Now I’m an Avenger Too… Part 3

Marc Alan Fishman

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11 Responses

  1. Brandon Barrows says:

    Hey, I love Darkhawk and Slapstick! Well, not what Abnett and Lanning did with Darkhawk, but Danny Fingeroth's Darkhawk was excellent.

    • Marc Alan Fishman says:

      I happen to like Dawkhawk quite a bit too.

      • Brandon Barrows says:

        What do you think of Abnett and Lanning's complete reboot of his origin? The whole "your damaged mind made it all up, Chris" thing.I find it disrespectful to Tom DeFalco and Danny Fingeroth personally. It'd be like someone re-writing Spider-Man's origin as having come from a dying planet of spider-men as a baby. Nobody'd buy that, I hope. Not sure what exactly Tom DeFalco contributed, as he was credit as the writer/creator, but Danny Fingeroth obviously spent alot of time writing Darkhawk only to have Marvel completely flush it.I guess that's corporate comics for you, though.

        • RD Francis says:

          Haven't read it yet (got behind on current stuff when I read/re-read the Superman books from the Byrne reboot up to the prequels to the current storyline (Brainiac/Atlas)).However, as I recall, the origin (such as it was) wasn't something that the series as a whole was built on, but was only revealed towards the end of the 50-issue Darkhawk series. Also (based on a quick glance through Wikipedia) the "damaged mind" comment was made by Talon, who doesn't necessarily turn out to be entirely trustworthy; even if the old origin is gone, it may be that the Raptors explicitly programmed it into Chris's mind, to get him closer to where they wanted him.

        • Marc Alan Fishman says:

          While I like Darkhawk, I myself have not read much with him in it. I'll differ my opinion to Matt Wright, my best friend and penciler… He'll comment soon enough.

  2. David S. says:

    Cool! I can't wait for the upcoming issue where Kyle and Norrin Radd have a "Two superheroes have a misunderstanding" fight, make amends and team up against Thanos & his new Cosmic Cube!

  3. Nick says:

    I guess I'm the only Slapstick fan here. I know he's in Avengers Initiative, but I'm not reading it. Slapstick is a loner. And he needs his own book.Written by Warren Ellis.

    • Brandon Barrows says:

      Hell no, you aren't. I love Slapstick. I started reading New Warriors again (after Nicieza left the book in the mid 90s) to pick up rare Slapstick appearances.

  4. Brandon Barrows says:

    Actually his origin was a running sub-plot throughout the first two years of the book and the double-sized 25th issue revealed that the Darkhawk android body was one of a half dozen created by a team of scientists from across the galaxy coerced into creating them for a crime lord.That crime lord became Evilhawk. The end of the series involved Evilhawk's return, Chris's final defeat of him once and for all (with Portal's help) and Chris's re-integration with the separate version of himself that came to reside in the android body. (If you'll recall, for the last year or so of the book Chris and the android body existed simultaneously in our reality but both were Chris, though they didn't share a consciousness. It was kind of freaky.)

  5. Brandon Barrows says:

    ^ This was @RD Francis.

  6. Matt Wright says:

    Sure enough, I will comment on the Darkhawk issue that seems to be filling these comments. I personally like what DnA have done with him right now. They've made him a bigger player in the cosmic scene and I can see them slowly building him twards bigger things. It would not surprise me at all that he soon becomes a Nova level character in the greater cosmic stuff.I don't like what they did with his origin alot (the whole "Dallas" he dreamed it crap). I think they need to clear up that maybe some of it was planted memories and most of it was real. But that's one Darkhawk fan's opinion.