The Un-Ethics of Watchmen Part III: Dance of the Philosophers

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  1. Kevin Makice says:

    I love this series and have several books, my favorites being Buffy and Superheroes. The latter has a great chapter on Watchmen, too. I'm anxious to find some reading time to merit grabbing this Watchmen-only philosophy book from the local bookstore.

  2. Russ Rogers says:

    I have really enjoyed this series by Alexandra Honigsberg. Although it has made me miss ComicMix's former Philosopher in Residence, Dennis O'Neil. Ms. Honigsberg can name-drop philosophers the way Mary Hart runs down the new season's cast of "Dancing with the Stars." It's impressive. An article like this makes me feel ignorant in a good way. It points out that there is a lot of cool and interesting stuff that I don't know nearly enough about. Thank you.I've enjoyed this series. I hope Ms. Honigsberg gets a chance to contribute even more to ComicMix. I would like to see an essay about the ethics, morality and philosophy of ComicMix Comics! For example, compare and contrast characters and ethics of GrimJack, Jon Sable and the White Viper.

  3. Alexandra Honigsberg says:

    Russ, Kevin, et al (if I may be so familiar) — it's been a pleasure and a challenge to spend time with and engage these characters and the ComicMix readers and look at this wearing my Ethicist's/Philosopher's hat. Russ… Philosophy… there's so much to learn when you're talking about a body of work that's had 2500+ years to accumulate…I feel like I've only scratched the surface in my time in the field, rather brief by comparison to most of my colleagues' (one decade, not several, so far). All it takes is reading, time, and brain cells (wry grin). And you present me with another big challenge…the analysis of this site's unique comics offerings. Wow. I'll have to think about that (and see what our esteemed host and my boss, Mr. Hauman, has to say about that — wink). Note that the notes sections at the end of each article in White's book is a treasure trove of basic reference works in the field and, hopefully, I've given basics enough at the end of each article, too. These books make the main texts and an overview of Philosophy very accessible, with a little bravery and foolishness. Dive in! –Alexandra

  4. mike weber says:

    I wouldn't say that Rorschach isn't ethical.He has a very strong ethic – people who do bad things need to have bad things happen to them. Predators need to be eliminated.Granted, he's a racist and a xenophobe, but he lives byhis principles, which are only a slight exaggeration of ultimate creator Steve Ditko's Objectivist position.

  5. johansen says:

    Am I a real pain when I point out that Kierkegaard is Danish and not Finnish?

    • Alexandra Honigsberg says:

      johansen — maybe a fake pain? ;-> Danish is correct. My writing Finnish in the article must've been a slip of the fingers, as I know Kierkegaard's origins, of course.Thanks for reading.