong doing to make an apology.The line between homage and rip-off is sometimes unclear, but I think the homage covers in things like Marvel Zombies are completely different that what is in Nick Simmons' comics. The covers make it very, very clear what their sources are. When the artist takes pains to make sure that the source is recognizable, that's an homage. Nick is still trying to pass this off as his own, just "inspired" by someone else.I like Nick Simmons. I've watched some of his family's TV show and from what I see there he comes off as a smart, talented guy. He just slipped up this time. I hope he learns from it."you might know his dad, Gene, from the Dr. Pepper commercials"Ouch!