Review: ‘Tom and Jerry: The Chuck Jones Collection’ on DVD

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  1. Vinnie Bartilucci says:

    While there were good cartoons from Jones' time on T&J (Like the classic Mouse from HU.N.G.E.R.), most of his work was done in trilogies – usually three but at least two cartoons with the same exact setup and characters, just slightly varying gags. There was the series of cartoons in the space station, the tiny little Marc Antony-like bulldog that turned into a cloud of teeth and rage a'la Taz, etc. They're all funny, and the work by Maurice Noble, Maltese, et al was great, but there was a lot more "back to the well" to them than from the Warner Brothers days. I greatly prefer the other work Jones did with the Sib Tower 12 / Chuck Jones Productions teams, like the Grinch, Dot and the Line, even the Kipling and Cricket in Times Square cartoons.