ComicMix Quick Picks – March 2, 2009

Luana Haygen

Luana is an animated movie and superhero enthusiast with an eye for detail. She has been drawing and creating fashions since she was a child. She has been routinely helping here at ComicMix since 2009.

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2 Responses

  1. Russ Rogers says:

    Very cool interview with Mark Wheatley and Robert Tinnell about ComicMix's own Lone Justice over at I would love to see more interviews like this, even here on ComicMix. Maybe with Trevor Von Eeden or Mike Grell? How about a father/daughter interview with Frank McLaughlin and Erin Erin Holroyd! That would make a great Father's Day feature! Crap! Father's Day is not until June. When will White Viper 2 be coming to ComicMix? If it's not until June, that will make a nice tie-in.And it's also Theo LeSieg's birthday, an influential children's book author ("Ten Apples Up On Top," "The Eye Book"), whose achievements have been almost entirely eclipsed by Dr. Suess!