Mark Wheatley painting ‘Lone Justice: Crash!’ video

Glenn Hauman

Glenn is VP of Production at ComicMix. He has written Star Trek and X-Men stories and worked for DC Comics, Simon & Schuster, Random House, arrogant/MGMS and Apple Comics. He's also what happens when a Young Turk of publishing gets old.

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9 Responses

  1. Tom Fitzpatrick says:

    What's with the web-comics? There used to be 3 new episodes a week.Now, barely 1 every two weeks.Is Black Ice finished?

    • MARK WHEATLEY says:

      All I can tell you Tom is – LONE JUSTICE:CRASH! is scheduled to post a new issue every week for quite some time into the future.Now that I've said that – I should also mention that I'm looking at the corpse of my workhorse computer and I am awaiting DELL's delivery of a new CPU. This is having an impact on my work schedule. But I'm months ahead of the schedule just to take into account these kinds of problems.

  2. Marc Alan Fishman says:

    Mark, fantastic demo. I'm relieved that we work VERY similarly! I also keep many textures, custom brushes, backgrounds, and "special effects" (tutorials on how to create specific textures, weather, blasts, rays, etc.) on hand when I color our work. Love the book thus far, will look forward to the next installment!

    • MARK WHEATLEY says:

      I like creating new textures and paintings for each new page or illustration – but having the library of elements to pull from allows a consistency through a scene – and it sure helps on tight deadlines. It can also be a way to kick-start an idea.The thing about Photoshop is – there are 10 ways to do anything in the program. And I'm always finding new ways.

  3. Kyle Gnepper says:

    You art types always confuse me. The demo was a little over my head, but I wanted to say how much I've been enjoying this series so far.Anyone who flies away on a gyropack has me down for a regular reader.

  4. Russ Rogers says:

    Very cool video. I'm envious of all the cool computer tools. I've looked at Wacom tablets on e-Bay. And I've got the GIMP, which is FREE, powerful, difficult and confusing. When I see how much effort gets put into just ONE image, it makes me appreciate even more the page and page of Lone Justice that are coming out on time week after week! Thanks, Mark!And people, Lone Justice is the best current comic on ComicMix. I'm not saying that lightly, because "The Pilgrim" and "The Original Johnson" are both very good too. Read it or miss out on all the fun!

    • MARK WHEATLEY says:

      GIMP? What's that?Yeah – gone are the days when you could draw a comic with a few dollars worth of pens and pencils. I look at the old masters and the incredible work they did with simple tools and I know I could never come close to what they could do if I didn't have modern tech as a crutch.

      • Russ Rogers says:

        GIMP is the Gnu Image Manipulation Program. It's the Open Source program that claims to be as powerful an image editor/creator as stuff like Photoshop.'s one of the cooler pieces of Open Source Software out there. I also recommend:"Audacity" (free multi-track audio recording and editing)."Blender" (free 3-D rendering and Animation) "" (which is both the name and address of a free Office Suite of Programs competitive with MS Office). use OpenOffice regularly. I've put Audacity to good use. I've played with Blender and the GIMP.Part of the culture of Open Source Software is that the software is free, but you are morally obligated to then serve the community by improving the Software (if you can), the Documentation or Tutorials. Or you can promote the software! Which is what I'm doing now!The whole concept of Open Source Software is radical and amazing. And you see how that concept is influencing society! Wikipedia is essentially an Open Source Encyclopedia! It's free. It's written and maintained by a controlled anarchy.The concept has moved into Art! Jonathan Coulton is a GREAT singer/songwriter who publishes most of his works under a Creative Commons license. This doesn't exactly makes his art "free." But it does extend his art for use by other artists. Seriously, ComicMix needs to interview this guy. Just because of "Skullcrusher Mountain," "Still Alive" and "Re: Your Brains." I just think that when you find something GOOD and FREE, you have a moral obligation to somehow GIVE BACK. This is one of the reasons why I'm such a neurotic poster on ComicMix. I want to contribute in some meaningful way. It's also why I'm such a booster of ComicMix and ComicMix Comics. This is a great site. And the comics on this site are even better than the site itself! (Is that even logically or mathematically possible? Well, that's how I feel. Logic be damned!)The question is, "How can you make a living giving your work away for FREE?"

        • MARK WHEATLEY says:

          I think the traditional answer to the question, "how can we make a living by giving comics away for free" is: Quantity!But seriously – I make money here at ComicMix because ComicMix pays me. How ComicMix makes money is complicated, but paid advertising is a part of the model. I've looked at the Creative Commons license – but I still have not seen a good way to work it into my business. If I was starting fresh I might have a different take on it – because I do see potential in it. But I believe that we are going down a road for entertainment media that will result in major changes in the types of careers and levels and extent of creation for the future. Down that road I think there will be less money in the mix, less reward for the work and less full-time creators. As a result we will see smaller (but possibly no less entertaining) movies, TV shows and even comics.