When Vampires Suck: a review of ‘How to Catch and Keep a Vampire’

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3 Responses

  1. Diana Laurence says:

    Hi Alexandra! I like to thank all the reviewers who take the time to do reviews of my book, and even though this is the first negative review it has received, I wanted to anyway! Just as with vampires, it takes all kinds to make a world, and I respect your opinion. Thanks for putting in the time to read it and post about it. You did do a great job summarizing this particular book's take on vampire lore and rules. Sorry it was not more fun for you–but a reviewer's job is sometimes that way, which I why I'm glad to be an author and not a reviewer. LOL Have a Happy Halloween!

  2. Alexandra Honigsberg says:

    Fancy meeting you here, Diana. ;-> I do hesitate to post negative reviews and I'm glad you have a healthy attitude about the whole thing. I'm not just a reviewer. I'm a writer, too, so I like to see everyone succeed — more fun for all and better for the genre(s)! And I wish I could've said more specifically why it didn't spark, for me, but it was just that. Still, congrats on publication and other positive reviews in a genre I love and happy sales! Ciao! –Alexandra