NYCC and NYAF Sitting in a Tree

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2 Responses

  1. Tommy Raiko says:

    What do you think? Can these two conventions join hands and sing in harmony? Seeing as both conventions are run by Reed Expo–indeed, by the same team of Reed Expo staffers–I surely believe that their management will be able to make this arrangement work.IMO, there's not as much crossover as you might think/expect, between the attendees of an anime show and that of a comic convention. So colocating these shows together might not make a big difference for most attendees. (I imagine that this arrangement means that if you buy a ticket to, say, the anime show, you'll be able to go to the comic convention, too; if that's the case, then that would seem to address the interest of whatever attendee crossover may exist.)The only downside I see would be for exhibitors that might want to exhibit in both shows. I presume that this arrangement means that there'll be separate sections in the convention center for NYCC and NYAF. DC Comics (or DC Entertainment ;-) ) for example, would certainly want to have their big booth at the NYCC section, but might they want to exhibit their CMX manga at the anime show. Would they go to the extra expense to set up and staff separate booths at NYCC and NYAF? But that's a choice the affected exhibitors would have to make, and might not affect most of the exhibitor pools for these two shows…

  2. Michael Davis says:

    I have nothing but respect for most of the people at the NYC Con. That said The Javits Center S U C K S S U C K S S U C K S S U C K S S U C K S S U C K S and SUCKS!!They treat fans like crap and the unions act like they run the show.I'm a DIE hard New Yorker and I LOVE my city but MAN DOES THE Javits Center SUCK! I still have a residence in NY but can't WAIT to get back to my home in L.A. ( and I HATE L.A) after I spend time at the NY Con-that's how much the Javits SUCKS!I've been told by some of the con organizers that they are going to work on the 'fan problems' with the union people. We will see.