Win a free ‘Coraline’ DVD!

Glenn Hauman

Glenn is VP of Production at ComicMix. He has written Star Trek and X-Men stories and worked for DC Comics, Simon & Schuster, Random House, arrogant/MGMS and Apple Comics. He's also what happens when a Young Turk of publishing gets old.

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24 Responses

  1. Jerry says:

    Hey, I'm first – doesn't that qualify me for the DVD???

  2. Shauna says:

    I am excited to see this movie; I hope it is as good as the book! I have a baby so I have to wait for everything to come out on DVD to see it.

  3. Avery says:

    hey i really hope i win the coraline dvd because i didnt get to see in 3-D yet and i wont have to buy it in stores and i could really save some money.

  4. Bob Kahan says:

    I thought this film had some of the best 3D I've ever seen.

  5. Aisha says:

    I loved this back when it was a book, and found myself loving it even more as a movie. I was so happy when I heard it was being made into a movie, and it did not disappoint.

  6. Jonathan says:

    sweet I always wanted to see this movie

  7. Brian says:

    I thought the adaptation of the book was quite good. I bought the book when it came out and saw the movie the weekend it came out. However, I'm laid off at the moment, so buying the DVD is not something I can really budget for. (Yes, going for the sympathy vote. I'm shameless.)

  8. Anne Pesata says:

    I loved this movie. I was expecting a semi-cheesy kid flick when i walked into the theatre, but was pleasantly surprised by the whimsical adventure that Coraline turned out to be. The animation is gorgeous, and the story captivated me. I'm a sucker for a good story, and this movie had me. Slightly different from the book, but good all the same.

  9. Russ Rogers says:

    It's a very good movie, made from a very good book. My guess is that it will but for an Oscar for Best Animated Movie.

  10. Jake Conrad says:

    I have 4 boys who would love this one.

  11. comicsfreak says:

    I loved this move all so much…The story was awesome and the visual effects were the best I've seen since Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas"!!! Two Thumbs Up!!!!!

  12. kylie says:

    Coraline Contest!!! That movie is freaking amazing!

  13. Doug Snow says:

    I read the book but did not get the chance to see the movie.

  14. Neil Sharp says:

    The 3D was MUCH better than I was expecting. It did not showcase cheap jump-at-the-audience gags, as much as giving it a depth, which is a much better use of the technology.

  15. Tim Lynch says:

    Loved the book, haven't seen the movie yet.

  16. Anne860 says:

    I've saw the movie, and it enjoyed it so much that I picked up the book afteward. A really nice use of 3D technology.

  17. Chris Gottschalk says:

    This film and Up are going to be the two films that really transitioned 3D films from novelties to a serious way of making movies. That's my prediction, anyway. Regardless, Coraline is such an engaging movie on so many levels, it's well-worth owning the DVD so you can watch it again and pick up on everything you missed the first time

  18. Andy Holman says:

    I really wanted to see this movie when it was in theaters, but sadly never had the chance to see it. And now my favorite comics information site is having a contest to win a copy of the DVD? Grand. Thanks for letting me throw my hat in the ring. -Andy Holman

  19. Sean D. Martin says:

    Read the book when it first came out. Read it again with the kids a while ago. Now looking forward to seeing the movie. (Which we would have seen in theater but with things going to DVD so quickly these days (seems even major releases are on DVD within, what, 3-4 months now?) it seems so much easier (not to mention cheaper) to just wait a bit.) (Plus you get to avoid all the people who talk through movies. Do they not see the "Silence is Golden/Don't add you own soundtrack" messages? Whatever happened to common consideration and manners? Humph! Kids these days.) But i digress…

  20. DonnaStarlight says:

    Thought you guys might all like to know that you can buy some really rare items from the film right now at in a charity auction for sick children. Items include: Nike Dunks (some signed by Dakota Fanning, some pristine), Coraline books, signed by Dakota and Teri Hatcher, signed posters, etc. You should check it out! All for a good cause! (Full disclosure: I work at Starlight! but saw the film and fell in love! Buying it on DVD for myself and for my bro!)

  21. William Watson says:

    Great contest! Gimme Gimme Gimme!

  22. Hollie says:

    I loved reading the book and listening to NG's reading of it. I'm itching to watch, since I didn't see it in theaters.

  23. Neil Ottenstein says:

    It is a great film. I'm not sure how well the red/blue 3D will be on the DVD, but I'm sure it will be nice in regular 2D anyway.

  24. Steve says:

    Hey I hope that I win that DVD — would love to watch the film another 2,000 times!