Twilight sequels ‘New Moon’ and ‘Eclipse’ coming out seven months apart

Glenn Hauman

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  1. Neil C. says:

    Which means 20 more Twilight covers on Entertainment Weekly.

  2. IGPNicki says:

    Sorry, I usually try not to be so negative, but having read the first book, and heard what people had to say about the last book… all i can say is "why, oh why did they not continue making the His Dark Materials movies? Even though Golden Compass sucked, at least it was based on good source material!"

  3. katieg says:

    How can they rush Eclipse like that. We die-hard fans will be so disappointed. Anything w/ Pattinson please. He looked great last night at the Oscars & did a great job too.

  4. bedazzled says:

    The faster the better! I just finished new moon and i cant wait to see the movie. As long as the rush didnt cause the production to be less satifying than what is expected.

  5. leach89 says:

    I understand both badazzled and katieg's point of view i'm willing to wait if it means that the movie is more detailed and more…"by the book so" to speak though we all know not to expect the movie to be as good as the books btw i'm just begining new moon as well

  6. olivia shoup says:

    i am da bestiest twilight fan dare ever iz. i can answer any ding bout da movie and da upcoming movie. and dare personal lives. i LOVE TAYLOR LAUTINER. i love him so much and robbert 2. vanpires and warewolves r so hot kk got it.i cant wait 2 go @ da premer. b 4 hits da movie theathers. yes yes yes a million times i cant and 12 of my bestie friends r go'n together. we got really nice dresses and jelws…… well dats it c ya and stay a huge twilight fan… an so the lion fell in love with the lamb.. stupid lamb.. love ya.. peace.

    • anastasija says:

      no your not, you are 1 out of 1,000,000,000 people that live twilight, so shut up

  7. nadejah says:

    i love twilight like no other why 2010 why not tomorrow lol i mean thats how much i love twilight I LOVE TWILIGHT my cd of twilight if i put it on enymore its going to jump out the dvd player and slap me for playing it that much "so the lion fell in love with the lamb" in my case i fell in love with twilight.thats a line off of twilight the 1st one no one love twilight like me

  8. malmalmalmal says:

    I love twilight it is so asom!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    i love twilight! bset movie ever! cant wait to see eclipse!

  10. Jen says:

    "And so the lion fell inlove with the lamb, what a stupid lamb, what a sick masocistic lion." favvvorite scene of 'twilight'! Ready to see 'twilight saga's new moon' and 'twilight saga's eclipse! I believe they should take time making eclipse though, less time in the end will lead too disappinted fans for not taking time to make it live up to the other sequels!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    they have to rush it cause they are looking older and vampires dont age if anyone saw the movies

  12. Anonymous says:

    Twilight amazing, new moon even better, eclipse…….i cant wait

  13. none of ya says:

    thisis movie is soooo awesome. who evea hates it suck lolz lmfao

  14. julie says:

    I can't wait for both of them to come out, I read the books and they were great the last one is my fav wish there was more

  15. ak says:

    twilight is da light of da eclipse

  16. Anonymous says:

    i for one, am glad that eclipse is coming out quickly. After seeing new moon it had me on the edge of my seat with anticipation and i agree that eclipse should be even more exciting,which may take time to achieve but i think they should make the movie a.s.a.p

  17. Teresa says:

    I am so lucky I just finished watching it today, I watched a little for 3 days. I love anticipation.I can't wait to see Eclipse.It is going to be great.Although, I am old fashioned and I think Edward should have got down on one knee.And just one critique, natural make-up is good but come on, she is sooo relaxed compared to Edward.They could have dolled her up more.

  18. CRYSTAL says: