Crisis in comments!

Glenn Hauman

Glenn is VP of Production at ComicMix. He has written Star Trek and X-Men stories and worked for DC Comics, Simon & Schuster, Random House, arrogant/MGMS and Apple Comics. He's also what happens when a Young Turk of publishing gets old.

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  1. Richard Pachter says:

    No comment. Don't ask!

  2. Russ Rogers says:

    Crisis in comics. Here at ComicMix. Lone Justice has been the only new comic on Comic Mix for two weeks now. I hate to compare this to the "good old days," back when ComicMix had columnists five days a week and new comics five days a week too. But, what's going on? What is the planned publication schedule for "The Original Johnson"? Did Trevor Von Eeden pull the plug? Did ComicMix? Was their a falling out with Trevor Von Eeden? Is "The Pilgrim" only going to put out new pages once every three weeks? Once a month? Is that it's publication schedule? And is that a question of how fast Mike Grell can deliver the pages to ComicMix or how fast ComicMix can deliver a check to Mike Grell? Was the last issue of "Black Ice" really the LAST issue? Because it didn't end. It just stopped. The final panel is a bizarre cliffhanger, not leaving the reader with that feeling of "What's going to happen next?", but more "Huh? I don't get it. What the heck is going on?" If that was the end, it was inglorious. I have no problems with "Black Ice" just stopping. The story had spun hopelessly out of control months ago. But there have been LONG pauses between issues of "Black Ice" in the past. Are we pausing now? Or is "Black Ice" finished and a fading memory? I'm tired of waiting. I'm tired of not knowing.These are hard economic times. Credit has dried up. Investments are devalued. If ComicMix was counting on either of these for working capital, obviously there is a need for new strategies. What about print comics? Will ComicMix comics see publication beyond the tiny print run that was presented at the Baltimore Convention?…Did the money dry up? When will we see new pages of "The Pilgrim," "The Original Johnson" and/or "Black Ice"? Do these comics have a planned publication schedule? A day of the week when the new pages are planned to come out? Have we seen the last of "The Original Johnson," "The Pilgrim" and "Black Ice"? Will "Crytozoo Crew" ever get to ComicMix? How about another installment of "Munden's"? I would love to see more "Simone and Ajax" or "GrimJack"! Are there new comics or new stories from old friends coming to ComicMix any time soon?Kudos to Mark Wheatley and "Lone Justice"! Here is one corner of ComicMix Comics where everything looks all right! The pages are coming out like clockwork. They look amazing and we have the start of a really cool story. On top of that, Mark Wheatley has come up with creative ways to elevate the profile of "Lone Justice" on ComicMix and in other venues. I don't know if that has affected readership numbers measurably yet. But, from my Amateur-Snark/ComicMix-Maven's perspective, there is a LOT going RIGHT with how "Lone Justice" is being presented. It's coming out regularly. The quality of the comic remains consistently excellent. And Wheatley and Tinnell have come up with some interesting and creative ways to raise the profile of "Lone Justice" both inside ComicMix and away form it. VIDEO ROUNDUPSurrounding the launch of LONE JUSTICE: CRASH! ComicMix has been posting a number of videos. Here's a list that Mark Wheatley made of them and published in the comments to "Lone Justice: Crash!" #2:LONE JUSTICE – TrailerRobert Tinnel & Mark Wheatley mutual interviewWATCH MARK WHEATLEY DRAW LONE JUSTICEWATCH MARK WHEATLEY PAINT LONE JUSTICEWheatley and Tinnel also did a nifty PodCast interview on the Mr. Media call-in talk show.On top of that, Mark Wheatley has been very generous with his time here in the comments. He's answered questions about his comics and the process of making comics. It's like seeing a professional take extra time at a book signing to make sure they've talked to each and every fan waiting in line. Wheatley has really taken advantage of the opportunity to interact with fans here on ComicMix! I think it's this interactive connection between fans and creator that can separate ComicMix from other print comics. Other creators on ComicMix should take notice and swipe this page from the Mark Wheatley playbook. Look for every opportunity to promote yourself and your comics inside and outside of ComicMix, including interviews, articles (and yes, write them yourself if you have to), videos and don't overlook interacting with the fans.It's strange, my perception of ComicMix Comics is that they are in a state of flux and disarray. Floundering. This is despite the fact that "Lone Justice: Crash!" seems to be on a steady even keel. And Mark Wheatley seems to have solid business plan for promoting and marketing "Lone Justice."Here's my prescription for change:1) The comics need to have an established (and published) schedule and try to maintain that schedule.2) ComicMix Comics creators should look for opportunities to promote their comics both here on ComicMix and on other sites and media. I know, this is a lot to ask of people who already have a full time job making the comics.3) ComicMix creators need to take advantage of the opportunity to interact with fans in the comments. If you do it right (like Mark Wheatley) you can create an atmosphere of a year round 24/7 Virtual Comics Convention without all the B.O. and noise!There's your new slogan! "ComicMix: A Virtual Comics Convention Without All the B.O. and Noise!"

    • Glenn Hauman says:

      Wow, lot of questions there. In no particular order:* Black Ice finished. Yes, it's an abrupt ending. If Baron has a capstone, he hasn't told us yet.* Original Johnson and Pilgrim have lots of pages in progress. But we're a bit shorthanded, mainly in production. (When I get a few free minutes, I have to get back to lettering Johnson…)* There's more Munden's in the pipeline.* Mark Wheatley is the production guy's best friend. Not only does he deliver product that is so perfect that production barely needs to touch it, he delivers early. You'll note that EZ Street never skipped a week; if they did, it must have been a problem on our end.* Paper editions: can't comment. Soon, soon.* There's other things going on and being built– including the long-rumored Phase III that is just taking forever in R&D. (But then, that's the point of R&D. You can define two of three parameters: time, resources, final product. We settled on resources and product.) We just keep as many balls in the air as we can.Yes, cash is tight all around. There isn't a major publisher in America that hasn't announced cutbacks and layoffs. But we keep slugging away at it. We figure as long as we're still sitting at the table, we can wait for the good cards.

      • Russ Rogers says:

        Glenn, I doubt that ComicMix has many fans more devoted than I am. And there is plenty to be excited about on ComicMix! "Lone Justice: Crash" looks to be as good an anything ComicMix has published. And that's saying a lot, because ComicMix has published some of the best comics I have ever read. "EZ Street" has been justly nominated for awards, but there has been plenty of stuff of similar quality on ComicMix! The return of "GrimJack" and "Jon Sable" were highlights for me. That was Mike Gold bringing in some of the very best from his days at First Comics. "Demons of Sherwood" was original and clever. And Bo Hampton's artwork on that was gorgeous and exciting. Not just the big stuff. Hampton also captures subtleties of character and expression very well. I guess Bob Tinnel should get some of the credit their too.I'm glad "Black Ice" is done. "Black Ice" was a big disappointment for me. Partly because I have stacks and stacks of Nexus and Badger and other Mike Baron comics; I'm a big fan. Partly because "Black Ice" seemed to have some amazing potential. And I just watched that promise and potential get wasted. The plot falls apart with holes you can drive convoys of trucks through. Realms of fantasy are traded in for ludicrous plot devices. And if THAT was the FINAL issue of "Black Ice," well then that story really didn't go out with a bang, just a whimper. The final panel still has me saying, "What the … FLOP!" I've got to let go of this. I've wasted too much of my life in my bitter disappointment and dislike of Mike Baron's "Black Ice." My negativity is boring, even to me.You, Glenn, are the man of a thousand hats and a thousand jobs on ComicMix. Writer. Reporter. Interviewer. Editor. Letterer. Colorist. Owner. Manager. Publicist. Cheerleader. Code Monkey. Thank you. If "Johnson" is delayed because you need to take the time to get the lettering right, good on you. I can cut you some slack and I can wait. I just need the assurance that "Johnson" will be back with fists swinging soon."The Original Johnson" is controversial and compelling. The art is fantastic. The writing sometimes feels like you are getting hit over the head with a sock filled with pennies. The writing can be painfully pedantic and didactic. But Bob Tinnel can't write everything on ComicMix. And if Tinnel did, Jack Johnson would end being a Vampire Hunter or something! "The Original Johnson" remains a MUST READ on my list. I've seen nothing else with the same kind of Mastery, Bravado and sense of Moral Outrage; there has never been anything like it in comics. The jury is still out on "The Pilgrim." The art is stunning, especially the first issue. But I'm having trouble getting sucked into the Sci-Fi "Minority Report"/conspiracy theory atmosphere, especially with the delays between issues.

  3. Lee Houston, Junior says:

    While Russ Rogers' comments were a little tongue in cheek, I do have to second the inquiry as to where did all the other in progress comics go and ask to see more installments of the ones that have already completed their latest stories if possible, especially Simone and Mundens.Hmmm… now there's a crossover for ya!